Friday, 1 July 2022

Evening Peak 145 extended to Bridlington

From Monday (4th July), the Monday to Friday 1740 service 145 from Market Weighton to Driffield will be retimed to 1750, to improve the reliability of the connection out of the 1625 service 46 from York at Market Weighton. In addition it will be extended beyond Driffield to Bridlington Morrisons, via Nafferton and Burton Agnes. Between Driffield and Bridlington, the 145 departure from Driffield at 1824 fits in between the 1740 and 1845 service 121 departures. The evening peak 145 from Market Weighton is operated by East Yorkshire's Bridlington depot, so the extension is probably a cheap and easy improvement to make.

Service 145 is operated by East Yorkshire on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The morning peak and Monday to Saturday off-peak journeys are unchanged.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Extra Wren Kitchens Services

In April, Stagecoach introduced a couple of extra journeys from Wren Kitchens in Barton; a 1450 455 to Cleethorpes via Immingham and Grimsby Monday to Saturday and a 1450 255 to North Bransholme via Hull Paragon Interchange on a Saturday (already operated weekdays). Presumably due to them being introduced at short notice, they were initially operated as 'closed door' staff services. 

However since yesterday (Monday 27th June), they are being advertised for use by the general public. A Saturday 1335 255 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens has also been added (again already operated on weekdays).

Saturday, 25 June 2022

New early morning service in Scunthorpe - and potential big boost to Sunday daytime services

Stagecoach have announced on their website that there are "some slight amends to service 1 timetable in Scunthorpe" from Sunday 26th June. From a review of the timetable, some times are slightly revised and there are new 'shorts' from Scunthorpe Bus Station to Tesco via the Hospital at 0540 Monday to Saturday, returning from Tesco at 0600. Presumably there is an early morning commuter flow that Stagecoach are aiming to serve. 

The new Stagecoach pdf timetable also shows the Sunday daytime service on evening and Sunday variant 1A, increasing from hourly to half hourly - reversing a change made almost a year ago. Excellent news worth promoting you would think - more than a "slight" amendment? As such the lack of publicity has made me dubious as to whether the 1A Sunday daytime increase is actually happening, or just a mistake in the pdf timetable. On further checking, as off now (Saturday 25th at 0930), it is not loaded into the Stagecoach website journey planner, and it's not showing on, which states it updated the 1A timetable data yesterday (24th). So I'm not really sure what's correct and what isn't. If the 1A is being increased then publicity for it is exceptionally poor, and if it isn't being increased then a very unfortunate mistake has been made. Not good either way.

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Isle Coaches end their 291 and 399

Saturday 11th June was the last day of operation by Isle Coaches of their 291 Owston Ferry to Doncaster and 399 Scunthorpe to Doncaster services. These routes had formed the main services for the southern Isle of Axholme area in North Lincolnshire, centred on Epworth. Isle Coaches now only operate the college day 647 service between Misterton, the Isle of Axholme and the Scunthorpe Colleges.

Isle's 291 had operated twice per day Monday to Saturday daytimes, and their 399 five times per day Monday to Saturday between Scunthorpe and Westwoodside, extending to/from Doncaster once per day. I believe these were mostly operated on a commercial basis.

Hornsby last month registered a very basic replacement 399, albeit on a commercial basis - which is encouraging. Their plan was for a 0910 between Belton and Haxey in the Isle of Axholme, followed by an 0925 Haxey to Scunthorpe, 1215 Scunthorpe to Haxey and 1302 Haxey to Scunthorpe, Monday to Friday only. Unlike the Isle 399, these would not have served Westwoodside (or Doncaster), and between Haxey and Epworth would have taken the direct route via Low Burnham, as opposed to serving East Lound and Owston Ferry. 

That however is not the final timetable. The subsidy 'status' of the route has changed from 'No' to 'In Part' so I assume North Lincolnshire Council have funded the improvements which have been made. The 0910 from Belton extends from Haxey to Westwoodside, the 0925 from Haxey to Scunthorpe starts at Westwoodside at 0930 and operates via East Lound and Owston Ferry, the 1215 from Scunthorpe to Haxey is now a 1230 Scunthorpe to Westwoodside via Owston Ferry and East Lound, whilst the 1302 Haxey to Scunthorpe becomes a 1327 Westwoodside to Scunthorpe, still via Low Burnham and operating direct between Belton and Gunness via the A18.

In addition there has also been an 0830 Scunthorpe to Doncaster and 1215 return added to the timetable, still Monday to Friday only. These Doncaster journeys operate via Owston Ferry in both directions and ensure a basic weekday shopping link to South Yorkshire's newest city remains.

Combined with the First operated 57f morning peak Epworth to Doncaster service and the Stagecoach operated 399 evening peak Scunthorpe to Westwoodside and return (slightly retimed) - both Monday to Saturday and operated on a tendered basis - that had looked to be the final provision for the Isle of Axholme in terms of 'timetabled' buses to Scunthorpe and Doncaster. A very basic shoppers service, plus some one direction peak services (albeit that evening peak 399 does also offer a return option for afternoon shoppers). Otherwise there is the JustGo demand responsive service which does cover Isle of Axholme to Scunthorpe journeys, and also serves Blaxton for bus connections to Doncaster.

However during the past week, in what seems to be a very late change, further services have been added for the Isle of Axholme, all on Saturdays and operated by Stagecoach - I assume funded by North Lincolnshire Council.

Firstly the Stagecoach Saturday 399 has gone from one to four journeys in each direction - 0620, 0840, 1320 and 1735 from Scunthorpe, returning from Westwoodside at 0730, 1000, 1430 and 1845. Not necessarily four useful journeys in each direction - I can't see the 0620 getting much use - but certainly enough to offer a basic shopping link and to serve any Saturday commuters. That last point is rather curious though given that Isle Coaches Monday to Friday morning peak service to Scunthorpe hasn't been replaced. 

Secondly the 291 survives as a Saturday only service, still with two journeys in each direction serving Doncaster shopping and leisure travellers. Going by, a Gainsborough depot vehicle operated yesterday's inaugural Stagecoach operated service.

The end result is the southern Isle of Axholme has a better service on Saturdays than during the week! Perhaps not so surprising though when the timetable is primarily geared towards shopping and leisure use rather than commuters or students.

Overall the Isle of Axholme has a worse service after the past week's changes, even on Saturdays. This is a backwards step for bus services in the area. However in current circumstances retaining six day a week links to both Scunthorpe and Doncaster, the former on a part commercial basis, feels like a case of 'could easily have ended up worse than this', especially with the existence of JustGo. 

Sunday, 29 May 2022

New Monday Burton Pidsea to Withernsea service

Tomorrow - Monday 30th May - a new Monday only bus service is introduced between Burton Pidsea, Roos and Withernsea. Operated by Holderness Area Rural Transport (HART), the 72 will depart Burton Pidsea at 1100, returning from Withernsea at 1320.

Burton Pidsea is currently without a usable service to Withernsea (and has been since the withdrawal of the 76C in I think 2018), however between Roos and Withernsea there is the two hourly 129 operating either daily in Summer or Monday to Saturday in winter. From Roos there is a 1028 129 to Withernsea and a 1245 return, so the new 72 does appear a bit 'luxurious' for Roos, unless I am missing something? Perhaps the 72 should be routed via Tunstall or Halsham instead? Either way this is good news for Burton Pidsea.

Also oddly, there is very little online publicity. I can't find any mention on Burton Pidsea or Roos Parish Council's websites, not on the HART website, nor on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council news pages (are they funding it?). I only became aware of the new 72 via VOSA's Notices and Proceedings, then found the timetable on Hopefully the residents of Burton Pidsea are well informed about the new service.

Saturday, 28 May 2022

Service 196 extended to Allerthorpe and Melbourne

Since Thursday (26th May), East Yorkshire operated service 196 between Aughton and York has been extended to start/finish at Allerthorpe, and additionally serves Melbourne. Service 196 operates one journey in each direction on a Thursday only as a shoppers service, operated on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

This does have the feel of a bus that would otherwise operate 'out of service' from Pocklington to Aughton, now operating in service as it's a very indirect route for anyone traveling from Allerthorpe or Melbourne to York - but an indirect service is better than no York shoppers service at all, which was the situation until this week.

Monday, 2 May 2022

Stagecoach Fare Changes

Stagecoach East Midlands made their first change to bus fares in three years last Monday (25th April). Other than the services I use, I don't closely follow bus fares, but what caught my attention is that this wasn't just a simple increase, but rather a more complex set of changes that will be either positive or negative depending on the journeys you make. I should say this blog post isn't meant to be a comprehensive overview of the changes, rather a review of what I have spotted.

One eye catching change is that the 'young person' fares age limit has risen from 16 to 19, meaning that older teenagers no longer have to pay adult fares. Hopefully this will encourage more young people to use the bus and then some maybe continue doing so once they have to pay adult prices. There are changes to the composition of travellers allowed when purchasing a group ticket - still 5 people but no requirement for 3 to be children - as well as new flexi tickets.

Single and return fares outside of city or town megarider areas have been grouped into four bands, with each band having a set price, which has led to some significant changes. I've looked at a range of prices from my home town of Barton Upon Humber to see the impact of the changes:

Hillside Drive, Barton (last stop on Ferriby Road going out of the town)

  • Was £1 Adult Single, £1.60 Adult Return, 50p Child Single, 80p Child Return
  • Now £1 Adult Single, £2 Adult Return, 70p Young Person Single, £1.40 Young Person Return

South Ferriby

  • Was £1.50 Adult Single, £2.70 Adult Return, 75p Child Single, £1.35 Child Return
  • Now £2 Adult Single, £4 Adult Return, £1.40 Young Person Single, £2.70 Young Person Return

Barrow Upon Humber on service 250

  • Was £2.70 Adult Single, £4.80 Adult Return, £1.35 Child Single, £2.40 Child Return
  • Now as per the pdf fare table £2 Adult Single, £4 Adult Return, £1.40 Young Person Single, £2.70 Young Person Return
  • Now as per the Stagecoach Journey Planner £3 Adult Single, £6 Adult Return, £2 Young Person Single, £4 Young Person Return

Barrow Upon Humber on service 260

  • Was £2 Adult Single, £3.40 Adult Return, £1.30 Child Single, £1.70 Child Return
  • Now £2 Adult Single, £4 Adult Return, £1.40 Young Person Single, £2.70 Young Person Return


  • Was £2.75 Adult Single, £4.95 Adult Return, £1.40 Child Single, £2.50 Child Return
  • Now £3 Adult Single, £6 Adult Return, £2 Young Person Single, £4 Young Person Return
Ulceby, Humber Bridge North Side

  • Was £3.60 Adult Single, £6.40 Adult Return, £1.80 Child Single, £3.20 Child Return
  • Now £3 Adult Single, £6 Adult Return, £2 Young Person Single, £4 Young Person Return

