Thursday 25 November 2010

Stagecoach Hull Christmas/New Year 2010/11

Stagecoach Hull have released details of their Christmas/New Year 2010-11 service plans.

Christmas Eve - Normal Friday service until 2000
Christmas Day - No Service
Boxing Day - usual special hourly services on routes 1/2/13/14/15/28/30/32/42/43/51/54
Bank Holidays 27th/28th - Sunday service
Wednesday 29th/Thursday 30th - Saturday service with no nightbuses (not that it affects Stagecoach Hull operated journeys but the 350 is operating a weekday timetable according to EYMS)
New Years Eve - Saturday service until 2000 (350 weekday timetable until 2000) then special nightbus service service operating again this year from 2100 to 0300
New Years Day - As Boxing Day this year (in recent years there have been no New Years Day services)
Sunday 2nd/Bank Holiday Monday 3rd - Sunday service

I presume Hull City Council are funding both EYMS and Stagecoach New Years Day services, which are a welcome development.

Stagecoach leaflet.

EYMS Christmas/New Year 2011 Full Details

Following on from this post, EYMS have now released detailed service information for Christmas and New Year. The only significant point is the usual Boxing Day hourly services on the 34 (Hull-Willerby), 64 (Hull-Cottingham-Castle Hill-Cottingham) and 56 (Hull-Longhill) will operate on New Years Day as well this year.

Monday 22 November 2010

Stagecoach Hull Nightbus changes

Stagecoach Hull are making revisions to the Nightbus network from this coming Friday (26th November) night. The N32 to Bransholme and N43 to Greatfield and Bilton Grange will now start at the Welly Club on Beverley Road and operate via Ferensway (Paragon Square stop), Carr Lane, Alfred Gelder Street and Lowgate within Hull City Centre. Currently these services start outside the Hull Truck Theatre on Ferensway

The N15 to Orchard Park and Kingswood will now operate via Beverley Road (for the Welly Club) and Queens Road instead of the daytime route of Spring Bank and Princes Avenue (this will be Queens Road only bus service). The N51 will now serve Kingswood, as the daytime 51 does, rather than North Bransholme, leaving North Bransholme without a night bus service. The N2 to Hessle is unchanged.

Stagecoach announcement

New times and network map

Tuesday 9 November 2010

New vehicles for Stagecoach Hull Service 30?

Come across this which indicate 9 new vehicles are due for Stagecoach Hull service 30 between Hull, Bransholme and North Bransholme. It is currently operated by Dennis Trident low floor double deckers, but like most 'frequento' routes in Hull sees quite a few Olympian operated journeys.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Sweyne Coaches

Something that happenned earlier in the year, but not yet mentioned on here, was a revision by Sweyne Coaches of their weekday services on route 357 between Scunthorpe and Goole (the Saturday service seems unchanged).

There are now 4 different services, the 357, 360, 361 and 362. The 357 and 360 appear to follow the same route, operating Scunthorpe-Amcotts-Goole (confusing when the Saturday 357 operates via Crowle). The 361 covers the weekday journeys via Crowle and the 362 short Swinefleet-Goole journeys, most of which now operate via Goole Tesco.

The timetable has been improved with a roughly two hourly Scunthorpe-Goole service and an extra Swinefleet-Goole service every two hours. A welcome improvement to this rural service which previously had an irregular weekday service, though perhaps the service numbers need rethinking.


It may have been out four months already, but I picked up the July 2010 East Riding Public Transport Guide earlier in the week. Well done to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for publishing one timetable booklet for the whole county, but the biggest thing that struck me is how illogical it is.

The weirdest thing is how certain services are listed separately from other services they are meant to be co-ordinated with. Take for example the 60/60A/61/62/64 corridor between Hull, Setting Dyke and Cottingham. The idea is that they provide a 12 minute frequency Mon-Sat daytime between Hull and Priory Road. Yet the East Riding publication lists the 60/60A, 61/62 and 64 in separate timetables. And that isn't just madness for the main daytime service - it means the 2 return Sunday morning 61 journeys are separate from the Sunday 64 journeys. Not user friendly at all. Sometimes composite timetables can be confusing for complex corridors with multiple variations so the East Riding format may well be useful for residents of Cottingham Parkway, but for most users the format used in the East Riding guide is just confusing.

And the above corridor isn't the only example of this either.

Some other oddities include the 180/182 being included twice - once with some 61, 143 and 523 journeys serving Walkington and again later on their own (a similar thing happens with services 173-5) while the Humber Flyer timetable only covers te Hull-Humberside Airport section, not even mentioning the service continues to Cleethorpes.

Maybe the East Riding need to take a look at Derbyshire for how to do clear, user friendly bus timetables, since the East Riding effort is sadly rather poor.

EYMS Christmas/New Year 2010/11

It's very early, but the latest EYMS newsletter has their outline service plans for the Christmas and New Year Period.

Friday 24th (Christmas Eve) - Normal Friday service with early finish
Christmas Day - No service
Boxing Day - Special service in Hull
Bank Holidays Monday 27th/Tuesday 28th - Sunday service
Wednesday 29th/Thursday 30th - Saturday service with a few exceptions (normally involves the 350 Humber Fastcat and services only operating once or twice a week)
Friday 31st - Saturday service with a few exceptions and an early finish
New Years Day - Special service in Hull (I can't recall any New Years Day services in Hull in recent years)
Sunday 2nd/Bank Holiday Monday 3rd - Sunday service

Then back to normal