Sunday 21 July 2013

130 Changes, New X30

From today (Sunday 21st July), EYMS have introduced a new timetable on their 130 service between Hornsea and Bridlington - and from tomorrow are introducing new service X30 between Hornsea and Scarborough.

In recent years the 130 has provided two daily year round return services between Hornsea and Bridlington, supplemented by a 3rd weekend journey in July, August and September, a 3rd weekday journey between Easter Tuesday and September, and a 4th weekday journey during the Summer School Holidays.

From Monday the 4th weekday school summer holiday journey becomes an X30, omitting Ulrome and Lissett between Hornsea and Bridlington, before extending to Scarborough via Filey, opening up new through links from holiday parks and villages south of Bridlington.

The 130 timetable is also revised, 7 days a week, The weekday year round departures from Hornsea at 1000 and 1255 move to 0930 and 1230, the Easter Tuesday to September departure moves from 1610 to 1600, with the X30 operating at 1000 (replacing the previous 1100 130 service). From Bridlington the year round 1115 and 1410 move to 1045 and 1345, the Easter Tuesday to September departure moves from 1720 to 1715, with the X30 close behind at 1725. The 1725 replaces the previous peak Summer 1215 departure from Bridlington, but I guess will be better for holidaymakers returning to their accomodation after a day out.

On weekends the current year round 1000 and 1600 depatures from Hornsea are now at 0930 and 1600, with the July to September additional service at 1230 rather than 1300. From Bridlington the year round 1110 and 1710 move to 1045 and 1715, with the July to September additional journey at 1345 instead of 1410.

A final thought, would there be any point extending the weekend and Summer weekday journeys to Hornsea Freeport? The weekday winter timetable only offers 40 minutes in Hornsea for visitors, but in Summer and on weekends a longer stay is possible. Plus the 550 Hornsea Town Service to the Freeport doesn't operate on Sundays, but the 130 could provide a limited bus link to the Freeport.

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Anonymous said...

Complete waste of time extending it to Scarborough. The fares from Hornsea to Brid are bad enough, the additional cost to Scarborough will put people off altogether and the service will end up carrying just the same pass holders who currently travel to Brid. As for extending to Freeport, have you been there recently? Its a complete shadow of its former self. Gone have the days when you would get coaches visiting, even the locals don't really bother.