Winterton, Hull Royal Infirmary

  • Was £4.10 Adult Single, £7.60 Adult Return, £2.05 Child Single, £3.80 Child Return
  • Now £4.50 Adult Single, £7.80 Adult Return, £3 Young Person Single, £5 Young Person Return

Grimsby, Hull Paragon Interchange and Scunthorpe

  • Was £5 Adult Single, £9 Adult Return, £2.50 Child Single, £4.50 Child Return
  • Now £4.50 Adult Single, £7.80 Adult Return, £3 Young Person Single, £5 Young Person Return


  • Was £5.90 Adult Single, £9.20 Adult Return, £2.95 Child Single, £4.60 Child Return
  • Now £4.50 Adult Single, £7.80 Adult Return, £3 Young Person Single, £5 Young Person Return

Other Tickets I've Checked

Priory Park Park and Ride to Hull City Centre

  • Was £2 Adult Single, £3 Adult Return, £1.30 Child Single, £1.80 Child Return
  • Now £2.50 Adult Single, £4 Adult Return, £1.50 Young Person Single, £2.70 Young Person Return

North Point Shopping Centre to Hull Paragon Interchange

  • Was £2 Adult Single, £3.50 Adult Return, £1.30 Child Single, £2.30 Child Return
  • Now £2.50 Adult Single, £4 Adult Return, £1.50 Young Person Single, £2.70 Young Person Return

Hull and Scunthorpe Dayrider

  • Was £3.70 for Adults
  • Now £4 for Adults

Grimsby Dayrider

  • Was £3.60 for Adults in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Laceby, £4.30 for wider area extending to Immingham to Ulceby
  • Now £4 for wider area with the addition of Holton Le Clay, but cheaper Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Laceby area only ticket withdrawn

East Midlands Day Out

  • Was £9.30 Adults, £4.65 Child
  • Now £7.80 Adults, £5 Young Person

Grimsby Megarider (weekly ticket)

  • Was £13 for Adults in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Laceby, £15.50 for wider area extending to Immingham to Ulceby
  • Now £14.50 for wider area with the addition of Holton Le Clay, but cheaper Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Laceby area only ticket withdrawn

Hull Megarider 

  • Was £13 Adults
  • Now £15 Adults
  • But the all operator HullCard is £14.90!!!!

Scunthorpe Megarider

  • Was £12 Adults
  • Now £14 Adults

Megarider Humber

  • Was £27 Adults
  • Now withdrawn, £28 Megarider Connect is the alternative
Megarider Connect (valid across Stagecoach East Midlands)

  • Was £30 Adults
  • Now £28 Adults

There are some big increases, some small increases and some notable decreases. Based on the above sample, generally the reductions seem to be for those travelling longer distances.

For me, the bus fare from Barton to Hull City Centre has been too high for some time. £9 return makes no financial sense for me as a car owner compared to £3 park and ride, £2.70 bridge toll (with Humber Tag) and a little bit of petrol and 'car wear and tear'. Now whilst £7.80 is still expensive for just over half an hour each way on the bus, with the £1.20 (13%) reduction to the Barton to Hull adult return fare and the £1 increase in the park and ride adult return price, I might just leave the car at home next time and catch the bus all the way. The cost of being more environmentally friendly has reduced significantly in this example.

Monday, 25 April 2022

Hornsby Brigg Area Changes

Last Tuesday (19th April), Hornsby Travel revised their services 4, X4 and 94 in the Brigg area. 

Starting with the X4 between Scunthorpe, Scawby, Brigg, Wrawby, Melton Ross and Barnetby; this service has been almost entirely withdrawn due to "passenger demand". All that remains are Monday to Friday journeys at 0800 from Scunthorpe to Brigg and 1745 from Brigg to Scunthorpe. Previously the X4 had operated 7 journeys a day, every two hours with some extras, Monday to Friday, between Scunthorpe and Barnetby. As I will explain below, Scawby, Wrawby, Barnetby and Melton Ross receive alternatives, so the biggest loss is the fast service between Scunthorpe and Brigg. Cutting back the X4 isn't going to attract new passengers to use the bus, but aside from the few properties at Greetwell Crossroads no community is 'cut-off' (and Greetwell retains the residual X4 plus JustGo).

Moving onto service 4, the main route between Scunthorpe and Brigg via Ashby and Broughton; here the main Monday to Saturday daytime service remains hourly whilst the limited mid-evening journeys are retimed to operate slightly later. The big change is that Monday to Friday only, five journeys - every two hours - are extended beyond Brigg to Kirmington via Wrawby, Barnetby, Melton Ross and Humberside Airport. This replaces the X4 east of Brigg, albeit with two fewer journeys, whilst restores a timetabled bus service to Humberside Airport for the first time since the Humber Flyer was rerouted at the start of September 2020 and to Kirmington for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Humberside Airport, the 4 probably won't be much use, but for the sake of a minute each way, if it's passing why not divert just in case there is a passenger. However for Kirmington this is a clear good news story, and hopefully the core section of the 4 between Scunthorpe and Brigg will benefit from new 'cross-Brigg' passengers.

When the 4 isn't extending to Kirmington, then Monday to Friday daytime it will be operating as a service 94, with through 'cross Brigg' travel available. If this sounds familiar, it's the same basic arrangement as the X4 pre COVID-19, hourly Scunthorpe to Brigg then two hourly to Kirmington or two hourly onto the 94. As part of these changes the 94 gets a new timetable, with four rather than five journeys between Brigg and Redbourne and three still continuing onto Kirton in Lindsey. The 94 also now diverts via Scawby village to replace the X4. Again hopefully the 94 benefits from the 'cross-Brigg' links as well as custom from Scawby.

Overall these changes are cutbacks, but some thought has gone into ensuring they have the least impact possible and some positive developments have been included in the process.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Scunthorpe Hospital Service 9 Withdrawn

On Good Friday (15th April), Hornsby Travel withdrew their service 9 between Scunthorpe Bus Station and Scunthorpe Hospital. In part the route served as a hospital park and ride, with car parks in Scunthorpe Town Centre being used as an alterative to hospital parking. I think the service was still on it's COVID-19 reduced timetable of half hourly 0800-1800 Monday to Friday at the time of it's withdrawal. 

Stagecoach services 1, 7 and 8 provide four services per hour between Scunthorpe Bus Station and the Cliff Gardens side of the hospital Monday to Friday daytime, supplemented by the 90 every two hours off peak - so I don't envisage the withdrawal of the 9 being a major loss here. However the Church Lane side of the hospital, and Church Lane itself, is left with only the East Yorkshire 361 every two hours, so the withdrawal of the 9 maybe felt more here, especially by those with limited mobility. Could the 90 be re-routed via Church Lane to supplement the 361? Or some of the Doncaster Road services that bypass the hospital all together - the 35, 60 and 399? The 9 probably doesn't need a direct replacement, but some mitigation for Church Lane would be good to see.

Saturday, 23 April 2022

Pulled from Pocklington - But almost certainly not a big loss

With effect from Monday (25th April), the York Pullman operated tendered X36 Monday to Friday peak service between Pocklington and York is slightly truncated to operate between Bielby and York only. There had been a 0630 from Pocklington, returning from York Station at 1740 as a timetabled service to Melbourne, then continuing on request only to Seaton Ross, Everingham, Bielby and Pocklington. Now however the morning service will be a 0645 departure from Bielby to York, still returning from York Station at 1740 but with the timetabled service ending at Sutton Upon Derwent, continuing onto Melbourne, Seaton Ross, Everingham and Bielby on request only.

Whilst this does mean Pocklington has lost the X36, I'd be surprised if it got much use from the town, since the 46 and X46 offer a quicker and far more frequent service for Pocklington to York travel. Instead the Pocklington end of the route is probably a legacy from when East Yorkshire operated the peaktime service in the area from it's Pocklington depot. So cutting out a little bit of mileage and omitting Pocklington may well be a sensible minor cost and carbon emission saving.

The Monday to Saturday daytime 36 and X36 between Sutton Upon Derwent and York also undergoes some minor retimings as part of this service change.

Saturday, 16 April 2022

Pocklington joins the Dalesbus Network

East Yorkshire have won the 2022 contract for Dalesbus Summer Sunday and Bank Holiday service 822 between York, Boroughbridge, Ripon, Fountains Abbey, Pateley Bridge and Grassington, along with a journey on service 875 between Grassington and Hawes. 

As Dalesbus operators sometimes do, East Yorkshire have chosen to extend their service to start and finish at, or closer to, their operating depot, and for East Yorkshire that is Pocklington. The 822 will depart Pocklington at 0855, returning at 1830. Between Pocklington and York the 822 sticks to the A1079 but will serve all stops en-route. 

The 822, and East Yorkshire's 875 journey, commence tomorrow (Easter Sunday 17th April) and operate until Sunday 25th September.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

(Almost) Goodbye to East Yorkshire's Service 45

Service 45 between Bridlington, Driffield, Market Weighton, Pocklington and York has been almost entirely withdrawn after operation yesterday (Saturday 9th April), whilst the ad-hoc shorter 45A variant via Warter (the more traditional route) rather than Market Weighton has been withdrawn entirely. Operator East Yorkshire cite "low levels of usage between Market Weighton and Driffield" as the reason for them pulling their commercially operated journeys.

Service 45 and 45A had provided five journeys from Bridlington to York in each direction, plus a Pocklington or Warter to Bridlington short in each direction and one extra 'one-way' York to Driffield working - all operating Monday to Saturday. The frequency was broadly every two hours with some longer gaps, and together with the 46 provided an hourly service between Market Weighton, Pocklington and York, and then further combined with the X46 an approximately half hourly service along this section of route.

The section between Market Weighton and York will be replaced from Monday (11th April) with extra 'short' journeys on service 46, so for local travel on this corridor there is little change. These new 'shorts' wait in Market Weighton for half an hour rather than run the full route to Holme on Spalding Moor, or continue to Middleton - both of which there is time to do. Presumably East Yorkshire do not think the marginal costs of doing so could be covered.

There are some small changes between Market Weighton and York. The Monday to Friday 0632 from Holme on Spalding Moor will run at 0714 to replace an old service 45A between Pocklington and York - oddly the Saturday equivalent, retimed two minutes later from 0647 to 0649, will depart earlier on a weekend morning than a weekday morning. The Monday to Saturday 0825 from York to Holme on Spalding Moor will start in Pocklington at 0920 Monday to Friday. The 1425 from York to Bridlington via Market Weighton will terminate in Pocklington Monday to Friday, only extending to Market Weighton on Saturdays. Similarly the current 1355 from Bridlington will be retained between Market Weighton (depart 1505) and York on Saturdays only, with Monday to Friday just the Pocklington to York section still operating. The 1625 from Pocklington to York will be withdrawn Monday to Friday but is extended to start back in Market Weighton on a Saturday. 

