Monday 18 August 2014

EYMS Weekday Morning 155/X55/X57 Changes

From Monday 1st September EYMS are amending the weekday morning timetable on their Petuaria Express service between Hull, Brough, Elloughton, Gilberdyke, Howden and Goole
  • The 0615 X57 Elloughton to Goole will operate 10 minutes earlier throughout
  • The 0700 X55 from Hull to Gilberdyke will be withdrawn
  • The 0713 X55 Goole to Hull will start at Gilberdyke at 0747
From the same date the weekday 0740 Gilberdyke-Hull journey on service 155 will be extended to start in Goole at 0705; as a result the journey will technically be split into two sections at Elloughton. This change replaces the 0713 X55 from Goole.

(The EYMS announcement referred to extra weekday journeys on the 155; if anyone can find any further changes please let me know).

As a reminder EYMS also cease to operate the Sunday service 155 next month.

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