Sunday 31 August 2014

The 46, and 17

One very useful change by Stagecoach in Hull from Monday 1st September is the doubling of the frequency between Hull Interchange and the Marina/Fruit Market area, utilising what is otherwise layover time between journeys on the 46. The 46 provides an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime link between Hull Interchange, the Marina, Victoria Dock, the Preston Road Estate and Marfleet. New short journeys double the frequency to the Marina to half hourly.

The odd thing however is the service number. 46a, 46b, 46f, 46m, 45, 47 could all have been logical to me considering the 46 is the main service number. However the number 17 has been chosen. Anyone know why?

The practice of peaktime service avoiding the Marina, operating as service 46d, ends and instead all journeys operate via the main route as service 46. The weekday 1810 from Hull to Marfleet also starts operating on Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

The bus from Hull to the airport (HF) now has a new look with a bird painted on some buses. Is this in advance of improving the service or is it just a cosmetic change to get more on the bus?

Humber Transport said...

I would guess just a cosmetic change as part of the marketing strategy for the route

Anonymous said...

I think 45 and 47 are allocated and reserved for Willerby services.

Generally, I think Hull are moving away from letter variations.

Humber Transport said...

The main Hull-Spring Bank-Willerby service is just the 44 these days. 45 and 47 no longer in use

Humber Transport said...
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