Friday 30 May 2014

EYMS X47 Evening Changes

EYMS are altering their evening service X47 between Hull, Beverley, Market Weighton, Pocklington and York from Sunday 1st June. The Friday and Saturday only 1915 from Hull to York will operate 40 minutes later at 1955; this is the last through journey from Hull to York. The 2208 return will operate 20 minutes later at 2228; this is also the last journey from York to Hull.

The 2208 had previously travelled through Beverley at 2310 and was followed by a daily 2335 from Beverley to Hull. This short journey will operate at 2330 Sunday to Thursday only from 1st June, with the retimed 2228 from York serving Beverley at 2330 on Friday and Saturday.

The 2335 short journey was previously worked from the 2300 121 from Hull to Beverley though from 1st June this will only operate on Sundays as service 246 with the equivalent Monday to Saturday journey operating through to Hornsea. Instead the Monday to Thursday 2330 X47 from Beverley will be worked from the 2251 Nafferton to Beverley service 121. On Friday and Saturdays this working will operate a new 2330 Beverley to Driffield and 0000 Driffield to Hull on service 121.

Thursday 29 May 2014

EYMS Hull-Beverley-Hornsea changes

From Sunday 1st June, EYMS are altering their services between Hull and Hornsea. The main change is that the Monday to Saturday 2055 and 2300 journeys from Hull to Hornsea on service 240 via Skirlaugh are replaced by new journeys from Hull to Hornsea on service 246 via Beverley at 2025 and 2300. Additionally the 2300 shall operate on Sundays between Hull and Beverley only; this will be the only Sunday service 246 journey between Hull and Beverley. The new service 246 journeys partially mitigate the evening cutbacks to service 121.

The Monday to Saturday 1750 240 from Hull to Hornsea will operate 25 minutes later at 1815; this is now the last bus from Hull to Ganstead, Coniston, Skirlaugh and Long Riston. Evening journeys on service 240 from Hornsea to Hull at 1830 and 2200 are unaltered.

Finally the Monday to Saturday 0900 and Monday to Friday 0940 service 246's from Beverley to Hull shall instead operate at 0855 and 0915.

Monday 26 May 2014

EYMS 121 June Changes

Following the closure of Driffield depot which operated most of service 121 between Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough, EYMS are amending the timetable from Sunday 1st June. The route will be transferred to Hull and Scarborough depots (not sure if Beverley and Bridlington depots may operate a small number of journeys?), meaning if the inbound bus arrives late, a different bus and driver can be more easily sent to ensure the outbound bus departs on time. Also to help punctuality EYMS are introducing separate summer and winter timetables, while all journeys will once again serve Reighton.

Comparing the new Summer timetable to the current timetable (excluding schoolday only services):

  • The 0630 Driffield to Bridlington (Mon-Sat) and 0705 Driffield to Scarborough (Mon-Sat) are replaced by a 0653 Driffield to Bridlington and a 0730 Bridlington to Scarborough. There is no 'balancing' working to get a vehicle to Driffield for this journey
  • The 0640 Hull to Nafferton (Mon to Sat) will operate at 0630
  • The 0700 (Mon-Fri)/0715 (Sat) Hull to Scarborough will operate at 0650
  • The 0735 Driffield-Scarborough (Sun) is replaced by a 0826 Hunmanby to Scarborough. The first Sunday bus from Driffield to Scarborough is now at 0925
  • The 0740 Driffield to Bridlington (Sat and School Holidays) is withdrawn
  • The 0820 (Mon-Fri)/0830 (Sat) Hutton Cranswick to Bridlington is replaced by a 0825 Beverley to Bridlington (Mon-Fri)/0745 Hull to Bridlington (Sat)
  • The 0823 Driffield-Scarborough (Sun) is replaced by a 0926 Hunmanby-Scarborough
  • The 0825/0829 (Mon-Fri) Primrose Valley to Scarborough is withdrawn
  • The 1725 Hull to Driffield is extended through to Scarborough. The current last through service from Hull to Scarborough is at 1525
  • The 1835 Primrose Valley Lane End to Scarborough (Mon-Fri)/1836 Hunmanby to Scarborough (Sat) is replaced by a daily 1830 Bridlington to Scarborough that connects out of the 1625 Hull to Bridlington
The current daily evening service from Hull is hourly, with journeys at 1825, 1925 and 2025 to Driffield (1825 to Bridlington on Sundays), 2125 and 2225 to Nafferton and finally 2300 to Beverley. This is reduced to an 1825 (not Sun) to Beverley plus 1925 and 2125 to Nafferton. Enhanced service 246 will provide a replacement between Hull and Beverley. Additionally a new Friday and Saturday only 2330 Beverley to Driffield will operate, which connect from the 2300 service 246 Hull to Hornsea at Beverley.

