Sunday 31 August 2014

Extending the 31

As off Monday 1st September, Stagecoach are altering their service 31 between Hull City Centre, Holderness Road, Summergangs Road, Gillshill Road, Sutton Village and Spring Cottage. The service will no longer serve Spring Cottage (Dunvegan Road and Howdale Road), and instead operate to North Point Shopping Centre and Kingswood Retail Park. This provides a more direct service from Summergangs Road, Gillshill Road and Sutton Village to North Point than provided by the 32 (which operates via Noddle Hill Way, and introduces new links from these areas to Kingswood.

The loss of the service to Spring Cottage is not hugely significant as that area has the frequent 51/52 services into Hull City Centre and also gains service 10 from Monday. One of the main reasons for the 31 (originally 32A) serving Spring Cottage was to link the area with the Old Town area of the City Centre, however from Monday the 10, 51 and 52 will serve all the Old Town operating via Drypool Bridge and Alfred Gelder Street.

Weekday peaktime services on the 31 will extend from/to Kingswood Health Centre, in the newer part of Kingswood, replacing similar extensions on the 28A. The Saturday peaktime extensions on the 28A are not replaced.

One negative is the Saturday frequency of the 31 is reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly; combined with a similar change to the 32, the frequency between Hull City Centre and Sutton Village on Saturday daytimes drops from every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes. Weekday services on the 31 remain every 20 minutes, combined with the 32 to provide a Hull-Sutton daytime service every 10 minutes.

The 46, and 17

One very useful change by Stagecoach in Hull from Monday 1st September is the doubling of the frequency between Hull Interchange and the Marina/Fruit Market area, utilising what is otherwise layover time between journeys on the 46. The 46 provides an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime link between Hull Interchange, the Marina, Victoria Dock, the Preston Road Estate and Marfleet. New short journeys double the frequency to the Marina to half hourly.

The odd thing however is the service number. 46a, 46b, 46f, 46m, 45, 47 could all have been logical to me considering the 46 is the main service number. However the number 17 has been chosen. Anyone know why?

The practice of peaktime service avoiding the Marina, operating as service 46d, ends and instead all journeys operate via the main route as service 46. The weekday 1810 from Hull to Marfleet also starts operating on Saturdays.

X62 September Change Update

Last month I posted information on the changes to the Stagecoach X62 between Hull, Brough, Goole, Junction 32 Glasshoughton and Leeeds from Monday 1st September based on information published by North Yorkshire County Council. This information however is not totally complete.

While it has been confirmed that the Monday to Saturday 0450 Hull-Leeds and 0645 return plus the Sunday 0910 and 1430 Hull to Leeds and 1125 and 1640 return are withdrawn, so are the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1010 and 1430 from Hull to Leeds and 1225 and 1640 return. There continues to be journeys one hour earlier and later than those withdrawn, and these journeys will continue to operate on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

There will also be minor timetable revisions to other journeys.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Replacing the 53

Tomorrow, Sunday 31st August, is the last day of operation for Stagecoach in Hull service 53 between Hull City Centre, Garden Village, Lambwath Road, Cavenidish Road, Ings Road, Savoy Road and Salthouse Road.  The service provides a half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency and an hourly Sunday daytime frequency. According to a comment on this blog post, Hull City Council withdrew Stagecoach’s contract to serve Lambwath Road due to extensive housing demolition in the area.

The section of route in Garden Village along James Reckitt Avenue, and also along Savoy Road is replaced by a diversion of existing service 52 between Hull City Centre, Bellfield Avenue, Spring Cottage, Noddle Hill Way and Kingswood. The 52 will now omit large parts of Holderness Road (plenty of other services into Hull available), and part of Bellfield Avenue (which retains service 51). As part of this change, the section of James Reckitt Avenue between Gillshill Road and Ings Road gains a far increased service as it is currently only served by limited tendered service 50.
The 52, while not operating Sundays or serving Wilberforce College, provides a slightly improved Monday to Saturday service for James Reckitt Avenue and Savoy Road. Inbound to Hull the first journey from Kingswood is at 0505 on weekdays and 0607 on Saturdays, compared to 0700 weekdays and 0730 Saturdays from Salthouse Road on the 53. Additionally on weekdays the frequency on the 52 is every 20 minutes, though parts off James Reckitt Avenue also loose the hourly 30W service so this just retains 3 buses an hour, but at even intervals.
Lambwath Road, Cavendish Road and Ings Road lose their bus service (apart from the limited 677 along Cavendish Road and Ings Road), as does Middlesex Road. Salthouse Road does not have a replacement Monday to Saturday service, but already has the direct service 10 to Hull City Centre via Holderness Road. The 10 also gains an hourly Sunday daytime service between Hull City Centre, Salthouse Road and Spring Cottage, ensuring Salthouse Road retains a Sunday daytime bus service.

