Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stagecoach Hull Christmas/New Year 2010/11

Stagecoach Hull have released details of their Christmas/New Year 2010-11 service plans.

Christmas Eve - Normal Friday service until 2000
Christmas Day - No Service
Boxing Day - usual special hourly services on routes 1/2/13/14/15/28/30/32/42/43/51/54
Bank Holidays 27th/28th - Sunday service
Wednesday 29th/Thursday 30th - Saturday service with no nightbuses (not that it affects Stagecoach Hull operated journeys but the 350 is operating a weekday timetable according to EYMS)
New Years Eve - Saturday service until 2000 (350 weekday timetable until 2000) then special nightbus service service operating again this year from 2100 to 0300
New Years Day - As Boxing Day this year (in recent years there have been no New Years Day services)
Sunday 2nd/Bank Holiday Monday 3rd - Sunday service

I presume Hull City Council are funding both EYMS and Stagecoach New Years Day services, which are a welcome development.

Stagecoach leaflet.

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