Tuesday 30 July 2013

355 Alteration in September

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are amending their directly operated 355 service between Airmyn, Hook and Goole in late September:


  • Variation Accepted: Operating between AIRMYN VILLAGE and GOOLE, BOOTHFERRY ROAD (TESCO) given service number 355 effective from 25-Sep-2013. To amend Route and Timetable.


Earlier this month, Transdev cancelled their registration for the 35 between Holme Upon Spalding Moor and York. Now they have reregistered it with VOSA:

    • Registration Accepted by SN
    • Starting Point: York
    • Finish Point: Holme on Spaldin moor
    • Via: Wheldrake
    • Service Number: 35
    • Service Type: Normal Stopping
    • Effective Date: 02-SEP-2013
    • Other Details: Monday to Saturday

Saturday 27 July 2013

Scarborough and District X28

One EYMS July change I forgot to mention earlier was the new X28. Technically I don't think it serves the Humber Region at all, and it is a Scarborough and District branded service, but it's interesting (to me) anyway. It provides one journey each way from various East Coast Holiday Camps to Pickering, Flamingo Land and Eden Camp on Wednesdays and Sundays during the School Summer Holidays. Timetable. I'm sure EYMS/Scarborough and District have previously offered such a link as a coach tour, so is this about being able to claim BSOG?

It's also got me thinking - would there be potential in a Scarborough-Flamingo Land/Eden Camp service? Or even a Bridlington-Flamingo Land/Eden Camp link?

Sunday 21 July 2013

130 Changes, New X30

From today (Sunday 21st July), EYMS have introduced a new timetable on their 130 service between Hornsea and Bridlington - and from tomorrow are introducing new service X30 between Hornsea and Scarborough.

In recent years the 130 has provided two daily year round return services between Hornsea and Bridlington, supplemented by a 3rd weekend journey in July, August and September, a 3rd weekday journey between Easter Tuesday and September, and a 4th weekday journey during the Summer School Holidays.

From Monday the 4th weekday school summer holiday journey becomes an X30, omitting Ulrome and Lissett between Hornsea and Bridlington, before extending to Scarborough via Filey, opening up new through links from holiday parks and villages south of Bridlington.

The 130 timetable is also revised, 7 days a week, The weekday year round departures from Hornsea at 1000 and 1255 move to 0930 and 1230, the Easter Tuesday to September departure moves from 1610 to 1600, with the X30 operating at 1000 (replacing the previous 1100 130 service). From Bridlington the year round 1115 and 1410 move to 1045 and 1345, the Easter Tuesday to September departure moves from 1720 to 1715, with the X30 close behind at 1725. The 1725 replaces the previous peak Summer 1215 departure from Bridlington, but I guess will be better for holidaymakers returning to their accomodation after a day out.

On weekends the current year round 1000 and 1600 depatures from Hornsea are now at 0930 and 1600, with the July to September additional service at 1230 rather than 1300. From Bridlington the year round 1110 and 1710 move to 1045 and 1715, with the July to September additional journey at 1345 instead of 1410.

A final thought, would there be any point extending the weekend and Summer weekday journeys to Hornsea Freeport? The weekday winter timetable only offers 40 minutes in Hornsea for visitors, but in Summer and on weekends a longer stay is possible. Plus the 550 Hornsea Town Service to the Freeport doesn't operate on Sundays, but the 130 could provide a limited bus link to the Freeport.

Thursday 18 July 2013

Stagecoach in Hull LINQ

Anyone know any more about this? From VOSA:
  • Registration Accepted
  • Starting Point: Clough Road
  • Finish Point: Newland Avenue
  • Via:
  • Service Number: LINQ
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 07-SEP-2013
  • Other Details: New Shuttle Service between East Hull and Newland Avenue via Old Town

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Minor Changes for EYMS 56/57/66

From Monday 22nd July, EYMS services 56 (Hull-Longhill), 57 (Hessle-Hull-Longhill) and 66 (Hessle-Hull) will have minor changes to their timetable to improve punctuality. From a quick scan through the timetables it seems some journeys will have slightly longer running times than at present

Tuesday 16 July 2013

EYMS Setting Dyke Changes

From Monday 22nd July, EYMS are revising their Setting Dyke 'corridor' buses. Monday to Saturday daytimes these currently comprise the 60/60A between Hull and Cottingham every hour, the 64 between Hull and Castle Hill Hospital every hour and the 62 every half hour between Hull and Setting Dyke.

Some journeys are slightly retimed, but the major change sees the 62 between Hull and Setting Dyke reduce to hourly plus an extra journey every two hours, while service 61 will operate every two hours as a replacement. The 61 currently only provides two morning journeys from Cottingham into Hull, with one of those starting in Beverley. From Monday the revised 61 will see most journeys operate the full Beverley-Cottingham-Hull route, as previously noted here.