Overall this package of changes provides a fairly good replacement for a service that has fallen victim to the Ings Road Estate redevelopment. Hopefully the additional passengers that should be created for the 10 and 52 will help to make these services more successful.

Stagecoach Boothferry Estate Services Changes

From Monday 1st September, Stagecoach in Hull are making some changes to their West Hull services 1 and 2 which operate between the City Centre and the Boothferry Estate; the 1 via Walker Street and Hessle Road and the 2 via Anlaby Road and Anlaby Park Road.

One of the main change affects early morning services, as part of Stagecoach's city wide Workers+ initative, with the first four weekday journeys on service 1 from Boothferry Estate (0510, 0540, 0610 and 0640) now operating as service 1K. They will follow the existing route to the city centre, serve Hull Truck Theatre instead of the Interchange and then operate via Prospect Street, George Street, Cleveland Street, Stoneferry Road, West Carr Lane, Stockholm Road and Thomas Clarkson Way to Kingswood Retail Park, providing access to the industrial areas around Stoneferry and Sutton Fields. I suspect Kingswood Retail Park is just a convienent terminus point, and possibly the start of the next journey for the bus and driver.

Also as part of Workers+ certain weekday early morning services on route 2 will, upon arrival at Hull Interchange, continue as a service 30 via Stoneferry to Bransholme. This includes new departures at 0455 and 0525 (first departure previously 0555). Overall these Workers+ changes do provide easier access to key employment areas and hopefully will be a success - though I'm not aware of any return services from Sutton Fields later in the day, unless passengers walk to Holwell Road and catch service 30?

A more minor early morning change sees the weekday 'at least every 10 minute' frequency start from the Boothferry Estate on service 1 start at 0700 rather than 0715. On Saturdays there is a new 0600 service 1 from Hull Interchange, returning as a new 0625 service 2 from Boothferry Estate, half an hour earlier than the present first service,

Stagecoach are also reducing the number of services using the city centre loop inbound. Apart from the 1K and those journeys on service 2 continuing as a service 30, all services will use the city centre loop inbound until 1400 daily after which they will operate directly to the Interchange via Ferensway. Currently only services between 1500 and 1800 Monday to Saturday omit the inbound city centre loop, which provides easy access to Princes Quay and the Old Town. I am therefore slightly surprised that evening services will not serve the inbound city centre loop.

The early evening service is being reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly Monday to Saturday, affecting departures from Hull Interchange on service 1 between 1800 and 2100, and on service 2 between 1810 and 2050, plus associated return services from the Boothferry Estate.

Finally the N2 service number seems to have been withdrawn, with the Saturday nightbus between Hull and Hessle using service number 2 instead; the last departures each way at 0125 from Hessle and 0200 from Hull have been withdrawn, leaving just the 0000 and 0100 from Hull and 0025 from Hessle.

Friday 29 August 2014

Stagecoach North East Lincolnshire Changes

On Monday (1st September), Stagecoach are making major changes to their services in North East Lincolnshire. Unusually it's not timetable changes that are the most significant aspect, but a renumbering of certain services. All the main local services within North East Lincolnshire will be numbered 1-10, with the Interconnect 3 service renumbered as service 53 to accommodate this. Below are details of the changes:

Service 1: Grimsby-Europarc-Wybers Wood - The service remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes (not serving Wybers Wood on Saturdays). A previous weekday gap in service is plugged with a new 1535 from Grimsby to Wybers Wood.

Service 2: Riby Square-Grimsby-Europarc - This service is unaltered and remains operating hourly during weekday daytimes.

