Saturday 25 February 2017

Hornsby Saturday Changes

Hornsby Travel will withdraw their hourly Saturday service on Scunthorpe Town Service 22 after operation today (25th February), with the weekday service unaffected. The 22 links Scunthorpe Bus Station with Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road, Priory Lane, Ashby Town Centre, Bottesford Road, Bottesford Lane, Timberland and Lakeside Retail Park. Last April Hornsby reduced the Saturday morning frequency from half hourly to hourly.

Between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside the Saturday 22 shall be replaced from next week by a Saturday daytime diversion to service 4 between Scunthorpe and Brigg; instead off taking the direct route between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside via Queensway, the Saturday daytime 4 shall take the 22 route via Timberland. This increases journey times from Scunthorpe and Ashby to Brigg and Broughton  by 12 minutes. As part of these changes the Saturday 4 will have a reduced morning/lunchtime frequency, dropping from every 45 minutes to every hour in line with the afternoon service. The first departure from Scunthorpe will be at 0700 rather than 0740, and from Brigg at 0700 rather than 0735.

Apart from the slightly earlier first journeys and a more memorable even interval timetable, passengers on the 4 will be receiving a slightly worse service on Saturdays from next week, whilst those on the 22 route between Ashby and Lakeside have an improved service with a continued hourly frequency, a slightly quicker route between Scunthorpe and Ashby on service 4 and a through service to Brigg. Need to travel to/from Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road and/or Priory Lane on a Saturday though? I hope walk, bike or taxi is an option for you as the Saturday 22 is not being replaced in these areas.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Humber Region Forthcoming April Changes

I won't do this on a regular basis, but the latest 'Notices and Proceedings' published by the Traffic Commissioner details many planned changed to bus services in April, and not just in the East Riding of Yorkshire were the council are cutting bus subsidies. A health warning should be given though - services can be split over multiple registrations, sometimes start/finish points maybe out of date and further changes could appear in future Notices and Proceedings.

New Registrations:
  • EYMS 195/196 Pocklington/Aughton to Allerthorpe//York
  • EYMS 198 Market Weighton to North Cliffe via Goodmanham, Londesborough and Newbald
  • Stagecoach 17 Cleethorpes Seafront Service
  • EYMS 75-77 Hull to Withernsea
  • EYMS 78/79/80/277 Hull to Hedon
  • EYMS 100 Thornwick Bay to South Shore Holiday Village (Bridlington)
  • EYMS 121 Hull to Scarborough
  • EYMS 142 Beverley to Driffield
  • EYMS 180/X80 Beverley to Hessle
  • EYMS 199 Pocklington to Huggate
  • EYMS 350 Hull to Scunthorpe
  • EYMS 360/361 Scunthorpe to Goole
  • EYMS 507/517 Bridlington Town Service
  • Stagecoach 3 Morrisons to Cleethorpes
  • Stagecoach 4 Morrisons to Cleethorpes (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 5 Grimsby to Immingham
  • Stagecoach 6 Grimsby to Wybers Wood
  • Stagecoach 8 Grimsby to North Sea Lane
  • Stagecoach 9 Waltham to North Sea Lane
  • Stagecoach 11 Scunthorpe to Bottesford
  • Stagecoach 31/31A/32/32A Scunthorpe Town Circular
  • Stagecoach 33/34 Scunthorpe Town Circular (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 37 Scunthorpe to Skippingdale Retail Park
  • Stagecoach 38 Scunthorpe to Crosby
  • Stagecoach 51 Grimsby to Louth (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 53 Grimsby to Market Rasen (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 103 Scunthorpe to Kirton Lindsey
  • Stagecoach 350 Hull to Scunthorpe
  • Stagecoach HF1 Humberside Airport to Cleethorpes (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • EYMS 155 South Cave to Goole
  • EYMS 160 South Cave to Goole
  • EYMS 195/196/X36 Pocklington to York
  • EYMS 198 Pocklington Town Service
  • EYMS 241 Aldbrough to Beverley
  • EYMS 400/401 Goole to Selby
  • EYMS 506/508 Bridlington Town Service
  • EYMS 520/522/523 Beverley Town Service
  • EYMS S1-S3 Market Weighton Local
  • Stagecoach 10 Scunthorpe Town Circular
  • Stagecoach 12 Bradley Park to New Waltham
  • Stagecoach 78/277 Hull to Hedon