  • The 0555 Driffield to Hull (Mon to Sat) is replaced by a 0615 Beverley to Hull (Mon to Fri). The first bus from Driffield to Hull is now at 0647.
  • The 0615 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (weekday only) and 0737 Driffield to Hull (Mon to Sat) are replaced by a new 0555 (Mon to Sat) Scarborough to Hull. The current first through service from Scarborough to Hull is at 0925
  • The 0636 Nafferton to Hull (Mon-Sat) will operate at 0635. There is no 'balancing' working to get a vehicle to Nafferton for this journey.
  • The 0645 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (Mon-Fri) is replaced by a 0630 Scarborough to Bridlington that will now additionally operate on Saturdays
  • The 0657 Driffield to Hull (Sun) is replaced by an 0704 Leconfield-Hull
  • The 0730 Scarborough to Bridlington (Mon-Fri) will operate via Eastfield rather than Cayton Bay Holiday Village and will now additionally operate on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The 0750 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (Mon-Fri) is withdrawn
  • The 0807 Driffield to Hull (Sun) is replaced by a 0824 Leconfield-Hull
  • The 0815 Bridlington to Hull (Sat) is split into a 0815 Bridlington-Driffield and 0904 Driffield-Hull matching the weekday timetable (see below)
  • The 0851 Driffield to Hull (Mon-Fri)/0907 (Sun) will operate at 0904
  • The 1007 (Sun) Driffield to Hull will operate at 1004
  • The 1725 Scarborough to Hull is split into two seperate Scarborough to Bridlington and Bridlington to Hull journeys
  • The 1755 Scarborough to Hunmanby (Sat) is withdrawn
  • A new 1905 Beverley to Hull (Mon-Sat) journey is added
  • The 2030 Bridlington to Hull is replaced by a 2051 Nafferton to Hull; the last journey from Bridlington to Hull is now at 1930
  • A new 2251 Nafferton to Beverley is added
  • A New 0000 Driffield to Hull (Fri and Sat) is added
Overall while there are some cutbacks following the closure of Driffield depot there are also enhancements, including the new late journey to Driffield on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sunday 25 May 2014

EYMS 180 June Change

From Monday 2nd June, on weekdays the 1400 EYMS service 180 from Beverley to Swanland will terminate in Hessle, while the 1535 return from Swanland to Beverley will start in Hessle at 1615. These journeys will continue to serve Swanland on Saturdays.

As a result Swanland and North Ferriby no longer have a 'usable' option to visit Beverley on weekdays. The first bus from these villages arrive in Beverley at 1115 with the last departure 45 minutes later. The 180 continues to provide usable weekday links from these villages to Hessle and Willerby Shopping Park 6 days a week, and to Beverley on Saturdays.

The 180 was extended to Swanland and North Ferriby last July replacing once-a-day Monday to Saturday service 184 from the villages to Hessle, and three day a week service 144 from the villages to Beverley.

Saturday 24 May 2014

EYMS 45/46/46A/142 Changes

Partly because of the closure of EYMS's Driffield depot, services 45, 46 and 46A between York, Pocklington, Market Weighton, Driffield and Bridlington will be amended from Sunday 1st June. Sunday services are unchanged so the below only applies to Monday to Saturday services.

The main changes are to the once a day 46A variation that provides a link to Driffield from Tibthorpe and Kirkburn. This variation to the main 46 service will also serve North Dalton, which is additionally served by the 45. Currently the 46A operates on weekdays only with a 0900 York-Bridlington and 1305 Driffield-York return. However from June the 0900 46A becomes a 46 (matching the Saturday service) with a new 0905 Pocklington-Driffield 46A added. The 1305 will operate earlier at 1255.

The 46A also gains a Saturday service, operating at the same times as on weekdays. This replaces the last two journeys on service 142 to continue serving Driffield, the 0930 from Middleton and 1250 return. The 142 previously provided an alternative through service between Beverley and Driffield serving various villages but in recent years the remaining EYMS service has comprised two seperate Beverley-Middleton and Middleton-Driffield links. While in some ways it's the end of an era with the 142 no longer serving Driffield, it does simplify the network. The 1255 46A from Driffield to York will replace the previous Saturday only 1310 service 46 from Driffield to York.

Elsewhere the 0945 York to Driffield service 45 is extended through to Bridlington but the 1730 weekday/1645 Saturday service 45 from York to Driffield terminates in Pocklington instead, Driffield passengers will instead need to use the earlier 1545 or later 1835. The 1750 service 45 from Bridlington to Driffield moves to 1635 and operates through to York replacing the previous 1710 from Driffield to York. The 0605 service 46 from Pocklington to York will operate at 0600 while the 1955 service 46 from Pocklington to York will operate at 2025.