Between Bridlington and Driffield the 121 continues to provide a daily hourly service, so whilst the loss of five Monday to Saturday services each way is hardly welcome, for local travel there is an alternative.

That leaves the Driffield to Market Weighton section of the 45, which as well as linking the two towns also serves the villages of Bainton, North Dalton and Middleton en-route. Bainton and Middleton do have a limited service to Beverley but the 45 has been the main service here, and for North Dalton the only service. Here East Riding of Yorkshire Council have stepped in with new tendered service 145 commencing tomorrow, operated by East Yorkshire - one service, but with two distinct elements.

Firstly Monday to Friday there is a 0645 Driffield to Market Weighton journey connecting into the 46, and a 1740 in the other direction (connecting out of the 1625 from York). The second element is a Monday to Saturday off-peak 'shoppers' service between Driffield and Middleton that then extends to the nearby village of Lund, presumably because there is time to do so. Services leave Lund at 0930, 1030, 1130 and 1330, returning from Driffield at 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1400. Driffield to Bainton had been served by four journeys in each direction, Driffield to North Dalton by six and Driffield to Middleton by four from Driffield and five to Driffield, all Monday to Saturday. From Monday these communities will each have six journeys between the residual 45 and the 145 Monday to Friday, reducing to five on Saturdays - so an improvement for local links into Driffield from Bainton, Middleton and Lund. Like with the service 55 changes, a little good has come from a largely negative change.

As alluded to, the 45 isn't entirely withdrawn - the 1655 from Bridlington to York remains, whilst the 1925 45A from York to Bridlington becomes a service 45 via Market Weighton. Seems a rather 'oddball' retention, but these journeys were subsidised, not commercial, and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have decided to retain them. They do still have some purpose - providing a journey an hour later in each direction than the last 46, supplementing the 121 from Bridlington in the evening peak, and providing the last service of the day from Driffield to Bridlington, which is at 2058 on the 45 but at 1845 on the 121. The 1733 timing from Driffield towards Bainton, North Dalton and Middleton may also be useful for any villagers spending the afternoon in Driffield. 

So other than the ad-hoc Warter journeys, no section of route is left unserved, the Market Weighton to York section is barely impacted . Even focusing on Monday to Saturday daytimes, the only unserved link is Middleton to Market Weighton. This isn't a story of communities being isolated. Where it's significant is the impact on longer distance travel. There is now no Bridlington to York bus apart from that residual 45, with passengers having to travel via Scarborough or Beverley. Likewise for Driffield to York, or Pocklington and Market Weighton to Driffield or Bridlington, it's a change in Beverley going forward. 

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Extra Journey to Sand le Mere Holiday Village

The East Yorkshire operated tendered 129 between Withernsea and Hornsea gains an extra 'short journey' between Withernsea and Sand le Mere Holiday Village from Monday 11th April - with a new 1610 departure operating Monday to Saturday and Summer Sundays when the holiday village is open. Currently the last service from Withernsea is at 1445, or 1245 on schooldays, so the 1610 could potentially be an attractive later departure.

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Cutbacks West of Hull (with some Saturday enhancements)

In a significant set of cutbacks, from Sunday 10th April, East Yorkshire have cancelled service X5 between Hull and Goole, the Sunday service 55 between Hull and Gilberdyke and their commercial Monday to Saturday journeys on the 55 between Elloughton and Goole. Thankfully East Riding of Yorkshire Council have funded an off peak replacement for the latter cut, which comes with a small Saturday enhancement at the Goole end of the route. 

Starting with the X5, it's been a five journey a day (four on Saturday) Monday to Saturday coach service between Hull and Goole via Brough, Elloughton, the B1230 (serving the edge of Gilberdyke) and Howden, introduced last January. With the benefit of hindsight, not the best time to start a new service! It's axe now is being blamed on 'low levels of usage'. I'm not surprised. Whilst COVID-19 won't have helped at all, I was never wholly convinced about the merits of the X5 in the first place, especially west of Elloughton, due to the greater frequency and speed on the train from both Goole and Gilberdyke into Hull. 

Moving onto the 55, and Monday to Saturday there is very little change between Hull and Elloughton where an hourly service remains. The residual 155 variation via Anlaby, Hessle Cemetery Corner and in some instances Brantingham, on weekdays for certain early morning and late afternoon journeys is withdrawn and replaced by 'standard' 55's via Boothferry Road in Hull and Hessle, apart from the 0610 from Hull Paragon Interchange, which is renumbered to service 55A. Service 156 remains for South Hunsley School passengers.

Between Elloughton, South Cave, North Cave, Newport and Gilberdyke the off peak service remains hourly, but all peak journeys are withdrawn apart from one morning service to Goole. From Elloughton services depart for Gilberdyke at 0725, then hourly from 0955 to 1455, whilst from Gilberdyke departures are hourly from 0930 to 1530, then 1640. The first arrival into Hull from west of Elloughton is at 1048, with the last return at 1400. Even the 1810 from Hull to South Cave and 1906 return is truncated at Elloughton despite there still being time to run to South Cave and back - presumably unable to cover the marginal costs.

The new timetable does still allow travel from Gilberdyke, Newport, North Cave and South Cave into Brough, for example to visit Morrisons, and just about offers a usable shopping service to Hull. However for any commuters the bus is now useless, and even for leisure travel, a last 1400 departure from Hull is rather restrictive, there is no flexibility. As already mentioned, Gilberdyke does also have the train, but this isn't an option for Newport, North Cave or South Cave. East Riding of Yorkshire Council deserve credit for stepping in to keep what service there is going - it could have been a lot worse - but it's hard to be happy with the outcome.

Turning to the Gilberdyke to Goole via Eastrington and Howden section and here it's not all negative. Currently there are four journeys into Goole Monday to Friday, with three returns and two each way on a Saturday. With the new 55 timetable, that increases to four each way Monday to Saturday. This does need to be offset between Howden and Goole by the loss of the X5 - the X5 is presently the most frequent service between the two towns - but certainly a net gain for Eastrington. 

As mentioned the Sunday 55 is withdrawn entirely, operating for the last time today. It offers an approximately two hourly daytime frequency between Hull and Gilberdyke and I believe leaves a Sunday 'bus desert' between Swanland and Selby (as opposed to between Gilberdyke and Selby today). Anlaby Road within Hull has plenty of alternatives, whilst Boothferry Road has the 66 (within the Hull boundary) and 350, but otherwise the only public transport option on a Sunday for current service 55 passengers is the train to Ferriby, Brough and Gilberdyke. Melton, Welton, Elloughton, South Cave, North Cave and Newport will have nothing. Lots of other places across the country are in the same situation, but still a very disappointing development.

Finally another Saturday positive from the changes, subsidised service 88 between Goole, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge gains a two hourly daytime service, interworked with the 55. This is the first time Rawcliffe Bridge has had a Saturday service since early February 2018, whilst for Airmyn it will be first usable Saturday service for some years (I seem to recall there was an 'oddball' evening 400 between Goole and Selby on a Saturday until relatively recently that gave passengers a few minutes in Goole, but no daytime service).

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Flamborough Improvements

East Yorkshire Service 14 between Bridlington and Flamborough has three changes from Sunday 10th April:

  • The route becomes part of the 'Coaster' brand, already applied to the 12 and 13 between Bridlington and Scarborough. 
  • The Sunday daytime service returns for the Summer, and whilst it's not explicitly stated in the publicity, it appears the Sunday daytime service will now be year round.
  • There are three new daily evening journeys added in each direction for the Summer (10th April to 30th October) at 1845, 1945 and 2045 from Bridlington, returning from Flamborough around half an hour later. This essentially continues the hourly daytime frequency for a further three hours (winter last departure from Bridlington is at 1745).
It's always good to be able to report some good news!

Sunday, 27 February 2022

Coaster to serve Scarborough South Bay

East Yorkshire start the Summer timetable on their 12 and 13 'Coaster' branded services between Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough on Saturday 5th March. For Summer 2022, service 13 will newly serve Aquarium Top in Scarborough for access to the South Bay (apart from mid and late evening inbound services to Scarborough). Otherwise the 12 and 13 each remain hourly daily daytimes between Bridlington and Scarborough, supplemented by an hourly service 13 'short' between Filey and Scarborough. There is also an hourly daily early and mid evening service on route 13.

Tuesday, 28 December 2021

255 New Year Changes

Last time Wren Kitchens changed their shift arrangements at their Barton HQ, I said that there were positives and negatives for other travellers between Barton and Hull, and from Sunday 2nd January it will be the same again as service 255 between Barton and Hull is revised. There are also some positives for travel within the City of Hull.

However first of all, the 255 gained three extra Monday to Friday journeys from Monday 8th November; they never made it to the Stagecoach pdf timetable or got a formal announcement on the Stagecoach website, but did get onto Journeys added were at 1325 from Hull Interchange (temporarily restoring the 15 minute frequency from Hull to Barton for 90 minutes between 1240 and 1410) and at 1450 and 2320 from Wren Kitchens in Barton.

Returning to the 2nd January changes, and Monday to Saturday they are as follows:

  • The Tuesday to Friday only 0345 from Barton Wren Kitchens to the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction in Hull is extended to North Bransholme and operates daily.
  • The 0550 from the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction to Barton Wren Kitchens now starts back in North Bransholme at 0520, serving North Point at 0535. This somewhat fills the gap between the 0435 255 from North Point via Sutton Park to Paragon Interchange (and beyond to Barton) and the 0553 first service 8 of the day from North Point via Sutton Park.
  • The 0620 from Barton Wren Kitchens to the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction is retimed to 0545 and extended to North Bransholme. The current 0620 does get some use from Barton, so these passengers will have to either travel 35 minutes earlier or use slightly later 250 or 350 journeys.
  • The 0805 from Hull Paragon Interchange to Barton Wren Kitchens now starts in North Bransholme at 0720.
  • The Monday to Friday only 1325 from Paragon Interchange to Barton Wren Kitchens now departs at 1335 - no doubt better for a 1430 start at Wren, but creates an unfortunate 25-5 minute interval in the Hull to Barton timetable.
  • The Monday to Friday only 1450 from Barton Wren Kitchens is extended to North Bransholme.
  • The Monday to Friday only 1530 from the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction to Barton Wren Kitchens will also operate on Saturdays.
  • The 1645 from the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction to Barton Wren Kitchens will start at Paragon Interchange at 1705 instead; this does remove the current situation of a 1700 250 and 1700 255 leaving the Interchange at the same time.
  • The Monday to Friday only 1710 from Barton Wren Kitchens to the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction in Hull is extended to North Bransholme and also operates on Saturdays.
  • The 1750 from Barton Wren Kitchens to the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction in Hull is extended to North Bransholme. The last service 7 from Hull Paragon Interchange is at 1747, whereas the 255 departs at 1830 so this could be a useful slightly later link from Beverley Road to Bransholme and North Bransholme. It also fits is relatively well between the 1810 and 1910 service 8's from Paragon Interchange to Sutton Park.
  • The 1830 from Hull Paragon Interchange to Barton Wren Kitchens is withdrawn; there is a 1835 service 350 as an alternative. 
  • The 1920 from Barton Wren Kitchens to the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction in Hull is withdrawn.
  • There is a new Monday to Saturday 2235 from Hull Paragon Interchange to Barton Wren Kitchens - this is very welcome as the current last service from Hull to Barton is at 2020.
  • The Monday to Friday only 2320 from Barton Wren Kitchens is extended to North Bransholme and also operates on Saturdays. Probably not the intention, but this journey is the closest service to a nightbus in Hull now, and departs Hull Truck Theatre at 0000.
A more general side-effect of these changes are more services between Hull Royal Infirmary, Beverley Road, Sutton Park, Bransholme and North Bransholme - again probably not intentional but welcome.

