Sunday 2 July 2017

York Pullman 36/X36 Enhancements

From Monday 24th July, York Pullman services 36 and X36 have two small but welcome changes.

On a Saturday the first and last journeys from Sutton upon Derwent will start back in the East Riding village of Melbourne, at 0835 and 1625, and the last journey from York at 1515 will extend from Sutton upon Derwent to Melbourne. This reinstates a through shopping link from Melbourne to York that was lost in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council bus funding cuts at the start of April. Melbourne had enjoyed such a service on Wednesdays and Saturdays via EYMS service 195, and on Tuesday afternoons by catching the EYMS 195 into York and returning on York Pullman's peak time X36. However since the cuts, the only shopping link to/from York has been on a Thursday and requires a change of bus from service 195 to service 196 en-route.

During the school summer holidays, some weekday journeys are also being diverted via York Maze, with consequential minor retimings as a result.

Summer timetable.

Saturday 1 July 2017

Scheduled CallConnect replacement for Saturday 260

Good news to report, relative to the original announcment. As already reported the Saturday service on the 260 Villager from Goxhill, New Holland and Barrow into Barton is sadly operating for the last time today. Originally the alternatives were to be the existing demand responsive CallConnect service, the 450 from Barrow or the train from Goxhill and New Holland. Now though it has been announced that a 'scheduled' CallConnect service will operate on Saturday mornings.
From 3 July 2017 the Barton Villager Saturday service will no longer operate.  Passengers can use the CallConnect service.  There will be a scheduled CallConnect journey from the villages into Barton at 0900 and a return from Barton at 1130.  The CallConnect service can be booked for journeys at other times on a Saturday.
I presume the vehicle usually used for the standard demand responsive CallConnect service will be used for this new scheduled service. Traveline East Midlands shows a 0900 departure from Goxhill to Barton Tesco via New Holland, Barrow St Chad, Barrow Market Place, Barton Market Place and Barton Station, arriving at Tesco at 0940, with a 1130 return from Tesco. This provides a basic Saturday morning 'shopping' service without the need to register and ring up in advance to use the demand responsive CallConnect service. Keeping the 260 'as is' would obviously be a better option, but it is better than what was initially announced.

The new scheduled journey is also well timed to compliment the 450, with the new scheduled departure leaving Barrow Market Place at 0925 before the 450 at 1010. Leaving Barton Station the scheduled CallConnect service departs at 1133 before the 450 at 1215.

CallConnect in North Lincolnshire is operated by Hornsby Travel.