Saturday 13 July 2013

Hull City Council Tenders

A decision notice reveals Hull City Council have awarded contracts for three tendered services from 1st September, on a "two year plus one" basis.

Service 58 - Hull City Centre to Broadway Drive awarded to EYMS at an estimated annual value of £67,081.70 (this is probably a replacement for the current EYMS operated service 50)

Service 1E - Sibelius Road to Mizzen Drive via Hull City Centre awarded to EYMS at an estimated annual value of £36,279.70 (this is probably a replacement for the current EYMS operated service 1C, though it seems the current Kingswood extension may not be included)

Service 46/46D Hull City Centre to Marfleet awarded to Stagecoach at an estimated annual value of £68,845 (Stagecoach currently hold this tender)

A contract for service K1 in the Bransholme area, currently operated by Stagecoach, has however not been awarded. This apparently produces an annual saving of £38,157.35. No indication was given about any possible replacement, which could leave some roads unserved, though close to roads served by other routes.

Tender decisions were made based upon PASS/FAIL quality threshold questions followed by a 100% price based decision.

Finally the decision notice mentions improved services 58 and 1E improving access for Hawthorn Avenue, North Road, Sibelius Road and Clough Road - The current 50/1C do not serve Hawthrorn Avenue, North Road or Clough Road.


Anonymous said...

Are the 50 and 1C being cancelled?

Humber Transport said...

Doesn't specifically say so, but I'd guess so

Anonymous said...

With these contracts seemingly being decided on lowest bid it will be very interesting to see what happens to the Priory Park -Park and Ride contract which is due to be announced shortly!

Anonymous said...

When is the 701 contract due?

Anonymous said...

Contract is about to announced. Just waiting to be signed off by the council.