Monday 29 May 2023

Stagecoach Hull April 2023 Changes

Back on 30th April, Stagecoach made changes to most of their services in Hull, and sadly mostly negative amendments, especially on Saturdays. Apologies if I've missed anything major - no explanation was provided (at least not online) about what changed, so it's been a case of comparing timetables and maps. Any corrections/omissions, please post a comment.

As part of the changes, there was one renumbering - service 4b between Hull Paragon Interchange and Bilton Grange became the 15. This is far more logical now that the 4 no longer operates cross-city and the 15 number fits in far better with other East Hull service numbers.

Kingswood and parts of Bransholme saw their service restructured and reduced, with the 7 no longer operating between Bransholme North Point Shopping Centre and Kingswood Leisure Park, severing the links from Sutton Park to Kingswood and (other than the limited 255) from Bodmin Road to Beverley Road. Service 7 now operates just between Hull Paragon Interchange and North Point. The section from North Point to Kingswood Retail Park was transferred to service 11 in place of it's previous routing between the two shopping centre's, which has reduced journey times from East Hull to Kingswood as it's a far more direct routing.

As a partial replacement for service 11 in Kingswood, service 6 was amended to serve Kingsbury Way. Rather than routing via Pioneer Way in both directions between Kingswood and North Bransholme, the 6 was revised to operate a clockwise loop along Pioneer Way to North Bransholme before routing back to Kingswood via Kingsbury Way. This has shortened journey times from Kingsbury Way to Hull City Centre; an inbound off peak journey to the Interchange now takes 47 minutes rather than 63 minutes.

Service 11 was not replaced along Tiverton Road in Bransholme nor along Richmond Way, Barnes Way and Runnymede Avenue in Kingswood; these are all now unserved. The link from the residential areas of Kingswood to North Point was also lost. It should be noted Tiverton Road passengers only have a fairly short walk to Bodmin Road or Bude Road for the 10 or 11, and the unserved parts of Kingswood have a lot of larger, more expensive homes, whose occupants may not be natural bus passengers - even still these changes are clearly unwelcome.

Service 16 from Paragon Interchange to Morrisons in East Hull was also re-routed in a change that feels overwhelmingly positive. Between Newbridge Road and Morrisons the 16 no longer operates direct via Holderness Road but instead serves Southcoates Lane, Bilsdale Grove, Exeter Grove, Preston Road, Marfleet Lane and Maybury Road. This maybe a longer route, but Bilsdale Grove, Exeter Grove and Marfleet Lane were previously unserved, Southcoates Lane and Preston Road had no Morrisons link and Maybury Road no Hull City Centre service. In terms of the timetable there is a new Monday to Saturday 0843 from Morrisons (first 'shopper' service into Hull previously 0943) and a two hour afternoon gap in the hourly frequency is plugged on Saturdays along with a new late afternoon 'short' from the Siemens Factory to Paragon Interchange Monday to Friday. On the negative side, the morning peak service is withdrawn on Saturdays as is the last service between Morrisons and Siemens Monday to Friday.

The Priory Park 'Park and Ride' service 20 was amended in Hull City Centre; inbound services route via Paragon Interchange whilst rather than serving Lowgate and the Fruit Market, the 20 is diverted to The Deep instead. Monday to Friday peak and late afternoon journeys were reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly, but not on Saturdays leading to the peculiar situation of Saturdays having a better peak time service. First service from Priory Park changed from 0630 to 0700 Monday to Saturday, with the last service Monday to Friday brought forward from 1900 from Hull Truck Theatre to 1820 from Paragon Interchange.

Another rerouting was the Monday to Friday morning peak 8X variant via Clough Road and Stockholm Road in Sutton Fields Industrial Estate being withdrawn and replaced by 'standard' service 8's. Instead service 7 gained new variant 7X via Clough Road, Holwell Road and Sutton Road during the Monday to Friday morning peak. As part of these changes, Monday to Friday the 7/7X now starts at 0520 rather than 0720 from Paragon Interchange and at 0530 rather than 0700 from North Point. Service 8 does have it's North Point to Paragon Interchange via Sutton Park 'shorts' at 0540, 0610, 0640 and 0710 withdrawn.