Service 3: Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Nunsthorpe-Laceby Road Morrisons - Existing service 13 is renumbered service 3, closer to it's historical service 3F route number. While there are some extra early morning and early evening journeys, the main frequency remains every 10 minutes on weekday daytimes and every 15 minutes on Saturday daytimes, followed by a half hourly early evening service. The late evening service Monday to Saturday increases from hourly to half hourly, including a new 2315 departure from Cleethorpes, 30 minutes later than present. Sunday’s retain a half hourly daytime service followed by an hourly evening service.

Service 4: Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Laceby Acres-Morrisions – Existing service 14 is renumbered service 4; the historical number for this service; the evening and Sunday variation 14A is similarly renumbered as service 4A. The main frequency remains every 10 minutes on weekday daytimes and every 15 minutes on Saturday daytimes, followed by a half hourly early evening service, with extra early evening journeys. The late evening service Monday to Saturday increases from hourly to half hourly. Sunday’s retain a half hourly daytime service followed by an hourly evening service.

Service 5: Grimsby-Immingham-South Killingholme – Existing services 45, 45C, 45M and 46 are renumbered services 5 and 5C, meaning the loss of the historical service 45 route number, and that the evening and Sunday route variation via the Willows Estate will no longer have a separate route number (why not number these journeys 5A?). The main service remains half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes between Grimsby and South Killingholme (some journeys operating as 150 or 450 between Immingham and South Killingholme) and hourly evenings and Sundays between North Sea Lane (evenings only), Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Immingham. Peak time services to the MIC Plant, Habrough and Ulceby also remain.

There are some interesting minor tweaks to the timetable, most notably the Monday to Saturday 0515, 0545 and 0615 from Grimsby to Immingham (extending to the MIC Plant on weekdays) will now start in Humberston, operating via North Sea Lane, Chichester Road and Cleethorpes Town Centre to Grimsby, offering new early morning links, albeit not quite matching the evening route between North Sea Lane and Cleethorpes that omits Chichester Road.

The Monday to Saturday early evening timetable is altered, with the 1815 from Grimsby diverted to operate via the Willows Estate and no longer extending beyond Immingham to South Killingholme. The 1800 from Immingham to Grimsby is also diverted via the Willows Estate while the 1805 and 1835 from South Killingholme will start from Immingham instead. The Sunday evening service is extended from Cleethorpes Town Centre to North Sea Lane, matching the Monday to Saturday evening service. North Sea Lane services will then become a service 8 extending to New Waltham and Scartho.

Finally it is a shame Stagecoach have linked on their service change page to a summary timetable that shows all services as terminating in Immingham. The extensions to South Killingholme, the MIC Plant, Habrough and Ulceby are shown by searching for the 5C college day timetable which brings up an internal Stagecoach timetable showing the full service.

Service 6: Asda-Grimsby-Willows Estate-Wybers Wood – Existing service 16 is renumbered service 6; 16 is the historical route number for the service. The service continues to operate every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes and hourly on Sunday daytimes. There are slightly less services to/from Asda while the last journey from Grimsby Town Centre Monday to Saturday will be half an hour earlier, and from Wybers Wood 40 minutes earlier. Changes to the 5 noted above partially replace this early evening cutback.

Service 7: North Sea Lane-Grimsby-Grange Estate – Apart from some timetable changes to improve punctuality this service is unaltered, with a half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency and some peaktime services extending to/from Laceby.

Service 8: North Sea Lane-New Waltham-Scartho-Grimsby – The service continues to operate half hourly daily daytimes and hourly daily evenings. The first journey from North Sea Lane is half an hour earlier on weekdays at 0620 but the last journey each way is half an hour earlier each way (2245 rather than 2315 from Grimsby, 2315 rather than 2345 from North Sea Lane). Evening journeys will continue from North Sea Lane as service 5 to Cleethorpes and beyond. The overall timetable is amended to improve punctuality but most significantly off all is that all journeys will operate into the grounds of Grimsby Hospital. A new college day 8C service is also added to the timetable with one journey each way between North Sea Lane and Grimsby College via Hewitts Avenue and the New Waltham bypass.

