Monday 30 October 2023

Sunday Services Return between Goole and Selby

Arriva service 401 between Goole and Selby is revised from today - Monday 30th October. The Monday to Friday changes relate to extra school and college journeys, otherwise the Monday to Saturday service remains hourly daytimes.

The big development is a new two hourly Sunday service being introduced, leaving Goole at 0900, 1100, 1300 and 1500, returning from Selby at 0955, 1155, 1355 and 1555. This will be the first Sunday service between Goole and Selby - and the first Sunday bus service for Rawcliffe, East Cowick, West Cowick, Snaith, Carlton and Camblesforth - since the 400/401 tendered service was cut during East Riding of Yorkshire Council budget reductions in Spring 2017. It's good to see it return.

The new Sunday service has 21 minute layover at Goole, so it's a shame that Airmyn village and Goole Hospital haven't been included on the new route, unlike the old Sunday 400 - or maybe an extension to the Fairfield Estate in Goole. Possibly something for the future?

I can't find any mention of this to confirm in either the Arriva announcement or East Riding of Yorkshire Council Press Release, but presumably the new Sunday 401 is being funded by the Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus funding as the date coincides with other new Sunday services.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Goole to Scunthorpe gains a Sunday Service

Goole is not currently served by any local bus services on a Sunday, but from next week - 5th November - it will have four Sunday bus routes, thanks to East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus funding. In this post I take a look at one of those routes, the 361 to Scunthorpe.

The 361, a tendered service operated by East Yorkshire, links Goole and various East Riding villages on the south side of the River Ouse and west side of the River Trent with North Lincolnshire, where it diverts inland to operate via the small town of Crowle en-route to Scunthorpe. Associated service 360 operates a shorter route in North Lincolnshire by the banks of the River Trent serving Amcotts instead off Crowle. Monday to Friday there is an approximately two hourly service between the 360 and 361, with the 360 operating most peak journeys and the 361 mostly off-peak. On Saturdays the 361 operates approximately every three hours.

As off the 5th November, Sundays also gain a three hourly daytime service 361, with three departures from Goole at 0935, 1235 and 1535, returning from Scunthorpe at 1100, 1400 and 1700. For various villages - plus Crowle - this opens up the opportunity to visit Scunthorpe or Goole on a Sunday by bus for the first time in years. Passengers can spend either 6 hours 10 minutes or 3 hours 10 minutes in Scunthorpe, or 3 hours 21 minutes in Goole.

By way of historical context, my July 1980 'Lincolnshire' bus company South Humberside timetable book showed two Sunday Scunthorpe to Goole journeys plus various 'shorts' between Scunthorpe and Crowle that appeared linked to steelworks shift times. By 1982 this was three Goole journeys plus Crowle shorts. All these had gone though by the time my 1989 Humberside County Council Scunthorpe to Goole pamphlet was published. The Goole to Swinefleet section did regain a Sunday daytime service for many years in the 2000's and 2010's, interworked with other routes, latterly the Goole to Selby service, but not the bulk of the route between Swinefleet and Scunthorpe.

What is also notable here is that there is a significant benefit to North Lincolnshire. The villages of Gunness, Althorpe, Ealand, Eastoft, Luddington and Garthorpe all gain a Sunday service along with Crowle; some Keadby residents are also within walking distance of the Althorpe Station stops. There is no acknowledgement of funding from North Lincolnshire Council that I can find, so it seems the East Riding maybe paying the full cost. Scunthorpe is an important regional centre for Goole and the Ouse & Trent villages and operating the longer 361 route via Crowle - instead of the quicker 360 via Amcotts - will likely provide more passengers. As such East Riding of Yorkshire Council's decisions can be understood, although somewhat contrasting to the Monday to Saturday 88 from Goole terminating at the county boundary at Rawcliffe Bridge, as opposed to extending to Thorne or Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

The Sunday 361 means a 33% increase in the number of Sunday North Lincolnshire bus routes (the others being the 1A, 4 and 350) and will be the only Sunday bus service in North Lincolnshire to operate west of Scunthorpe.

At the same time there are minor timing changes to the Saturday 361 timetable. Whilst the Sunday service can keep perfect three hour intervals between journeys, Saturdays cannot. What was 0820. 1120, 1430 and 1735 from Goole becomes 0820, 1110, 1430 and 1745, whilst from Scunthorpe the 1015, 1315 and 1620 become 1025, 1310 and 1630 departures. Not perfect before, even less perfect from next month.

Saturday 28 October 2023

747 goes 7 days a week

Starting on Sunday 5th November, the East Yorkshire operated tendered service 747 between Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and York gains services on Sunday daytimes plus Friday and Saturday evenings, thanks to East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus funding. 

