Sunday, 25 May 2014

EYMS 180 June Change

From Monday 2nd June, on weekdays the 1400 EYMS service 180 from Beverley to Swanland will terminate in Hessle, while the 1535 return from Swanland to Beverley will start in Hessle at 1615. These journeys will continue to serve Swanland on Saturdays.

As a result Swanland and North Ferriby no longer have a 'usable' option to visit Beverley on weekdays. The first bus from these villages arrive in Beverley at 1115 with the last departure 45 minutes later. The 180 continues to provide usable weekday links from these villages to Hessle and Willerby Shopping Park 6 days a week, and to Beverley on Saturdays.

The 180 was extended to Swanland and North Ferriby last July replacing once-a-day Monday to Saturday service 184 from the villages to Hessle, and three day a week service 144 from the villages to Beverley.

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