On Sundays the 255 is withdrawn entirely apart from a new 0345 from Barton Wren Kitchens to North Bransholme. This means there is now no arrival from Barton into Hull between 0425 and 1025, and the return of the three hour gap in departures from Hull to Barton between 1530 and 1830.

Monday, 27 December 2021

New Wren Kitchens Workers Service 455

Stagecoach are introducing a new service from Cleethorpes for employees at Wren Kitchens in Barton on Tuesday 4th January, numbered 455. Whilst very much aimed at Wren commuters, it does appear to be a public bus service.

The 455 will depart Cleethorpes Pier at 0415 Monday to Saturday, returning from Barton at 1710. Whilst the service isn't yet in Stagecoach's journey planner, nor on or traveline, going by Stagecoach's pdf timetable, it will operate the service 250 route from Cleethorpes via Grimsby Town Centre to Grimsby College, before serving the Nunsthorpe, Laceby Acres and Wybers Wood estates in Grimsby. The next timing point is Stallingborough Roundabout, so presumably also serves Healing, then Immingham, South Killingholme, Ulceby, Thornton Curtis and Barrow before arriving at Wren Kitchens.

The 455 will be the only non-schools timetabled bus service for South Killingholme. 

Also noteworthy, and almost certainty incidental rather than intentional, is that the morning 455 does offer a connection onto the new 0545 service 255 from Barton to Hull, providing a 0625 arrival into Hull City Centre from North East Lincolnshire. Based on timings at Wren Kitchens this is a 6 minute connection in Barton, though as Wren Kitchens is private property, anyone wanting to make such a journey would need to get off the 455 on Falkland Way in Barton and make the short walk to Barton Cemetery for the 255.

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Humber Fastcat and 355 January Changes.

With effect from Sunday 2nd January, Stagecoach will be slightly revising their timetable for the 350 Humber Fastcat between Hull, Barton and Scunthorpe, seemingly in connection with revised shift times at Wren Kitchens in Barton. In total five journeys are altered:

  • The Saturday 0815 from Scunthorpe to Hull will depart at 0755 and run via Wren Kitchens in Barton, as already occurs Monday to Friday.
  • The Saturday 1545 from Scunthorpe to Hull will operate via Wren Kitchens in Barton, matching the equivalent Monday to Friday departure.
  • The Monday to Saturday 1715 from Hull to Scunthorpe will operate via Wren Kitchens in Barton, but the 1745 and 1835 departures from Hull to Scunthorpe cease to do so.

As a result of these changes, the Monday to Friday and Saturday timetables will once again be identical. There are no changes to the 350 Humber Fastcat on Sundays.

Associated service 355 between Scunthorpe and Barton Wren Kitchens is also revised. The 0345 from Barton will operate daily rather than Tuesday to Friday mornings, whilst the Monday, Saturday and Sunday only 0620 from Barton is withdrawn. The 1710 from Barton will operate on Saturdays as well as Monday to Friday, but the Sunday only 1655 from Scunthorpe and 1820 and 1920 from Barton will also be withdrawn. The withdrawal of the 1655 does see the Sunday late afternoon service from Scunthorpe to Barton revert back to a 3 hour gap between the 1510 and 1810 Humber Fastcat's.

In connection with changes to the 255, it will be possible to travel from Scunthorpe to Hull and arrive as early as 0625, by using the 0455 355 from Scunthorpe and changing in Barton. It's a shame the service isn't a through 350 service, as Monday to Friday at least the 0455 355 has been worked by an Enviro400 MMC, so I think must be operated by Stagecoach's Hull depot rather than Scunthorpe depot - Hull depot also work the 255.

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Christmas and New Year Bus Services 2021/2022

It's the time of year again for my annual summary of Christmas and New Year bus services across the Humber Region. The following operators are included, but not their services outside the region:

  • Arriva Yorkshire
  • CallConnect
  • East Yorkshire (excluding JustGo)
  • First South Yorkshire (Doncaster Area)
  • First York
  • Grayscroft Coaches
  • Hornsby Travel
  • Hunts Coaches
  • PC Coaches
  • Stagecoach 
  • York Pullman (obtained via

Please check exact details before travelling as I have only summarised here, or for any occasions were publicity is incorrect (it's happened before!). If you have any further information for other operators, or to correct any details listed here, please post a comment.

Monday 20st December to Thursday 23rd December:
Normal services, except First South Yorkshire who will be operating a Saturday service. 

Christmas Eve:
Predominately a normal Friday service finishing between approximately 1800 and 2000, with the following exceptions:
  • CallConnect, First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach will operate a Saturday service.
  • Stagecoach services 10 (Burringham-Scunthorpe), 25 (Market Rasen-Grimsby), 35 (Amcotts-Scunthorpe), 60 (Whitton-Scunthorpe), 79 (Hedon-Hull), 90 (Crowle-Scunthorpe), 260 (Barton Villager) and 277 (Hedon-Hull) will operate as normal.

Christmas Day:
No services.

Boxing Day:
No services, apart from a limited service operated by East Yorkshire (see below). This is notable in that Stagecoach will not be operating any city services in Hull on Boxing Day this year, compared to the Sunday service offered last year between 0900 and 1800, and the predominately hourly service on main routes provided for a number of years prior.

East Yorkshire will be operating the following daytime services:
  • 56: Wymersely Road-Hull-Asda Bilton - Half Hourly 
  • 63: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly
  • 66: Hull-Hessle - Hourly
  • 75: Hull-Withernsea - Every two hours, with an extra morning journey to Hull and an extra afternoon journey from Hull.
  • 104: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly
  • 121: Hull-Bridlington - Every two hours
  • 154: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly
  • X46: Hull-York - Every two hours
Compared to last year, the 56 is increased from hourly to half hourly, and is extended to operate between Hull City Centre and Wymersley Road, in part replacing the hourly 34 between Hull and Willerby that isn't operating this year. Also not operating this year, compared to 2020, are the 12 between Bridlington and Scarborough and the X47 between Pocklington and York (the X46 still provides a service to some of the X47 communities).

Bank Holidays Monday 27th December & Tuesday 28th December:
A Sunday service will be provided, with the exception of East Yorkshire who will provide a hybrid timetable that is a mix of almost normal Saturday timetables on some routes and service levels that are higher than Sundays but lower than Saturdays on others, with elements of Monday & Tuesday evening and Sunday provision mixed in - summary below:
  • 12: Bridlington-Scarborough - Sunday service (which other than early mornings, is the same as Monday-Saturday).
  • 23: Hull-Beverley - Saturday service from Hull, Cannot get the timetable from Beverley to show on the East Yorkshire website, but assume that it is also the same or very similar to Saturdays.
  • 24: Hull-Hornsea - Saturday service apart from no 0630 Hornsea-Hull.
  • 25: Hessle-Beverley-Hornsea - Saturday service apart from the 0700 from Hornsea starts in Beverley at 0745, whilst there is no 2340 from Beverley to Hornsea (as is usual for a Monday/Tuesday).
  • 45/45A/46: Bridlington-Pocklington-York - Hourly daytime service between Pocklington to York (as normal for Monday to Saturday), 3 journeys in each direction extend to/from Bridlington (Mon-Sat usually extends hourly to Market Weighton then two hourly to Bridlington and two hourly to Holme on Spalding Moor).
  • 54: Hull-Willerby - Half Hourly Daytime and Hourly Evening service.
  • 55: Hull-Gilberdyke-Goole - Saturday service between Hull and Gilberdyke only, with no 0635 Gilberdyke-Hull, 0725 Elloughton-Goole or 0800 Hull-Gilberdyke. No service between Gilberdyke and Goole.
  • 56: Wymersley Road-Hull-Asda Bilton - Half Hourly Daytime and Hourly Evening service.
  • 57: Hessle-Hull-Asda Bilton - Half Hourly Daytime and Hourly Evening service.
  • 63: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Saturday service from Hull apart from no 0610 and 2330 departures (the latter does not normally operate on a Monday/Tuesday, Cannot get the timetable from Castle Hill to show in full on the East Yorkshire website, but assume that it is also the same or very similar to Saturdays.
  • 66: Hull-Hessle - Every 20 minutes Daytimes and Hourly Evening service.
  • 75: Hull-Withernsea - Saturday service except no 0530, 0600 or 1847 from Withernsea and no 0645, 0715 or 2010 from Hull (the evening provision therefore matches a normal Monday and Tuesday)
  • 104: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Half Hourly Daytime and Hourly Evening service.
  • 105: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Saturday service, except no 0655 from Hull, 0700 and 0730 from Castle Hill.
  • 121: Hull-Beverley-Bridlington - Saturday daytime service, except no 0605 or 0705 from Beverley to Hull. Normal Monday/Tuesday evening service.
  • 130: Hornsea-Bridlington - Weekend service.
  • 152: Hull-Anlaby-Bridgehead Business Park - Hourly daytime service with hourly early evening Hull to Anlaby 'shorts' (normal frequency but at different times).
  • 153: Hull-Swanland - Hourly daytime service (normal frequency but at different times).
  • 154: Hull-Castle Hill Hospital - Half Hourly Daytime and Hourly Evening service.
  • 350: Hull-Scunthorpe - Sunday service
  • X7: Hull-Withernsea - Saturday service
  • X46/X47: Hull to York - Saturday daytime service, apart from no 0620 Pocklington to York X47 and the 0702 York to Hull X46 starting in Pocklington at 0740, with the usual Monday/Tuesday evening service.
The above covers all routes usually served on a Sunday, plus some that aren't. All references to normal timetables relate to the current temporary timetables due to the driver shortage.