The 747 currently provides three services into York Monday to Saturday daytimes and four from York, providing commuting links into York, shopping links into Pocklington and York as well as access to Full Sutton Prison during early afternoons, presumably for visitors. The 747's route includes the villages of Bolton, Fangfoss, Full Sutton and Murton on all current journeys, plus Meltonby, Bishop Wilton and Yapham on off peak journeys. 

The new Friday and Saturday evening journeys comprise an 1830 from Pocklington to York, serving all the villages on the off peak route except for Murton. There is then a 2000 from York to Pocklington via the peak time route and also excluding Murton. Finally there is an 'unbalanced' 2245 from York to Pocklington via the off peak route but again excluding Murton. Overall this provides a basic 'evening out in York' service and the 2000 from York may attract those wanting to visit York for the day/afternoon then have a meal or drink before returning home. 

On Sunday daytimes there is a more straight forward timetable of three services in each direction - operating every three hours - all via the Monday to Saturday offpeak route, but excluding Murton. 

This is a fantastic development for the villages served only by the 747, and hopefully their residents take advantage. It's a shame the Monday to Saturday timetable is so messy though. Ignoring the Prison diversion, and the morning peak variation within York City Centre, there are four different variations:

  • Via all villages (Monday to Saturday off peak)
  • Via all villages except Murton (Friday and Saturday 1830 from Pocklington and 2245 from York, plus Sundays)
  • Via all villages except Meltonby, Bishop Wilton and Yapham (Monday to Saturday peak)
  • Via all villages except Meltonby, Bishop Wilton, Yapham and Murton (Friday and Saturday 2000 from York)
The omission of Murton on the new journeys is odd. Yes the village comes under the City of York, not the East Riding of Yorkshire, but as I will cover soon, another East Riding enhancement will not be taking the direct route within another authority (the new Sunday Goole to Scunthorpe service operating as a 361 via Crowle in North Lincolnshire rather than a shorter 360 via Amcotts), so omitting a minor diversion via Murton on the 747, which has plenty of layover, seems odd.

To end, some trivia. Meltonby, Bishop Wilton and Yapham will have a better Sunday service than Monday to Thursday. Monday to Thursday the villages have three services to Pocklington and two from York, whereas Sundays will be three in each direction.

Monday 23 October 2023

New Saturday Service on the 196

From Saturday 11th November, the previously Thursday only service 196 'shopper' bus from Allerthorpe to York will also gain a Saturday service. Saturday journeys will operate at the same time as Thursday services, departing Allerthorpe at 0910, returning from York at 1337. This provides a new Saturday bus for the villages of Allerthorpe, Melbourne, Aughton, Ellerton, East Cottingwith, Storwood and Newton upon Derwent. The 196 also serves Sutton upon Derwent and Elvington, which also enjoy a Saturday service into York every two hours on York Pullman route 36.

Service 196 is operated by East Yorkshire under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The new Saturday service is linked to the council's Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus funding.

Sunday 22 October 2023

124 and 135 to East Hull Community Transport

To update this post, an anonymous commentor has posted that the tendered 124 and 135 in the East Riding of Yorkshire haven't been cancelled, but have instead passed from East Yorkshire Buses to East Hull Community Transport. The 124 runs from Ruston Parva to Bridlington on Wednesdays and from Boynton to Driffield on Fridays, with one journey in each direction. The 135 operates two circular round trips from Driffield to Sledmere and back every Tuesday and Thursday.

Sunday 1 October 2023

Changed and Cancelled on the Quiet?

As far as I can tell, three tendered bus services in the East Riding of Yorkshire - all operated by East Yorkshire Buses since last year - ceased in early September:

  • 5: Beverley Town Service - 3 circular round trips Monday to Saturday, interworked with unaffected service 142
  • 124: Driffield to Bridlington - 1 return service from Ruston Parva to Bridlington on Wednesdays, 1 return service from Boynton to Driffield on Fridays
  • 135: Driffield to Sledmere - 2 circular round trips Tuesday and Thursday
All three were cancelled by East Yorkshire, see here, here and here although never publically announced by the operator; they just 'disappeared' from it's website. Subsequent internet searches have failed to find mention of any replacement services for the 124 and 135, so I can only assume there was no replacement. Anyone able to definitely confirm please? Assuming these services were cancelled without replacement, various villages north of Driffield are now without a timetabled bus service.

In the case of service 5, it seems that existing town service 526 from Beverley Bus Station to Copandale Road has been extended to cover the service 5 route, still with three circular round trips Monday to Saturday. Again though this was done without any announcement. Likewise the 527 town service from Beverley Bus Station to Morrisons also seems to have been diverted via Armstrong Way (for Flemingate) at the same time without any publicity. This lack of announcement in particular seems very odd as it's actually a useful enhancement.