Services 9/10: Waltham-Grimsby-Cleethorpes-North Sea Lane – With existing service 9A renumbered as service 10 there continues to be a service every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes (alternate 9 and 10), a half hourly Sunday daytime service 10 and an hourly daily evening service 10. There are timetable changes to improve punctuality

Service 12: Bradley Park-Grange Estate-Grimsby-Cleethorpes-New Waltham – There is a new weekday 0900 from Bradley Park with the 1040 from Grimsby to Bradley Park instead starting in New Waltham at 1000, otherwise the timetable is unchanged with an hourly weekday morning/early afternoon service and an hourly Saturday daytime service plus a Monday to Saturday peak journey from/to Waltham.

Service 17: Cleethorpes Seafront Open Top Service – This service is unchanged

Service 20: Cleethorpes-Grimsby-Europarc – This service is unchanged and continues to provide a limited early morning and evening service to the Europarc industrial estate.

Service 25: Ludford-Binbrook-Grimsby – This Lincolnshire County Council tendered service is unaltered, with one weekday peaktime return journey between Binbrook and Grimsby one daytime return journey between Ludford and Grimsby on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only. A renumber to service 52 might have been logical in line with other services from Grimsby into the Lincolnshire County Council area.

Service 51: Grimsby-Tetney/Louth – Almost all services are diverted into the grounds of Grimsby Hospital, with resultant timetable revisions to accommodate this. Otherwise the service remains half hourly between Grimsby and Holton Le Clay with hourly extensions to Louth and Tetney.

Service 53: Grimsby-Caistor-Market Rasen-Lincoln – This is the present service 3, renumbered to avoid confusion with the newly renumbered local network in North East Lincolnshire. The timetable is unchanged.

Services 150/450: Immingham-East Halton, Immingham-Barton-Brigg – These services, operating as extensions of service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham continue, but the ‘route number synergy’ between the 45 and 450 has been lost.

College Flyer: This is a new college day only service between Barton and the Grimsby Colleges, operating via Kirmington, Great Limber, Keelby, Aylesby and Laceby. The morning departure operates at 0740 and extends into Grimsby Town Centre while the evening return leaves Grimsby College at 1640. I am rather surprised that demand exists for this service as Grimsby College run their own extensive network of free bus services.

Humber Flyer: Hull-Barton-Humberside Airport-Grimsby-Cleethorpes – This hourly Monday to Saturday service is unaltered according to Stagecoach (though Traveline East Midlands shows the weekday 0605 Grimsby-Barton as starting to operate on Saturdays) and has recently gained route branded vehicles.

Sunday 24 August 2014

EYMS 121 Winter Timetable

A reminder that from Sunday 31st August, EYMS will introduce a winter timetable on the 121 between Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough.

From EYMS:
"The only difference between the summer and winter timetables is that some journeys take a few minutes longer in summer due to heavy tourist traffic around the coast, so the time the bus reaches your stop may alter very slightly."

Minor Goole Town Service Change

In a minor change, from Monday 1st September, the EYMS operated Monday to Saturday Goole Town Service journey at 0908 from Goole Interchange will instead start at North Street at 0910.

Goodbye 358

After operation on Tuesday 2nd September, EYMS will no longer operate the 358 Tuesday Holme Upon Spalding Moor to Goole via Bubwith, Wressle and Howden service. The timetable currently comprises a 0930 departure from Holme Upon Spalding Moor and 1330 return from Goole with a 50 minute journey time. There does not appear to be a replacement service planned.

(While the EYMS website states the timetable runs until 2nd September, it is showing as currently operating one last time on 9th September on Traveline Yorkshire).

Saturday 23 August 2014

After 15 years, changes for the 160/162

Look at the EYMS website for the pdf for the current 160/162 timetable and the timetable available is dated 15th August 1999. The two services run on Wednesdays and Saturdays linking various small villages into Goole and Howden.

The Wednesday service starts with an 0945 from South Cave to Goole via North Cave, Newport, Blacktoft and Howden, followed by a 1100 162 from Goole direct to Barmby on the Marsh and an 1116 return operating via Howden. Then after lunch there is a 1320 162 from Goole to Barmby on the Marsh via Howden and a 1340 return direct to Goole. The cycle finishes with a 1400 160 from Goole to South Cave via Howden, Blacktoft and North Cave. At least back in 1999 the Wednesday service was commercially operated.