Wednesday 29th December:
Predominantly a Saturday service, with the following exceptions:
  • Hornsby Travel and PC Coaches will operate a normal Wednesday service.
  • East Yorkshire services 88 (Goole-Rawcliffe Bridge) and 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate as normal.
  • Stagecoach services 35 (Amcotts-Scunthorpe), 60 (Whitton-Scunthorpe), 90 (Crowle-Scunthorpe) and 260 (Barton Villager) will operate as normal.
  • York Pullman services 36/X36 (Pocklington-Sutton Upon Derwent-York) will operate as normal.
  • East Yorkshire service 142 (Cherry Burton-Beverley) will not operate.
  • East Yorkshire services B1/B2/18/25/54/63/75/121/X47 Friday and Saturday only evening journeys will not operate (normal Wednesday evening journeys on the 25/54/63/75/121/X47 will however).
(As a side note, Stagecoach operated Saturday service 173 between Withernsea and Hull will be operating as part of Stagecoach's Saturday provision on Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st, so three times the normal service level this week, allowing for no service on Saturday 1st!).

Thursday 30th December:
Predominantly a Saturday service, with the following exceptions:
  • Hornsby Travel and PC Coaches will operate a normal Thursday service.
  • East Yorkshire services 88 (Goole-Rawcliffe Bridge), 150 (Swanland-Hessle), 196 (Aughton-York) and 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate as normal.
  • Stagecoach services 10 (Ashby Parklands-Ashby), 35 (Amcotts-Scunthorpe), 60 (Whitton-Scunthorpe), 90 (Crowle-Scunthorpe) and 260 (Barton Villager) will operate as normal.
  • York Pullman services 36/X36 (Pocklington-Sutton Upon Derwent-York) will operate as normal.
  • East Yorkshire services 142 (Cherry Burton-Beverley) and 143 (North Ferriby-Beverley) will not operate.
  • East Yorkshire services B1/B2/18/25/54/63/75/121/X47 Friday and Saturday only evening journeys will not operate (normal Thursday evening journeys on the 25/54/63/75/121/X47 will however).

    New Years Eve:
    Predominately a Saturday service finishing at approximately 2000, with the following exceptions:
    • Hornsby Travel and PC Coaches will operate a normal Friday service, with early finish around 1800.
    • East Yorkshire services 88 (Goole-Rawcliffe Bridge), 183 (Hessle Town Service) and 360/361 (Goole-Scunthorpe) will operate as normal.
    • Stagecoach services 10 (Burringham-Scunthorpe), 25 (Market Rasen-Grimsby), 35 (Amcotts-Scunthorpe), 60 (Whitton-Scunthorpe), 90 (Crowle-Scunthorpe) and 260 (Barton Villager) will operate as normal.
    • York Pullman services 36/X36 (Pocklington-Sutton Upon Derwent-York) will operate as normal.
    • East Yorkshire services 142 (Cherry Burton-Beverley) and 143 (North Ferriby-Beverley) will not operate.

    New Years Day:
    No services (train services will be operating however, in many instances to a normal Saturday timetable apart from early morning services and engineering works related disruption).

    Sunday 2nd January:
    Normal Sunday Services

    Bank Holiday Monday 3rd January:
    A Sunday service will be provided.

    Tuesday 4th January:
    Services return to normal.

    Friday, 17 December 2021

    Thursday Only 161 Changes Operator

    Operation of the tendered Thursday only 'shopper' service 161 between Market Rasen, Caistor, Brigg and Lakeside Retail Park in Scunthorpe, passed from Stagecoach to PC Coaches on Thursday 4th November, with no change to the timetable.

    Sunday, 12 December 2021

    No more service 4 to Foxhills

    On Monday 27th September Hornsby Travel amended their service 4 between Brigg, Broughton, Lakeside, Ashby and Scunthorpe. The main change arguably was the removal of the extension of certain journeys to Foxhills Industrial Estate, north of Scunthorpe - they had operated early morning Monday to Saturday, early afternoon Monday to Friday, late afternoon Saturday and in the evening peak and late evening Monday to Friday, to suit the needs of commuters.

    Looking in more detail at the timetable and the Monday to Friday 0500 from Lakeside to Foxhills Industrial Estate has been withdrawn entirely, not just north of Scunthorpe Bus Station, there are however new 0615 Ashby to Brigg and 0630 Ashby to Scunthorpe journeys Monday to Friday. Journey times throughout the day are amended, with the overall Monday to Saturday daytime frequency remaining hourly. 

    In the early evening Monday to Saturday, the service is improved, with the 1830 from Scunthorpe to Brigg replaced by 1845 and 2000 departures, plus a 2115 'short' from Scunthorpe to Ashby. In the opposite direction the 1910 from Brigg to Ashby is replaced by 1925 and 2040 departures from Brigg to Scunthorpe. However the residual late evening service Monday to Friday of a 2100 Lakeside to Foxhills Industrial Estate departure and 2215 return has been withdrawn entirely.

    Also off note is that college day only service 13 between Scunthorpe Bus Station, Scunthorpe Station, Scunthorpe Hospital (Church Lane), Scunthorpe Colleges (North Lindsey and John Leggott), Ashby and Lakeside has been replaced by service 4c. In the morning the 4c is a service 4 journey from Brigg which diverts via Scunthorpe's Colleges, whilst in the evening there is a 'standalone' 1605 4c from Scunthorpe to Lakeside via Scunthorpe Station as well as the Colleges.

    Saturday, 11 December 2021

    Brigg Town Service Changes

    Hornsby Travel operated Brigg Town Services 91 and 92 received a new timetable on Tuesday 28th September, including a diversion of most service 91 journeys via Aldi just west of the town centre. The 91 and 92 operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only.

    Service 91 to the Springbank and Churchill Avenue areas of Brigg had the biggest changes. Between Grammar School Road and Wrawby Road, the 91 now operates via Barnard Avenue on the edge of the town centre, rather than via Hawthorn Avenue. The timetable has also been substantially revised, with departures from Cary Lane in the town centre at 0925, 1045 (to the Springbank area only), 1115, 1245, 1325 and 1425 (the latter to both to the Springbank area only and operating Tuesday and Thursday only) replaced by hourly departures between 0930 and 1330, plus a Tuesday and Thursday only 1410 service to the Springbank area only. 

    Meanwhile on service 92 to Cadney, Howsham and Brigg Garden Centre, the 1215 from Brigg Cary Lane is retimed to 1200, whilst the Saturday only 'short' to Brigg Garden Centre and back at 1315 is retimed to 1345, matching the Tuesday and Thursday timetable.

    Sunday, 5 December 2021

    The Return of the 94

    Service 94 between Brigg, Hibaldstow, Redbourne and Kirton in Lindsey resumed on Monday 27th September, around 13 months after it's withdrawal. It's again operated by Hornsby Travel and again is operating Monday to Friday only. There are however some key changes from it's old format.

    Firstly the 94 now omits Scawby, operating direct between Brigg and Hibaldstow, an understandable decision as Scawby has the X4 to both Brigg and Scunthorpe. Omitting Scawby gives a direct Brigg to Hibaldstow journey time of 9 minutes, rather than 15 minutes.

    Secondly there is also a route change in Kirton in Lindsey, where the 94 no longer 'doubles up' as a town service, including serving the former RAF base Barracks, but instead operates a simple loop via South Cliff Road, Dunstan Hill, Moat House Road, Turner Street, Church Street, Spa Hill and King Edward Street.

    Thirdly the timetable is notably different; there are no peak time journeys but more off-peak services between Brigg and Redbourne. Rather than operating approximately two hourly, the 'new' 94 has 5 journeys in each direction, departing Brigg for Kirton at 0900, 1200 and 1400, with 'shorts' to Redbourne at 1000 and 1300. Two morning journeys to Brigg, and the 1200 and 1300 from Brigg, divert via the Nookings estate in Hibaldstow.

    Finally, with this incarnation of the 94, there are no through journeys onto service X4 to Scunthorpe.

    Hibaldstow Parish Council website notes the restored 94 is a commercial venture, not tendered as it was previously. Hopefully the 94 is 'back for good', but however it turns out, credit to Hornsby Travel for trying. 

    Sunday, 28 November 2021

    Stagecoach September Changes in Hull

    Stagecoach made some significant changes to their Hull network on Sunday 26th September, which I have summarised below. 

    Service 10 between Hull Paragon Interchange, North Point Shopping Centre, North Bransholme and Wawne was withdrawn; the 10 had operated half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes. The 10 largely duplicated service 2 between Hull City Centre and North Bransholme, apart from a small section of Holwell Road between Leads Road and Sutton Road - most of which is now unserved - and the extension to Wawne village. Wawne is now served by hourly extensions of service 2 beyond North Bransholme; this is only half of the 10's frequency, but in line with the usual frequency over the past few years and does give the village links to Hull Royal Infirmary.

    South of North Point Shopping Centre there is no replacement for the 10, leaving the Holwell Road and Stoneferry Road corridor with a 20 minute Monday to Saturday daytime frequency; it is worth noting the area is mostly industrial rather than residential. Between North Point and North Bransholme however, services have improved.

    Service 7 between Paragon Interchange, Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point and Spring Cottage has been rerouted after North Point to follow the service 2 route to North Bransholme and also increased from half hourly to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, giving an extra bus per hour over this section compared to the 10, and a combined six services per hour with service 2 - every 7-13 minutes from Paragon Interchange and a 'perfect' every 10 minutes from North Bransholme. Residents in parts of North Bransholme and the Bodmin Road area get reinstated links to Beverley Road with this revision. The Paragon Interchange to North Point via Beverley Road and Sutton Park corridor similarly benefits from going from five to six services per hour with a coordinated 10 minute frequency across routes 7 and 8.

    The section of the 7 between North Point and Spring Cottage is replaced (apart from on a section of Wawne Road) by a major change to route 16. The 16 continues to operate between Paragon Interchange, Victoria Dock and Newbridge Road but then rather than heading east, it goes west along Southcoates Lane (briefly) then up Holderness Road to Morrisons. From Morrisons the 16 heads along Ings Road (without a City Centre link apart from the infrequent 677 Cranswick Foods commuter service) and Cavendish Road to the previously unserved (since the 9 was withdrawn) northern part of Leads Road before replacing the 7 through Sutton, Howdale Road, Kestrel Avenue, Noddle Hill Way, Biggin Avenue and Honiton Road to North Point.

    The 16 remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, but many late afternoon journeys operate between Paragon Interchange and Morrisons only, whilst peak time journeys omit Sutton Village, Howdale Road, Kestrel Avenue, Noddle Hill Way, Biggin Avenue and Honiton Road, leaving these areas with a morning and early afternoon only service. Like Wawne, this is however in line with the 'recent norm' for Howdale Road, Kestrel Avenue and Biggin Avenue. The 16's old route in East Hull via Preston Road, Holmpton Grove, St Johns Grove, Exeter Grove, Bilsdale Grove and Southcoates Lane is not replaced - Preston Road has the 3 and Southcoates Lane the 75 and in part the 3, but the various 'Groves' are now unserved.