Monday 15 July 2013

EYMS Beverley-Cottingham-Hessle Major Changes

From next Monday, 22nd July, EYMS are making major changes to services between Beverley, Cottingham, Willerby, Anlaby, Hessle, North Ferriby and Swanland. Currently service 180 provides an hourly Monday to Saturday daytime link between Beverley and Hessle, serving Walkington, Skidby, Cottingham, Castle Hill Hospital, Willerby Waitrose, Willerby Parkway, Willerby Square, Anlaby and First Lane en-route. Occasional service 182 provides some faster journeys, omitting Walkington, Skidby, Waitrose, Willerby Parkway and First Lane. A morning peak journey also operates on service 61 from Beverley via Walkington and Skidby to Cottingham, and onto Hull City Centre.

Next week the 180 is reduced to operate roughly every two hours, and most journeys are extended from Hessle to North Ferriby and Swanland, replacing the current once daily Swanland to Hessle 184 service, and 3 day a week 144 from Elloughton to Beverley via Brough, North Ferriby, Swanland, Kirk Ella, Willerby and Cottingham. Most passengers on the 144 will have other options on either the 143 or 180. This is a significant improvement for passengers from Swanland and North Ferriby, with a range of departure times now available for travel to Hessle, Castle Hill Hospital and Beverley. The route from Swanland to Beverley is far from direct, but at least there is service.

Also notable in the new 180 timetable is a later last departure from Beverley, at 1710 rather than the current 1625 service. The current 0740 from Walkington to Beverley will now start in Cottingham, providing new commuting links from Cottingham, Skidby and Little Weighton into Beverley, while the first service from Hessle to Beverley moves from the present 0915 to 0740.

With the reduction to a two hourly frequency on the 180, EYMS have introduced two replacements. Firstly new service X80 between Beverley and Hessle. It operates directly from Beverley to Cottingham (current 182 route) then via Castle Hill Hospital, Waitrose directly to Willerby Square (omitting Willerby Parkway), then via the 180 route to Hessle. The X80 will operate roughly every two hours Monday to Saturday, including peak times. The X80 provides faster journey times from Beverley to Cottingham, Willerby, Anlaby and Hessle, but comes at the expense of an even interval hourly Beverley-Hessle service - it's two buses every two hours.

Secondly EYMS will operate service 61 between Beverley, Cottingham and Hull via Walkington every two hours Monday to Saturday daytimes. The service has been perfectly timed with the 180 to maintain an hourly service between Beverley and Cottingham via Walkington, Little Weighton and Skidby, and introduces all-day links to Hull and Hull Royal Infirmary from the three villages, plus it provides the only link from Beverley to Hull Royal Infirmary. Unlike the existing (and unaltered) morning peak service, Castle Hill Hospital will not be served by the new journeys on service 61.

I suspect links to Hull will be far more useful to Walkington, Little Weighton and Skidby than to Hessle. Indeed, if the 61 could be altered to serve Castle Hill Hospital on all journeys would it be better to provide an hourly 61 between Beverley and Hull, leaving all the Hessle services to operate directly between Beverley and Cottingham?

Once again EYMS have delivered significant improvements to their services at the expense of simplicity. While three infrequent service have been cancelled (144, 182, 184), the main service has become complex.

(Should finally note the current Sunday service on route 180 between Beverley and Cottingham is unaltered).

Saturday 13 July 2013

Hull City Council Tenders

A decision notice reveals Hull City Council have awarded contracts for three tendered services from 1st September, on a "two year plus one" basis.

Service 58 - Hull City Centre to Broadway Drive awarded to EYMS at an estimated annual value of £67,081.70 (this is probably a replacement for the current EYMS operated service 50)

Service 1E - Sibelius Road to Mizzen Drive via Hull City Centre awarded to EYMS at an estimated annual value of £36,279.70 (this is probably a replacement for the current EYMS operated service 1C, though it seems the current Kingswood extension may not be included)

Service 46/46D Hull City Centre to Marfleet awarded to Stagecoach at an estimated annual value of £68,845 (Stagecoach currently hold this tender)

A contract for service K1 in the Bransholme area, currently operated by Stagecoach, has however not been awarded. This apparently produces an annual saving of £38,157.35. No indication was given about any possible replacement, which could leave some roads unserved, though close to roads served by other routes.

Tender decisions were made based upon PASS/FAIL quality threshold questions followed by a 100% price based decision.

Finally the decision notice mentions improved services 58 and 1E improving access for Hawthorn Avenue, North Road, Sibelius Road and Clough Road - The current 50/1C do not serve Hawthrorn Avenue, North Road or Clough Road.

Friday 12 July 2013

Transdev Cancel 35 Registration

Transdev York have today cancelled their registration for the 35/X35 between Holme on Spalding Moor and York with effect from 2nd September.


  • Cancellation Accepted: Operating between York and Holme On Spolding Moor given service number 35, X35 effective from 02-Sep-2013.

Earlier this year City or York Council was considering retendering the service.

Stagecoach Hull September Changes

Stagecoach have today registered with VOSA variations for many of their Hull services from 2nd September.

