Saturday 29 November 2014

Stagecoach in Hull Network Makeover?

Could Hull be following Grimsby and getting some major changes to it's network of Stagecoach operated services? From (Entry on 28th Nov 2014) "During a briefing earlier this year Steven Knight Media was advised that next in line for a makeover could be the Hull network."

Humber Flyer Major Route Change

The new timetable on Traveline East Midlands for the Humber Flyer between Hull, Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes (and associated College Flyer) from Monday 5th January shows the route revised to operate via Barrow, Thornton Curtis and Wootton rather than Humberside Airport and Great Limber between Barton and Keelby.

It is easy to see how Barrow, Thornton Curtis, Wootton and I presume Ulceby would provide more custom than Humberside Airport, Great Limber and (once a day) Barnetby, but this would remove the only bus service to Humberside Airport (the 68 villager bus is not serving the airport during roadworks, and isn't much use anyway for airport travel). The airport is seeing major investment with a new hotel, BAe training academy and search and rescue base being built/to be built soon, along with a new roundabout at the A18/airport entrance junction.

UPDATE - It seems the re-routing is temporary, see the comments below

Sunday 16 November 2014

EYMS 174 and 175 withdrawn

Due to low usage, EYMS weekday peak services 174 and 175 between Withernsea and Hull will be withdrawn after operation on Friday 21st November.

The services are an oddity in that a different route is followed in the morning and evening peak. The morning peak service operate as route 174, departing Withernsea at 0730. It operates via Roos, Burton Pidsea, Elstronwick, Humbleton, Sproatley, Bilton and Holderness Road into Hull. The evening service operates as route 175 leaving Hull at 1740 and operating via Hedon and Preston. However it’s not just a different route out of Hull. The 175 operates via Lelley, not served by the 174, then Humbleton, Elstronwick and Burton Pidsea before serving Tunstall, which also is not served by the 174, and Roos into Withernsea.
For some of the towns and villages, alternative services remain into Hull. Withernsea has the main 75-77 group of services, and these along with the 78-80 also link Hedon into Hull. Humbleton, Sproatley and Bilton are served by the 220 (and off peak 221), while Sproatley, Bilton and Preston are served by the 277. However Elstronwick and Lelley become unserved, while Burton Pidsea, Tunstall and Roos’s only link into Hull will be the Saturday 173. Roos, Burton Pidsea and Humbleton are also served by Pearsons Coaches 76C between Withernsea and Humbleton while Roos is also on the route of EYMS service 129 between Withernsea and Hull.

EYMS Hull-Withernsea Weekday Afternoon Improvement

From Monday 24th November, EYMS are improving their weekday afternoon services from Hull to Withernsea on their main 75-77 group of services between the two locations. The current 1445 and 1545 service 77's from Hull to Keyingham will extend to Withernsea, filling two gaps in the otherwise half hourly daytime service between Hull and Withernsea. This is in response to overcrowding on the current 1515 service 76 between Hull and Withernsea. To facilitate this change the current 1630 service 77 from Keyingham to Hull will start from Burstwick at 1637.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Hornsby 4 Timetable Amendments

From tomorrow, Monday 3rd November, many weekday journeys on Hornsby Travel service 4 between Brigg and Scunthorpe will be retimed by up 10 minutes; in almost all cases the retimed journeys will leave earlier than previously.