On the negative side, the 7 now finishes earlier; from North Point at 1530 Mon-Fri/1630 Sat rather than 1830, whilst from Paragon Interchange the final 1820 departure Monday to Saturday is withdrawn (alternative service 8 at 1805 or 255 at 1830 Monday to Friday).

Service 8, which for most of the day is a circular between Paragon Interchange, Sutton Park, North Point, Salthouse Road and Paragon Interchange also has some Monday to Friday cuts which make some sense on Wilberforce College days, but also appear to apply during college holidays. In the morning the 0835 'anti-clockwise' service 8 from Paragon Interchange now starts at Wilberforce College on Salthouse Road at 0852, whilst in the afternoon the 1400 and 1530 'clockwise' journeys from Paragon Interchange now terminate at Wilberforce College. In all three instances service 85 provides a similar timed college day alternative to the withdrawn section. The 1435 and 1605 'anti-clockwise' departures (now 1430/1600) from Paragon Interchange now terminate at Wilberforce College; service 83 on college days provides an alternative as far as Sutton Park.

Service 10 between Hull Paragon Interchange and North Bransholme, Service 12 from Paragon Interchange to North Point and Service 15 from the Interchange to Bilton Grange were all reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly on Saturday daytimes (Wawne extentions on service 10 remain hourly). Similar reductions during the Saturday morning peak also impacted routes 1 and 2 between Paragon Interchange and the Boothferry Estate, routes 3 and 4 between Paragon Interchange and Orchard Park, route 5 from the Interchange to Kingswood, route 13 from Paragon Interchange to Bilton Grange and route 14 from Greatfield to Paragon Interchange. Service 1 also saw frequency reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly on Saturdays post 1700.

First services on Saturdays were moved later on many routes, though it is worth noting that very early Saturday morning journeys on many services were only introduced in the past few years:

  • Service 1 from Boothferry Estate: From 0533 to 0626
  • Service 1 from Paragon Interchange: From 0511 to 0711
  • Service 2 from Boothferry Estate: From 0510 to 0610
  • Service 2 from Paragon Interchange: From 0508 to 0631
  • Service 3 from Orchard Park: From 0425 to 0610
  • Service 3 from Paragon Interchange: From 0525 to 0635
  • Service 4 from Orchard Park: From 0547 to 0700
  • Service 4 from Paragon Interchange: From 0700 to 0725
  • Service 5 from Kingswood: From 0516 to 0600
  • Service 5 from Paragon Interchange: From 0505 to 0715
  • Service 7 from North Point: From 0700 to 0900
  • Service 7 from Paragon Interchange: From 0720 to 0920
  • Service 8 from North Point via Salthouse Road: From 0450 to 0607
  • Service 8 from North Point via Sutton Park: From 0540 to 0745
  • Service 8 from Paragon Interchange to North Point via Sutton Park: From 0535 to 0805
  • Service 10 from North Bransholme: From 0425 to 0605
  • Service 10 from Paragon Interchange: From 0512 to 0717
  • Service 11 from Paragon Interchange: From 0505 to 0720
  • Service 12 from North Point: From 0550 to 0620
  • Service 12 from Paragon Interchange: From 0611 to 0711
  • Service 13 from Bilton Grange: From 0440 to 0611
  • Service 13 from Paragon Interchange: From 0506 to 0700
  • Service 14 from Greatfield: From 0550 to 0625
  • Service 15 from Paragon Interchange: From 0620 to 0723

In positive news, some minor enhancements were made to Monday to Saturday evening services. Service 3 gained a new 1905 journey from Paragon Interchange, in between the existing 1835 and 1935 services. From Kingswood on service 5 the last departure is now at 2247 rather than 2157. On service 11 a new 2250 service is added from Paragon Interchange to Kingswood, slotting in between existing 2150 and 2330 departures, whilst from Kingswood post-1800 departures increase from 1800, 1830, 1920, 1950, 2050, 2150 and 2310 to 1812, 1843, 1913, 1935, 2035, 2135, 2235 and 2330.

One other notable change is to service 4 on Sundays, with departures from Paragon Interchange now between 0802 and 1802 rather than 0842 to 1842.