The Saturday timetable is a bit more extensive, with all journeys running as the 160 under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. There is an 0840 from Newport to Goole via Blacktoft, Howden and Barmby on the Marsh followed by a 1120 return, and a second journey from Newport to Goole at 1225 that omits Barmby on the Marsh. A short Goole to Barmby on the Marsh journey operates at 1315, not serving Howden, returning at 1332. Finally the cycle finishes with a 1620 from Goole to Newport via Barmby on the Marsh, Howden and Blacktoft.

After the 15 years of continuity, Wednesday 10th September 2014 brings in very significant changes to the only bus service for the villages off Staddlethorpe, Blacktoft, Yokefleet, Laxton, Skelton, Howdendyke, Barmby on the Marsh and Knedlington. Due to "low passenger numbers" the timetable will be significantly cut back, with the 162 no longer running. The service will just comprise a 1000 Staddlethorpe to Goole via Blacktoft, Howden and Barmby on the Marsh, returning at 1330. This timetable will run on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. As a result as well as a lower Saturday frequency, some Wednesday passengers will have longer journey times due to the Barmby on the Marsh diversion, while the Wednesday Barmby on the Marsh-Howden shopping link is lost.

However in some parts of the country, sadly these small East Riding villages would be lucky to have a basic 2 day a week service like this. If passengers numbers are low, then reducing mileage while retaining a service seems like a prudent measure to try and help ensure a service can be justified long term. Really what stands out most here is that the service has been unchanged for so long.

Monday 18 August 2014

EYMS Weekday Morning 155/X55/X57 Changes

From Monday 1st September EYMS are amending the weekday morning timetable on their Petuaria Express service between Hull, Brough, Elloughton, Gilberdyke, Howden and Goole
  • The 0615 X57 Elloughton to Goole will operate 10 minutes earlier throughout
  • The 0700 X55 from Hull to Gilberdyke will be withdrawn
  • The 0713 X55 Goole to Hull will start at Gilberdyke at 0747
From the same date the weekday 0740 Gilberdyke-Hull journey on service 155 will be extended to start in Goole at 0705; as a result the journey will technically be split into two sections at Elloughton. This change replaces the 0713 X55 from Goole.

(The EYMS announcement referred to extra weekday journeys on the 155; if anyone can find any further changes please let me know).

As a reminder EYMS also cease to operate the Sunday service 155 next month.

Sunday 17 August 2014

EYMS Full 360/361 Timetable Published

EYMS have announced the full timetable for the 360/361 between Goole, Swinefleet, Crowle and Scunthorpe that they takeover from Monday 1st September, operating under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This replaces Sweyne Coaches weekday services 360-2, Stagecoach and Sweyne Coaches Saturday service 357, and Arriva Sunday service 356. Service 361 will provide the main service, operating via Crowle and serving Goole Tesco. Meanwhile the 360 will provide slightly more direct journeys omitting Goole Tesco and operating the quicker route via Amcotts and Keadby rather than Crowle.

The weekday service is similar to the current timetable provided by Sweyne Coaches, except that the daytime short journeys between Goole and Swinefleet will no longer operate. From Goole departures will be at 0725 (360), 0922 (361), 1122 (361), 1322 (361), 1522 (361) to Scunthorpe, at 1715 (360) to Garthorpe and at 1835 (360) to Swinefleet. In the opposite direction a 0715 from Swinefleet (360) and 0810 from Garthorpe (360) are provided, followed by journeys from Scunthorpe at 0930 (361), 1130 (361), 1330 (361), 1605 (360) and 1730 (360).

Co-ordination with Hornsby Travel service 90 means the 90/361 combined provides an hourly Scunthorpe-Crowle service during the morning and early afternoon, and an almost hourly service in the return direction.

The Saturday timetable has already been reviewed here. One oddity is that a Saturday peak service is provided from Eastoft and Luddington to Goole but that on weekdays the equivalent service does not serve these villages and instead operates between Goole and Garthorpe only.

On Sundays 4 return journeys will be provided between Goole and Swinefleet on service 361 from 14th September onwards, leaving Goole at 1110, 1310, 1510 and 1710, returning 9 minutes later; this is the same service as currently provided by Arriva service 356.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Brough Town Service cutbacks

Due to low passenger numbers, the first and last journeys on the 158 Brough and Elloughton Town Service will no longer operate from Monday 8th September onwards. This means the withdrawal of the 0725 and 1730 departures from Elloughton depot; the only two journeys on the service to omit Beech Road and Hunter Road. The first weekday journey from Elloughton depot will now be at 0810 and the last departure at 1655.