    Returning to Beverley Road, and whilst the 7's frequency enhancement provides an extra hourly service, between Cottingham Road and Greenwood Avenue, Beverley Road has lost the 4, which has been diverted away via Cottingham Road and Cranbrook Avenue, a move which also leaves the eastern part of Greenwood Avenue unserved. The 4 remains every 10 minutes Monday to Friday daytimes, every 15 minutes Saturday daytimes and hourly Sunday daytimes.

    The reason why may in part come from service 5 between Paragon Interchange, Newland Avenue, Cranbrook Avenue, Orchard Park and Kingswood being reduced Monday to Friday daytimes between Paragon Interchange and Orchard Park from every 7-8 minutes to every 10 minutes. The Sunday daytime frequency between Orchard Park and Kingswood has also been reduced from half hourly to hourly.

    The other major change to the 5 is that the 11 is merged into it. The 11 previously linked Paragon Interchange and Kingswood via Holderness Road, Spring Cottage, North Point and Bodmin Road before changing number to service 5 to return to Paragon Interchange, and vice versa - now the service 5 number is used throughout. The final service 5 of the day Monday to Saturday from Paragon Interchange to Kinsgwood via Orchard Park, departing at 2320, now extends to North Point.

    Elsewhere the Monday to Friday daytime frequency of the 12 and 12A combined reduced from every 10 to every 15 minutes, and the same also occurred on route 14; the 14 was every 15 minutes pre COVID-19. Early evening park and ride services from Priory Park returned to operating as service 22 via Askew Avenue and Anlaby Road, rather than Clive Sullivan Way.

    (Some Saturday frequencies have since been reduced, I presume due to driver shortages).

    Sunday, 31 October 2021

    Beverley Locals

    On Monday 6th September, East Yorkshire revamped it's Beverley Town Services with new routes B1 and B2 - branded Beverley Locals - replacing it's previous 520 and 521 services, plus in part also replacing the Acklams Coaches operated tendered 522.

    Service 520 and 521 had each operated hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes off peak from Beverley Sow Hill Bus Station to the Swinemoor Estate, providing a 30 minutes combined frequency. The 520 also served Holme Church Lane and Flemingate, whilst the 521 additionally covered East Riding Community Hospital and Grovehill Road. Meanwhile service 522 served Lincoln Way and Normandy Avenue every hour off peak and during the evening peak; Lincoln Way is now covered by East Yorkshire's 25.

    The new B1 operates from Molescroft Butterfly Meadows via the old 122 route to Sow Hill Bus Station, then via the Railway Station, Swinemoor Estate, East Riding Community Hospital and Holme Church Lane replacing the 520 and 521, before serving Hull Road and Lidl and using the relatively new Minster Way (effectively Beverley Southern Bypass) to Morrisons. From Morrisons the B1 routes via Normandy Avenue back to Beverley Bus Station, including serving Armstrong Way for Flemingate and the Railway Station again. The B2 then operates the same in reverse.

    The B1 and B2 each operate hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, reducing to two hourly in the peaks Monday to Friday. There is also an evening service every 90 minutes on each route on Fridays and Saturdays.

    Overall the Beverley Locals have a number of positives, but also one negative on the old Beverley Town Network. On the positive side is the new peaktime provision for most areas of the town, and the new evening services on Friday and Saturday. A 2357 last departure from Beverley Bus Station to Molescroft is later than anything from Hull City Centre these days! There are new links to Lidl and Morrisons, and almost all parts of Beverley and Molescroft now have a through bus to the Community Hospital.

    The one negative I can see is the Swinemoor Estate Monday to Saturday daytimes - whilst it does still have two buses an hour to and from Beverley Town Centre, it's effectively reduced to one. Taking the Warton Avenue timing point, the direct B2 leaves at 28 minutes past the hour, is timed at Greenwood Avenue at 38 minutes past the hour, then arrives at the Bus Station at 45 minutes past the hour. The indirect B1 leaves Greenwood Avenue at 20 past the hour, Warton Avenue at 30 minutes past the hour, arriving at the Bus Station at 58 minutes past the hour. Unless you turn up at Warton Avenue at 29 minutes past the hour, the indirect service is unlkely to be used for town centre travel. The indirect service is similarly off little use in the opposite direction for travel between Beverley Town Centre and the Swinemoor Estate. In addition most of Grovehill Road is now unserved.

    With the introduction of the B1 and B2 to Molescroft, the 122 between Hull, Beverley and Molescroft - currently temporarily suspended due to driver shortages - has been slightly revised. Copandale Road and Scrubwood Lane are now omitted and left to the B1 and B2, with the 122 operating direct via Woodhall Way. Buses towards Molescroft now operate via the entirety of Woodhall Way, with St Lenoard's Road covered by the B2. For Molescroft, the B1 and B2 double their East Yorkshire operated Monday to Saturday daytime service from hourly to twice an hour, but unfortunately with 15 and 45 minute intervals between services.

    Sunday, 24 October 2021

    Spring Bank West Changes

    Up to and including Saturday 4th September, East Yorkshire's main services along Spring Bank West in Hull were the 33 and 44; the 33 running from Paragon Interchange in the City Centre to Wold Road and Wymersley Road on the Hull City boundary, and the 44 running from Paragon Interchange to Willerby Road, Kingston Road and Willerby Square. Both operated every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes to give a combined 10 minute frequency along Spring Bank West. A 3rd service, route 34 - operating as an amalgamation of the 33 and 44 between Paragon Interchange and Willerby Square via Wold Road - came into operation in the early mornings, evenings and Sundays. Monday to Saturday evenings had an hourly 34 and an hourly 44, whilst Sunday daytimes had a half hourly 34 reducing to hourly in the evenings. To add to this, some evening 34 and 44's had a C suffix to operate as a through service on the 63C at Willerby Square.

    However on Sunday 5th September, East Yorkshire made major changes (and simplification), with the 33 amalgamated into the existing 56, service 44 renumbered to the 54 and the 34 dropped. The 'C' suffixed services were also replaced by extra evening journeys on service 154. Overall most of the changes here are welcome improvements.

    The most headline grabbing change was the 33 being combined into the existing service 56 between Longhill in East Hull and Paragon Interchange to create a new 'cross-city' service from Longhill to Wymersley Road, that also increases the frequency to Wold Road and Wymersley Road Monday to Saturday daytimes from every 20 to every 15 minutes (though since reduced back to every 20 minutes due to driver shortages). Daily evening services are hourly, matching the 34's old provision, with Sunday daytimes operating twice per hour, again matching the 34's provision, but with 20 and 40 minute intervals to co-ordinate with the hourly Sunday daytime 57 service between Longhill and Hull Royal Infirmary. (East Yorkshire's initial announcement mentioned half hourly Sunday 56's so maybe this is a temporary driver shortage related issue - I don't have the initial 5th September timetable to hand?)

    There was also a change in route between Paragon Interchange and Spring Bank West, as rather than following the 33's route via Spring Bank, the 56 operates via Hull Royal Infirmary and Albert Avenue; this link was previously provided by the 35 every 90 minutes, so a significant enhancement. Spring Bank retains East Yorkshire service with routes 54, 103 and 104, plus Stagecoach's 3, 3B and 5, so the loss of the 33 is not significant. Similarly the eastern section of Spring Bank West that is not covered by the 56 has the 54 and parts also have Stagecoach's 3 and 3B.

    In Hull City Centre, inbound from Longhill the 56 now operates to Paragon Interchange via Carr Lane rather than Bond Street and Albion Street, whilst in the opposite direction, there is a reduction in city centre buses; rather than the 33 operating the city centre loop inbound via Albion Street, Bond Street and Carr Lane, and the 56 also using Albion Street and Bond Street outbound, the new 56 enters Paragon Interchange via Anlaby Road and Ferensway (EDIT not Park Street as originally posted), then serves Albion Street and Bond Street just once, reducing city centre vehicle traffic and with the only loss of connectivity being to Carr Lane.

    That is one of the benefits of a 'cross-city' route, along with opening new links between parts of West Hull and East Hull. Part of me does think it is a bit unfortunate though that whilst Longhill has eight (currently reduced to six) buses per hour to Hull Royal Infirmary across the 56 and 57, other parts of East Hull have none, but that's partly the consequence of the split in services between East Yorkshire and Stagecoach, with East Yorkshire being more prominent in West Hull due to neighbouring towns and villages outside the Hull City boundary, whilst Stagecoach are more prominent in East Hull.

    The revised 56 had led to the end of service 35. This had operated every 90 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes between Paragon Interchange, Hull Royal Infirmary, Albert Avenue, Spring Bank West, Wold Road, Wymersley Road, Willerby Road, Kingston Road, Willerby Parkway and Willerby Square. As already mentioned the 56 provides a far more frequent replacement between Hull City Centre and Wymersley Road and the 151 continues to provide an hourly service from Willerby Parkway to Hull Royal Infirmary and Paragon Interchange. Service 154 provides a link every 20 minutes from parts of Kingston Road to Hull Royal Infirmary, and both the 151 and 154 serve Willerby Square. The section of Willerby Road and Kingston Road between Wymersley Road and Willerby Parkway no longer has a direct bus to Hull Royal Infirmary, but sadly a small flow like this won't sustain a service, and passengers can connect to the 56 along Spring Bank West.

    Perhaps the most notable loss is the 35A variant that operated twice a day in each direction via Maplewood Avenue, which is dropped without replacement or an alternative being available. This area used to have a 7 day a week service with route 48, operating I think on a 70 minute frequency.

    Also worth noting is that service 57 westbound from Longhill to Hessle now serves Paragon Interchange, matching the 56, and helping those making onward connections.

    Service 54 is just the 44 renumbered - which does make sense to link with the 56 along Spring Bank West, but also the 154 in Willerby. Monday to Saturday daytime frequency is increased from every 20 to every 15 minutes (though like the 56 currently reduced back down to every 20 minutes), daily evenings are hourly, reduced from half hourly Monday to Saturday across the 34 and 44 previously, though the 154's enhanced evening service does mitigate in Willerby, whilst Sunday daytimes are currently hourly, but were initially promoted as being half hourly, so I presume driver shortage related again. The last service from Paragon Interchange is now earlier Sunday to Thursday at 2235 rather than 2310, but later Friday and Saturday at 2330.

    Sunday, 17 October 2021

    Beverley to Hull Service Reduced

    As part of their services changes on Sunday 5th September, East Yorkshire reduced services between Beverley and Hull, with the 'headline frequency' Monday to Saturday daytimes dropping from five to four buses per hour.