10 'The Pointer'
13/14 Hull-Orchard Park
15/N15 Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood
31/32 Hull-Bransholme/North Bransholme
43/N43 Hull-Greatfield
51/N51 Hull-Bransholme-Kingswood
70 'Ferry Bus'
101/677 Hull-Clough Road-Bransholme/Cranswick Foods Preston
110 Hull-Cottingham
W3 Beverley-Wilberforce College
W4 Hedon-Wilberforce College

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Beverley Town Service Changes

From Monday 22nd July, EYMS will be altering the Monday to Saturday route and timetable of Beverley Town Services 521 and 523. Service 521 to the Swinemoor Estate will no longer serve the East Riding Community Hospital, but the 523 to Molescroft will instead. The 521 will instead stop within walking distance of the Hospital according to EYMS. The frequency of both services remains hourly.

Additionally the 1740 depature from Beverley on the 523 will no longer extend to Walkington or Cherry Burton. A new later departure on the 180 provides a replacement for Walkington passengers.

Saturday 6 July 2013

X4 Wicstun Express to Hull

From 22nd July, EYMS's X4 Wicstun Express from Brough to York via South Cave and Market Weighton will be extended to start back in Hull, operating via North Ferriby to join it's current route in Brough. This shall offer an extra Hull to York service, new links from North Ferriby to York, and extra services between Hull, North Ferriby, Brough, Elloughton and South Cave. 5 journeys will operate each way between Hull and York Monday to Saturday, plus one extra Hull-South Cave 'working' in each direction. This compares to the current 4 services provided each way between Brough and York.

Between Hull and Brough co-ordination between the X4 and X55/X56 Petuaria Express is good, with the Petuaria Express leaving at 15 minutes past the hour, and the Wicstun Express at 40 minutes past the hour. In the reverse direction it isn't quite as good, with many Petuaria Express's leaving Brough at 38 minutes past the hour, followed by a Wicstun Express at 57 minutes past the hour.

Between Hull and York the main X46 service leaves at 5 past the hour, with the X4 leaving at 40 minutes past the hour, providing good co-ordination. In the reverse the co-ordination is perfect, with X46's leaving York Railway Station at 8 minutes past the hour and X4's at 38 minutes past the hour. Overall EYMS have done a good job at co-ordinating the revised X4 with services on both the Hull-Brough corridor and Hull-York corridor.

While this is clearly a welcome enhancement from EYMS, I would just like to note the full list of EYMS now linking Hull and Brough:
While some don't operate, very often or at least serve don't serve Brough very often, it is a complex network. It offers faster journey times than when it was just the 153/155/155A, but at the expense of simplicity. Maybe trying to at least simplify the network at least a little is something for EYMS to consider next time they revise Hull-Brough services?

Friday 5 July 2013

391 becomes X91/91

From July 21st, First South Yorkshire's service 391 will be replaced. The service currently provides a Monday to Saturday morning peak link from Epworth, Low Burnham, Haxey and Westwoodside into Doncaster. Instead this will be provided on weekdays by new service X91, and on Saturdays by an extension of existing service 91 (Finningley-Doncaster). In reality this means little change on weekdays, while on Saturdays the current 0725 departure from Epworth becomes an 0710 departure.

Thursday 4 July 2013

EYMS September Changes

EYMS have today registered changes to various routes with VOSA from early September. Many are school/college day only services, but other registrations affected are:

121: Driffield-Bridlington section
142: Beverley-Middleton-Driffield
195/196/199/X36: Pocklington-York - the X36 is currently operated by Transdev, have EYMS won the contract for this service?
220/221/920: Hull-Hornsea
246: Hull-Hornsea
X46: Hull-York

Meanwhile EYMS have applied to cancel the 71/972 and 270. The 71 runs between Easington and Withernsea, so I'm not sure if the cancellation covers the whole service or just some schoolday only 'short' workings to Patrington.


  • Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Easington and Patrington given service number 71/972 effective from 02-Sep-2013.

    • Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Driffield and Beeford given service number 270 effective from 02-Sep-2013.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Bridlington Town Service Changes in September?

An interesting registration on VOSA today by EYMS for Bridlington Town Service 506. This is a route they currently operate Monday to Saturdays, with Bus King providing the Sunday service. The 506 serves the West Hill Estate and Hospital but not New Pasture Lane, which is the 'finish point' on the VOSA registration. Interworked Sunday service 508 does however serve New Pasture Lane.

    • Registration Accepted
    • Starting Point: Bridlington Bus Station
    • Finish Point: New Pasture Ln Circular
    • Via:
    • Service Number: 506
    • Service Type: Normal Stopping
    • Effective Date: 15-SEP-2013
    • Other Details: Bridlington Bus Station - New Pasture Ln Circular

EYMS register the 173

EYMS have today registered the 173 between Hull and Withernsea with VOSA from Saturday 14th September. Currently the route is operated as a Saturday only service by Lords Coaches, though EYMS have operated the route previously.

  • Registration Accepted
  • Starting Point: Hull
  • Finish Point: Withernsea
  • Via:
  • Service Number: 173
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 14-SEP-2013
  • Other Details: Hull - Withernsea