In addition the above two journeys, additional journeys will be withdrawn on Saturdays. Both th 0810 and 0845 from Elloughton will be withdrawn, leading to a first departure at 0935. Additionally the three journeys between Elloughton, Welton and Melton will be withdrawn; these supplement service 155 which will continue to provide Saturday links between these communities. The Melton extensions use otherwise 'dead' time in between journeys on the main town service, so I guess they either don't justify their marginal cost, or that their withdrawal is to allow for a driver break or more efficient driver rostering.

The 158 is operated by EYMS under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Friday 15 August 2014

EYMS Sunday 400/401 Timetable Published

From Sunday 14th September, EYMS are taking over the Sunday and Bank Holiday service 400/401 between Goole, Snaith and Selby from Arriva, who operate the main Monday to Saturday service. The Sunday service is operated under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The services will be the only EYMS services to Selby and presumably will be operated by Elloughton depot.

EYMS's timetable is little changed from that provided by Arriva. 5 journeys continue to operate in each direction; 4 operate as service 400 via Goole Hospital and Airmyn, while one omits these destinations, operating as a service 401. EYMS have departures from Selby at 0845 (401), 1020, 1220, 1420 and 1620; the only difference is the 0845 operates 5 minutes earlier than at present. From Goole EYMS have departures at 0930, 1130, 1330, 1530 and 1730 (401), all 10 minutes earlier than at present.

As the timetable starts/finishes in Selby the but the service will likely be operates from Elloughton, it is a shame EYMS aren't running an earlier Goole-Selby and later Selby-Goole service en-route to/from the depot. This would take up very little time, and could even just run Rawcliffe-Selby if EYMS did not wish to divert into Goole town centre.

EYMS are also taking over the Sunday Goole-Swinefleet service, currently operated by Arriva in between service 400 journeys. The 400/401 tender win joins EYMS successfully gained tender for the Monday to Saturday Scunthorpe to Goole service. On the negative side EYMS have lost the Sunday service 155 tender between South Cave, Gilberdyke and Goole. As a result while the Goole-Swinefleet-Scunthorpe corridor goes from three (Sweyne, Stagecoach, Arriva) to one operator, the Gilberdyke-Goole and Goole-Snaith-Selby corridors go from one 7 day a week operator to having a separate Sunday service provider.

Sunday 10 August 2014

EYMS Scunthorpe-Goole Saturday timetable published

Traveline East Midlands has the new timetable uploaded for Saturday services between Scunthorpe and Goole from 6th September. They will be numbered service 361 and operated by EYMS on a tendered basis replacing the current tendered Stagecoach and limited (commercial?) Sweyne Coaches services.

The new timetable has 3 departures from Scunthorpe at 1015, 1315 and 1615, plus a 'short' 0746 Eastoft to Goole services. From Goole there are three departures to Scunthorpe at 0826, 1126 and 1426, plus a 1726 to Eastoft. Interestingly the timetable has only 1 minute layover at Goole between services which seems very short, especially as I guess driver changeovers will need to occur here?

The current Stagecoach 357 Saturday service has 4 departures from Scunthorpe at 0715, 1000, 1315 and 1645 with returns from Goole at 0830, 1145, 1530 and 1753. The new EYMS timetable provides almost the same service but at a standard three hour interval, albeit with the first service of the day starting at Eastoft rather than Scunthorpe and the last service of the day being truncated at Eastoft rather than running to Scunthorpe. The bigger loss is the apparent non-replacement of the Sweyne Coaches 0915 Eastoft to Goole and 1000 Goole to Swinefleet. I guess that may well be annoying for some passengers who will have to travel either 90 minutes earlier or later. However in these times of cutbacks, things could be a lot worse.

Coordination between the 361 and the Hornsby Travel operated tendered service 90 between Scunthorpe and Crowle is good, with the 90 offering departures from Scunthorpe at 0720, 0915, 1215, 1515 (to Luddington) and 1725, giving an almost hourly service. While not a clockface, similar good coordination also occurs in the opposite direction.

No details of the weekday changes, which see EYMS takeover the Scunthorpe-Goole corridor from Sweyne Coaches on a tendered basis, have yet been put on Traveline East Midlands.