    The previous arrangements saw an even interval every 15 minutes departure from Beverley to Hull via Woodmansey and Dunswell, and vice versa, comprised of an hourly 121 starting in Bridlington, hourly 122 starting in Molescroft and half hourly 246, one starting in Hornsea and the other operating as a Beverley to Hull 'short'. On top of this was an hourly X46 via the A1079. 

    The 121, 122 and X46 continue (the 122 has since been temporarily suspended due to the driver shortage), but the 246 has been replaced by an hourly service on new route 23 between Beverley and Hull via Flemingate, Woodmansey and Dunswell. From Beverley, services to Hull depart at 00, 20, 30 and 50 minutes past the hour, but even interval departures are provided from Hull.

    Looking in more detail, a new 0530 121 from Hull Monday to Friday provides a first service 45 minutes earlier than previously available, whilst a new 0640 23 from Beverley Monday to Friday fills a previous one hour gap between 0605 and 0705. There is a new 2230 23 from Beverley Monday to Saturday, filling a two hour gap between 2130 and 2330 towards Hull and providing a one hour later last service from Beverley to Woodmansey and Dunswell Monday to Thursday. Finally the last departure daily from Hull to Beverley moves 10 minutes later from 2300 to 2310.

    Sunday, 10 October 2021

    Cottingham Evening Changes

    East Yorkshire revised their evening services between Hull and Cottingham on Sunday 5th September.

    Evening Only variant 63C now operates as a normal 63, no longer extending beyond Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham to Willerby. Instead service 154 between Hull, Willerby and Cottingham now operates later, with the last journey leaving Hull Paragon Interchange at 2310 daily rather than 1955 Monday to Saturday and 1655 Sunday, whilst from Castle Hill Hospital the final departure to Hull is now at 2325 daily rather than 2033 Monday to Saturday and 1832 Sunday.

    Service 105 is reduced from half hourly to hourly mid-evening onwards Monday to Saturday - post 2010 from Hull and post 2119 from Castle Hill Hospital. However service 104 gains new later evening journeys on a daily basis, operating every hour; the 104's last departure from Hull Paragon Interchange is now at 2240 rather than 1950 Monday to Saturday and 1750 Sunday; from Castle Hill Hospital the final service leaves at 2349 compared to 2038 Monday to Saturday and 1743 Sunday. Service 104 did have hourly mid and late evening 'shorts' between Hull City Centre and Endike Lake Monday to Saturday pre COVID-19.

    Saturday nightbus 106 has not yet resumed post COVID-19.

    Saturday, 2 October 2021

    Anlaby and Kirk Ella Evening Cuts

    As part of their 5th September service changes, East Yorkshire have cut the evening service to Kirk Ella and the late evening service to Anlaby.

    Monday to Saturday, the 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 and 2255 151's from Hull to Willerby via Anlaby and Kirk Ella have been replaced by extra 152 journeys to Anlaby only at 1840, 1940 and 2040. The last service from Hull to Kirk Ella is now the 1805 service 151, but the change to 152's does introduce a new early and mid evening service to Lowfield Road in Anlaby. In the opposite direction, service 151 departures from Willerby at 1930, 2030, 2130 and 2230 are now service 152 departures from Anlaby (Red Lion) at 1907, 2007 and 2107 only.

    Similarly on Sundays, the 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200 and 2255 152 departures from Hull to Anlaby have been replaced by 1840, 1940 and 2040 services only. From Anlaby (Red Lion) the 1830, 1930, 2030, 2130 and 2230 152 departures to Hull have been reduced to services leaving at 1907, 2007 and 2107.

    On their website, East Yorkshire simply said "Some evening journeys will change, to make buses more reliable"; whilst this could explain replacing early and mid evening 151's with shorter 152's, it doesn't cover the withdrawal of the late service entirely. Service 154 does provide an alternative late evening service along Anlaby Road.

    Sunday, 26 September 2021

    East Riding Operator Changes

    Various services in the East Riding of Yorkshire changed operators week commencing Monday 6th September, following tendering by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

    The following services passed from York Pullman to East Yorkshire:

    • 195: Allerthorpe to Pocklington - Tuesday Only, 1 journey in each direction (Pocklington shoppers service)
    • 196: Aughton to York - Thursday Only, 1 journey in each direction (York shoppers service)
    • 199: Huggate to Pocklington - Tuesday Only, 1 journey in each direction (Pocklington shoppers service)

    The following service passed from Stagecoach to East Yorkshire:

    • 242: Hedon to Beverley - Monday to Saturday, 1 journey in each direction (primarily a Beverley shoppers service)

    The following services passed from East Yorkshire to Stagecoach:

    • 79: Hull to Hedon - The 0700 and 1600 journeys from Hull to Hedon and the 0739 (previously 0740) from Hedon to Hull Monday to Friday Only. Remaining journeys remain operated by East Yorkshire, however the Saturday 0700 from Hull and 0740 from Hedon have been withdrawn (the Saturday 1600 from Hull remains and is still operated by East Yorkshire but retimed to 1550).
    • 173: Withernsea to Hull - Saturday Only, 1 journey in each direction (Hull shoppers service)
    • 277: Hull to Hedon - The 1644 (retimed from 1639) from Hedon to Hull Monday to Friday Only (on Saturdays East Yorkshire continue to operate a similar timed service, departing Hedon at 1629). All other journeys also continue to be operated by East Yorkshire.

    The following service passed from East Yorkshire to Acklams Coaches:

    • 180: Beverley to Cottingham - Monday to Saturday, approximately every 90 minutes
    Probably as a result of the 242 passing to East Yorkshire, Stagecoach have also withdrawn the 123 from Beverley to Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre via Kingswood Retail Park. This also operated once daily Monday to Saturday and the primary purpose appeared to be to get the 242 vehicle and driver back to Hull rather than wait in Beverley for the return 242 journey - however in the process of doing that, it did offer a Kingswood shoppers service and also extended to Wilberforce College for 'half-day' students during college term times.

    Saturday, 25 September 2021

    121 September Changes

    Service 121 between Hull, Beverley, Driffield and Bridlington was included in East Yorkshire's service changes on 5th September, though only with relatively minor alterations being made. The service remains hourly daily daytimes with a limited evening service. In addition to some minor retimings, the key changes were:

    • The introduction of a new Monday to Friday only 0530 from Hull to Beverley, 45 minutes earlier than the previous first Hull to Beverley service on the X46, and 60 minutes earlier than the previous first 121. This is probably getting around to reflecting the 2019 closure of Beverley depot, with Hull depot needing to get a bus to Beverley for early morning departures from the County Town, but it is a welcome addition to the timetable.
    • The 0705 from Beverley to Hull is withdrawn Monday to Friday, but not on Saturdays, and is replaced by a service 122 journey at 0700 from Beverley.
    • The Monday to Friday 0820 Beverley to Bridlington is replaced by a 0725 Hull to Bridlington journey.
    • The daily 1835 Hull to Nafferton is withdrawn, apart from the Hull to Beverley section of route on Sundays, leaving a 125 minute gap between the 1730 and 1935 departures from Hull. There is a 1830 X46 from Hull to Beverley Monday to Saturday as an alternative on the southern section of the route.
    • The daily 1951 return from Nafferton to Hull has also been removed from the timetable, leaving a similar 2 hour gap, with a 2030 service 23 from Beverley replacing the southern portion of this journey Monday to Saturday; on Sundays the closest replacement is a 2015 X47 from Beverley to Hull.
    I will review the Hull to Beverley timetable across all routes in more detail in a future post.

    Sunday, 5 September 2021

    Beverley Parklands Service Withdrawn

    Yesterday - Saturday 4th September - Acklams Coaches Beverley Town Service 6 operated for the last time. The 6 was a short route, from Beverley Bus Station via Flemingate, Beckside and Hull Road to Beverley Parklands. Three journeys operated from Beverley Parklands at 0925, 1117 and 1417 Monday to Saturday, with returns at 1105 and 1405. East Yorkshire's 23 serves Flemingate, Beckside and Hull Road every hour Monday to Saturday, with their new B1 and B2 providing two further indirect services per hour to Beverley Town Centre from Hull Road. Beverley Parklands is now however without a bus service.

    Monday, 30 August 2021

    Introducing East Yorkshire's New Service 25

    As part of it's changes to services in the Beverley area, East Yorkshire are introducing new service 25 between Hessle and Hornsea from Sunday 5th September. The 25 is a merger of the current 80 between Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby, Cottingham and Beverley with the Beverley to Hornsea section of the to be withdrawn 246 between Hull, Beverley and Hornsea. At first I thought it a rather odd combination - there's not significant demand for travel between Hessle and Hornsea - but there is some sense to it:

    • The 80 is a route which is a bit too long to complete in under an hour, whilst Beverley to Hornsea takes around 45 minutes, a nice combination for a just under two hour journey time each way. 
    • The 246 arguably doesn't achieve much as a cross Beverley service Monday to Saturday daytimes with it's current timetable, unless you are catching it in Routh or Tickton villages. From Hornsea waiting for the 240 20 minutes after a 246 gets you into Hull 2 minutes earlier, whilst from Hull the 246 departs just 5 minutes after the 240. For those travelling from the Hornsea area to destinations between Hull and Beverley a new same bus 'cross-Hull' link will be available from the 24 onto the new 23 service. Tickton is being put into the Beverley fare zone, so that's some consolation for the loss of daytime Hull links.
    • The 25 does link the Hornsea area to Castle Hill Hospital, and there maybe some limited daytrip demand from Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby and Cottingham to Hornsea in the Summer.
    Another key change here is that unlike the 80, the 25 will serve Lincoln Way in Beverley, currently covered by Acklams Beverley Town Service 522. 

    Monday to Saturday daytimes the 25 is hourly, matching the current 80 frequency and that off the 246 between Beverley and Hornsea. There is a slight reduction in Monday to Friday morning buses from Hornsea to Beverley, with 246 departures at 0600, 0630, 0720 replaced by 25's at 0605 and 0750, whilst the first bus on Saturdays is later at 0700 rather than 0630. On the positive side, the first bus from Beverley to Hornsea on Saturdays will be at 0735 rather than 0820.

    The limited Monday to Saturday evening service provided by the 246 between Beverley and Hornsea continues with the 25, and the 'spirit' of the 246 continues here as some evening 25's operate a 'cross-Beverley' service to Hull, operating as new service 23 between Beverley and Hull. From Hornsea to Beverley the last bus will be at 2150 rather than 1855, but from Beverley Monday to Thursday the last Hornsea departure will be at 2110 rather than 2330. The late departure remains, 10 minutes later at 2340, on Friday and Saturday nights.

    As with the 24, some of these morning and evening changes maybe reflecting the closure of Hornsea depot three years ago - since then the timetable indicates a lot of early and late 'dead-running' to and from Hornsea, which from next week will be reduced.

