Monday, 26 May 2014

EYMS 121 June Changes

Following the closure of Driffield depot which operated most of service 121 between Hull, Beverley, Driffield, Bridlington, Filey and Scarborough, EYMS are amending the timetable from Sunday 1st June. The route will be transferred to Hull and Scarborough depots (not sure if Beverley and Bridlington depots may operate a small number of journeys?), meaning if the inbound bus arrives late, a different bus and driver can be more easily sent to ensure the outbound bus departs on time. Also to help punctuality EYMS are introducing separate summer and winter timetables, while all journeys will once again serve Reighton.

Comparing the new Summer timetable to the current timetable (excluding schoolday only services):

  • The 0630 Driffield to Bridlington (Mon-Sat) and 0705 Driffield to Scarborough (Mon-Sat) are replaced by a 0653 Driffield to Bridlington and a 0730 Bridlington to Scarborough. There is no 'balancing' working to get a vehicle to Driffield for this journey
  • The 0640 Hull to Nafferton (Mon to Sat) will operate at 0630
  • The 0700 (Mon-Fri)/0715 (Sat) Hull to Scarborough will operate at 0650
  • The 0735 Driffield-Scarborough (Sun) is replaced by a 0826 Hunmanby to Scarborough. The first Sunday bus from Driffield to Scarborough is now at 0925
  • The 0740 Driffield to Bridlington (Sat and School Holidays) is withdrawn
  • The 0820 (Mon-Fri)/0830 (Sat) Hutton Cranswick to Bridlington is replaced by a 0825 Beverley to Bridlington (Mon-Fri)/0745 Hull to Bridlington (Sat)
  • The 0823 Driffield-Scarborough (Sun) is replaced by a 0926 Hunmanby-Scarborough
  • The 0825/0829 (Mon-Fri) Primrose Valley to Scarborough is withdrawn
  • The 1725 Hull to Driffield is extended through to Scarborough. The current last through service from Hull to Scarborough is at 1525
  • The 1835 Primrose Valley Lane End to Scarborough (Mon-Fri)/1836 Hunmanby to Scarborough (Sat) is replaced by a daily 1830 Bridlington to Scarborough that connects out of the 1625 Hull to Bridlington
The current daily evening service from Hull is hourly, with journeys at 1825, 1925 and 2025 to Driffield (1825 to Bridlington on Sundays), 2125 and 2225 to Nafferton and finally 2300 to Beverley. This is reduced to an 1825 (not Sun) to Beverley plus 1925 and 2125 to Nafferton. Enhanced service 246 will provide a replacement between Hull and Beverley. Additionally a new Friday and Saturday only 2330 Beverley to Driffield will operate, which connect from the 2300 service 246 Hull to Hornsea at Beverley.

  • The 0555 Driffield to Hull (Mon to Sat) is replaced by a 0615 Beverley to Hull (Mon to Fri). The first bus from Driffield to Hull is now at 0647.
  • The 0615 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (weekday only) and 0737 Driffield to Hull (Mon to Sat) are replaced by a new 0555 (Mon to Sat) Scarborough to Hull. The current first through service from Scarborough to Hull is at 0925
  • The 0636 Nafferton to Hull (Mon-Sat) will operate at 0635. There is no 'balancing' working to get a vehicle to Nafferton for this journey.
  • The 0645 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (Mon-Fri) is replaced by a 0630 Scarborough to Bridlington that will now additionally operate on Saturdays
  • The 0657 Driffield to Hull (Sun) is replaced by an 0704 Leconfield-Hull
  • The 0730 Scarborough to Bridlington (Mon-Fri) will operate via Eastfield rather than Cayton Bay Holiday Village and will now additionally operate on Saturdays and Sundays
  • The 0750 Scarborough to Primrose Valley (Mon-Fri) is withdrawn
  • The 0807 Driffield to Hull (Sun) is replaced by a 0824 Leconfield-Hull
  • The 0815 Bridlington to Hull (Sat) is split into a 0815 Bridlington-Driffield and 0904 Driffield-Hull matching the weekday timetable (see below)
  • The 0851 Driffield to Hull (Mon-Fri)/0907 (Sun) will operate at 0904
  • The 1007 (Sun) Driffield to Hull will operate at 1004
  • The 1725 Scarborough to Hull is split into two seperate Scarborough to Bridlington and Bridlington to Hull journeys
  • The 1755 Scarborough to Hunmanby (Sat) is withdrawn
  • A new 1905 Beverley to Hull (Mon-Sat) journey is added
  • The 2030 Bridlington to Hull is replaced by a 2051 Nafferton to Hull; the last journey from Bridlington to Hull is now at 1930
  • A new 2251 Nafferton to Beverley is added
  • A New 0000 Driffield to Hull (Fri and Sat) is added
Overall while there are some cutbacks following the closure of Driffield depot there are also enhancements, including the new late journey to Driffield on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Anonymous said...

The odd bits of "balancing working" will be carried out from Bridlington Depot with buses running dead between Driffield and Bridlington as required