Friday 23 May 2014

EYMS New Moors Explorer

For many years EYMS had provided Summer links from Hull and Beverley to the North Yorkshire Moors as part of the Moorsbus network of services designed for visitors to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. However the national park authority have pulled funding for the network and it has sadly ceased.

Starting on Sunday (25th May), EYMS are attempting to provide a commercial replacement. Every Sunday and Bank Holiday until the end of September, the new Moors Explorer service will link Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby, Hull City Centre, Cottingham and Beverley to Bainton, Wetwang, Malton, Pickering, Kirkbymoorside and Danby. A single journey operates in each direction over the whole route, allowing for daytrips to the North Yorkshire Moors, as well as an extra journey during the day between Pickering and Danby. Connections can be made onto other services at Pickering, Kirkbymoorside and Danby.

The service is classed as a tourist service so concessionary passes cannot be used; considering low reimbursement rates this is probably the only way to make the service viable. Hopefully this commercial experiment will be a success for EYMS.

Thursday 22 May 2014

New EYMS service to ABP Alexandra Dock

From VOSA's website. Is this a worker/commuter service?

  • Registration Accepted by SN
  • Starting Point: Hull Interchange
  • Finish Point: Alexandra Dock
  • Via:
  • Service Number: ABP
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 21-JUN-2014
  • Other Details: Hull Interchange - Alexandra Dock

Friday 16 May 2014

Hornsby 16/327 June Changes

Two Hornsby Travel operated services in Scunthorpe are getting revised timetables from 10th June. Service 16 from Parklands Caravan Site to either Scunthorpe Bus Station (Tuesday and Friday) or Ashby (Thursday) will have all journeys operating 30-40 minutes earlier. Meanwhile the two return journeys on Friday only service 327 to Dragonby will operate 50 minutes earlier.

Info taken from Traveline East Midlands

Saturday 3 May 2014

Busking 136 Changes

From Tuesday 7th May Busking are amending their Monday to Saturday 136 service between Bridlington, Skipsea, Beeford, North Frodingham and Driffield:
  • The 0710 from Beeford to Driffield will operate at 0700
  • The 0830 from Bridlington to Driffield has it's journey time increased by 10 minutes
  • The 1100 and 1400 from Bridlington to Driffield will operate at 1130 and 1430 and have their journey time increased by 10 minutes
  • The 1620 from Bridlington to North Frodingham will operate at 1700
  • The 1730 from Bridlington to North Frodingham will operate at 1815
  • The 2200 from Bridlington to Beeford is cancelled
While disappointing to loose the 2200 departure, with the last arrival into Bridlington having been over five hours earlier, it's usefulness was limited for evening's out.

In the reverse direction:
  • The 0730 from Driffield to Bridlington will operate at 0720 and have it's journey time increased by 10 minutes
  • The 0930 and 1230 from Driffield to Bridlington will operate at 0940 and 1240 and have their journey time increased by 10 minutes
  • The 1510 from Driffield to Bridlington will operate at 1530 and have it's journey time increased by 10 minutes.
All comparisons in this post are between the current timetable as posted on the Busking website, and the new timetable as posted on Traveline Yorkshire.

EYMS 705 Details Revealed

Last month I asked what the new service 705 registered by EYMS to operate between Hessle and Barton was for. EYMS have now announced details.

The 705 is a vintage bus service (though EYMS reserve the right to substitute a standard bus) between Hessle Square, Hessle Foreshore, the Humber Bridge Country Park and Barton Station, operating to a roughly hourly timetable on 8 days this Summer; Saturday 3rd May, Sunday 4th May, Saturday 31st May, Sunday 1st June, Saturday 5th July, Sunday 6th July, Saturday 2nd August and Sunday 3rd August.

The pdf timetable contains an East Riding of Yorkshire Council logo, so I presume they are involved in the funding of this service. Ideally such a service would serve additional points in Barton such as Waters Edge Country Park, the Ropewalk (though that is very close to the Station) and the Market Place, but if East Riding of Yorkshire Council are funding the service understandably they aren't are going to place too much emphasis on Barton's tourist attractions. At least the Station is a fairly central stop for those who are able to walk for 10-15 minutes to wherever they want to visit, and it does allow connections with other services.

Fares are £2.50 for adults and £2.00 for children and over 60's, with tickets valid on the service all day, which enables a passenger to say travel from Hessle to the Humber Bridge Country Park then have a ride across the Humber Bridge before going back to Hessle. And while this is far from the intention of the service, these very good value fares mean it will be cheaper to travel from Barton to Hessle on service 705 then catch a bus into Hull (£3.75 adult return) than pay for a Barton to Hull return (£7.40 on Stagecoach, EYMS maybe a little cheaper).

Anyway hopefully the service is a success, both as a bus service and to help attract visitors to both banks of the Humber. I will be hopefully be trying it out at some point.