    Finally for the first time since 2018, there will be a Sunday Beverley to Hornsea service with the new 25, operating every two hours during the daytime.

    Sunday, 29 August 2021

    The 240 drops it's 0.

    Next Sunday - 5th September - East Yorkshire will be renumbering their 240 service between Hornsea and Hull as service 24. 

    Times are revised throughout the day, but it remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes and at these times operates as a through service in Hull onto Beverley as new route 23. I'd be surprised if this link got much use, given Stagecoach's 4 covers much of the same route within the Hull City boundaries far more frequently, but it does replace the connection from the Hornsea area to Woodmansey, Dunswell and Beverley Road lost with the 246's withdrawal (more on that in a later post). 

    Another key change Monday to Saturday daytimes is that the 24 is perfectly co-ordinated with new service 25 between Hornsea and Leven to offer a half hourly service over this section - at present services 240 and 246 (which the 25 replaces over this section) have either 20 or 40 minute intervals between them each hour.

    Monday to Saturday mornings the first service from Hull is now at 0630 rather than 0835 and on Saturday mornings the first service from Hornsea to Hull is also earlier at 0630 rather than 0715. Monday to Saturday evenings there is a new 2000 from Hornsea into Hull - currently no service between 1830 and 2155 - but the last service of the day at 2155 is replaced by a service 25 at 2150 via Beverley. Earlier services from Hull and the 2000 from Hornsea are possibly adjusting the timetable - in a good way - to reflect the closure of Hornsea depot 3 years ago, something that wasn't done at the time (there will still need to be some 'out of service' journeys to and from Hornsea with the new timetable, but less than before).

    On Sundays there is major enhancement from three to six journeys - a two hourly daytime service - that oddly I've not see East Yorkshire highlight in their publicity for their September service changes. 

    Saturday, 21 August 2021

    X46 and X47 Changes

    From Sunday 5th September, East Yorkshire's X46 and X47 services, from Hull to York via Beverley, Market Weighton and Pocklington, will have a revised route in York City Centre. Rather than operate the 'direct' route via Piccadilly, they will instead serve James Street (same as the service 8 Park and Ride inbound route) and The Stonebow before crossing the River Ouse to the Station. Services from York Station will also pick up at Clifford Street before The Stonebow. East Yorkshire's announcement state this is to avoid 'congestion around the old Piccadilly stop'. One advantage now for Pocklington to York passengers is that both the 45+46 service group and the X46+X47 services all serve The Stonebow rather than being split between there and Piccadilly.

    Many journeys are also slightly retimed. Notably Monday to Saturday the 0720 from Beverley to Hull now starts back in Pocklington at 0635 (0640 Sat), providing a first service 35 minutes earlier from Pocklington than currently available (1 hour earlier on Saturdays). In the opposite direction, the 1810 from Hull to Beverley becomes an extended 1830 Hull to Pocklington service.

    Saturday, 14 August 2021

    New Hedon Town Service

    On Wednesday 14th July, a new Hedon Town Service, numbered as route 84, commenced for a six month pilot. The service is operated by Holderness Area Rural Transport (HART) on Wednesdays - Hedon Market Day. Service 84 is initially being funded by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, with Hedon Town Council potentially funding any continuation beyond the pilot period.

    There are two journeys around Hedon, one in the morning and another early afternoon. The route covers Magdalen Lane, the Inmans Estate, St Anthony's Park, St Nicholas Gate, Acklam Road, then a 'double run' via Thorn Road and Cleeve Road to Cromwell Road and back, before serving Haven Basin Road, Sheriff Highway, the Westlands Estate and Hedon Town Centre. A full route map and timetable is available here.

    The 84 will be interworked with HART's CB3 service from Roos and Burton Pidsea to Hedon, Preston and Asda Bilton.

    Sunday, 8 August 2021

    Wren Kitchens Shift Changes lead to Bus Service Changes

    Back on Monday 14th June, Stagecoach amended services 250, 255 and 350 - plus introduced new service 355 - in response to revised shift times at Wren Kitchens in Barton. There were some further changes on 21st and 27th June, creating the provision described as below. Whilst the changes are primarily for the benefit of Wren Kitchens staff, they do have some positives and negatives for other travellers. 

    The 250 Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes is least changed, and between Barton and Cleethorpes is unchanged at all. The only amendment has been to alter the Monday to Saturday 0723 Barton to Hull 'short' to operate as a service 255 instead, omitting Barton Interchange, Butts Road and Pasture Road, though removing the anomaly of this 250 journey operating a different route around Barton compared to every other service 250 journey.

    Service 255 between Hull, Barton Market Place and Wren Kitchens is unsurprisingly the most altered. Starting with Monday to Saturdays from Hull:

    • The 0450 from the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction to Wren Kitchens now starts back in North Bransholme at 0420, operating via the 2/10 route to North Point then as per the service 7/8 route via Sutton Park to Beverley Road. This provides a first departure from North Bransholme into Hull 5 minutes earlier than the first service 2 at 0425. From North Point on the route via Sutton Park, the 0435 departure is significantly earlier than the first service 8 at 0553.
    • The 0550 from the Beverley Road/Clough Road junction to Wren Kitchens continues to operate, as does the 0805 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens.
    • The 1410 from Beverley Road/Clough Road to Wren Kitchens has been withdrawn - this along with a couple of later afternoon changes removes the last elements of the 15 minute frequency between Hull and Barton introduced by Stagecoach in 2019, but withdrawn when COVID-19 hit and never restored beyond when needed for Wren Kitchens shift changes. Hopefully this returns in the future.
    • The Monday to Friday 1550 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens now starts from Beverley Road/Clough Road at 1530, leaving Paragon Interchange at 1545.
    • The Saturday only 1630 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens is withdrawn.
    • The 1730 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens is now replaced by a 1645 from Beverley Road/Clough Road, unfortunately leaving Paragon Interchange at 1700, the same time as a service 250.
    • The 1830 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens continues to operate.
    • The 2330 from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens is withdrawn, leaving the last service from Hull to Barton being at 2020 - this is another disappointing element of the change, driven by Wren Kitchens no longer having a midnight shift end. Hopefully the pre COVID-19 service 350 evening service gets reinstated soon, including a 2330 from Hull on Saturdays.
    In the reverse direction from Wren Kitchens in Barton Monday to Saturday:
    • The Monday to Thursday 0350 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road now operates at 0335 - I would have thought this service operated Tuesday to Friday mornings based on the job adverts I have seen for the 1645-0330 shift at Wren being Monday to Thursday, but Stagecoach's timetable suggests otherwise.
    • There is a new 0620 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road, providing a 12 minute earlier first arrival into Paragon Interchange than previously available from Barton (ignoring the above very earlier journey!).
    • There is a new 0720 from Wren Kitchens to Paragon Interchange, replacing a service 250 journey as noted earlier.
    • The 0848 from Wren Kitchens to Paragon Interchange now operates at 0850.
    • The 1550 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road is withdrawn.
    • The 1710 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road no longer operates on Saturdays.
    • There is a new 1750 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road, which along with a service 350 change provides a service from Wren for 1730 finishers.
    • The 1920 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road continues to operate.
    • The 0020 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road is withdrawn.
    Sundays see a very significant increase in services on route 255, in part probably driven by no service 250 and fewer service 350's providing little opportunity to divert existing services via Wren Kitchens.

    The 0450 from Beverley Road/Clough Road to Wren Kitchens is extended to start at North Bransholme at 0420 as per all other days of the week, providing a service 3 hours 55 minutes before the first service 2A of the day from North Bransholme. There are then new journeys at 0550 from Beverley Road/Clough Road to Wren Kitchens, and at 0805 from Paragon Interchange. Later in the day there is a new 1500 from Beverley Road/Clough Road to Wren Kitchens, which unfortunately leaves Paragon Interchange just 15 minutes before a 350 to Barton. However following this is one of the biggest improvements to the Hull to Barton service, new journeys from Paragon Interchange to Wren Kitchens at 1630, 1700, 1730 and 1830, the 1700 starting back at Beverley Road/Clough Road at 1645. The 350 has a three hour gap on Sundays between 1530 and 1830, so the 1630, 1700 and 1730 are very welcome additions to the timetable.

    From Wren Kitchens on Sundays there are new morning departures at 0620, 0720 and 0850, the first of which operates to Beverley Road/Clough Road, the latter two terminating at Paragon Interchange. The first Sunday morning service from Barton Market Place to Paragon Interchange was previously at 0953, so another gain for the wider public here. There are then later new journeys from Wren Kitchens at 1610, 1723, 1750 and 1820, the first two terminating at Paragon Interchange, the latter two extending to Beverley Road/Clough Road. The 1920 from Wren Kitchens to Beverley Road/Clough Road continues to operate.

    Moving onto Humber Fastcat service 350 and the core Monday to Saturday half hourly daytime pattern is unchanged, with alterations focused around peak times Monday to Saturday. Monday to Friday only, the 0815 from Scunthorpe is retimed to 0755 and diverted via Wren Kitchens in Barton, whilst the 1545 from Scunthorpe also diverts via Wren Kitchens Monday to Friday only. Monday to Saturday, the 1645 from Scunthorpe is retimed to 1655 and diverted via Wren Kitchens, whilst from Hull the 1745 to Scunthorpe diverts via Wren Kitchens and the 1825 is retimed to 1835 and also diverted via Wren Kitchens.

    Finally limited new service 355 has been added between Scunthorpe and Wren Kitchens in Barton, following the 350 route between Scunthorpe and Barton Market Place. From Scunthorpe Bus Station there is a daily 0455, plus an extra 1655 on Sundays - this later service also fills a gap in service 350 departures between 1510 and 1810. From Barton Wren Kitchens the 355 operates to Scunthorpe at 0335 Monday to Thursday, 0620 Monday, Saturday and Sunday, 1710 Monday to Friday, plus 1820 and 1920 on Sundays. It is a shame the 0620 doesn't operate Tuesday to Friday as well, as it provides a potentially useful 36 minute earlier first arrival into Scunthorpe compared to the 350. 

    Interestingly whenever I see the 0455 on weekdays, it is often operated by an Enviro 400 MMC, so I suspect maybe operated by Hull depot, running out of service to Barton for the 0335 to Scunthorpe, then the 0455 back to Barton and out of service back over the bridge.

    In terms of the bigger picture, it's great that Stagecoach and Wren are working together to get more staff using buses. Sometimes it helps the wider Hull to Barton or Barton to Scunthorpe provision, sometimes not, but I'm sure overall it's strengthening the 'corridor'. Even with the end of social distancing, certain 255 journeys are needing a duplicate double decker to cater for demand.

    (Not worth a separate post, but also good to see two new bus stops installed on Falkland Way in Barton, outside the Wren Kitchens entrance but also serving the new housing estate opposite).