Sunday 25 September 2022

Hornsea-Hull Cut to Every 90 Minutes

As part of their 4th September changes, East Yorkshire reduced the Monday to Saturday timetable on service 24 between Hornsea, Leven and Hull from hourly daytimes to approximately every 90 minutes. This is a disappointing alteration, but in the current environment it could have been worse. Hopefully it hasn't dissuaded too many passengers from using the 24.

Monday to Saturday the first bus from Hornsea is now at 0700 Mon-Fri/0735 Sat rather than 0630, whilst the last bus is slightly later at 2010 rather than 2000, though the 2150 service 25/23 through journey from Hornsea to Hull via Beverley no longer operates Monday to Thursday. From Hull the first bus is now at 0550 Mon-Fri rather than 0630 (remains 0630 Sat), with the last bus slightly later at 1900 rather than 1845, however with the later 2035 23/25 Hull to Hornsea through service reduced from Monday to Saturday to Friday and Saturday only.

As part of these changes the through link between service 24 and service 23 between Hull and Beverley Monday to Saturday daytimes has been withdrawn. I was skeptical it was ever going to get much use, so I'm not surprised by this and can't imagine it has caused any significant problems.

As a side effect of these changes, the half hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service between Hornsea and Leven across routes 24 and 25 is no more, and unfortunately there are some instances of the 24 and 25 operating at identical times on this section, although at other times the co-ordination is perfect, with the 24 precisely fitting halfway between the hourly 25.

Sunday service 24 remains every 2 hours during the daytime.

Saturday 24 September 2022

New Hospital 'Shorts' in Scunthorpe

On Monday 5th September, Stagecoach added some new Monday to Saturday evening peak 'shorts' to Scunthorpe Town Circular service 1, on the section between Scunthorpe Bus Station and Scunthorpe Hospital. Between 1605 and 1805 from Scunthorpe Bus Station, and 1613 and 1813 from Scunthorpe Hospital, a 20 minute frequency is provided on these 'shorts', in addition to the main half hourly service.

Friday 23 September 2022

Stagecoach Saturday Morning Reductions in Scunthorpe

From Saturday 10th September, Stagecoach withdrew the Saturday Only 0800 service 7 from Scunthorpe Bus Station to Skippingdale Retail Park, with the first bus now at 0900, matching the Monday to Friday timetable. On service 8 the Saturday Only 0822 from Skippingdale Retail Park to Scunthorpe Bus Station was replaced by a 0842 Crosby Avenue to Scunthorpe Bus Station 'short', again matching the weekday service.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Service 90 extended to Eastoft

North Lincolnshire Council tendered service 90 between Crowle and Scunthorpe, operated by Stagecoach, is amended from tomorrow - Monday 5th September. The changes appear to be a replacement for college day service 590 between Eastoft and the Scunthorpe Colleges, which I assume has been cancelled, but also affect college holidays and Saturdays.

Monday to Saturday the 0720 Scunthorpe to Crowle now departs at 0655, extending to Eastoft on college days only. The 0755 Crowle to Scunthorpe is retimed to 0745, and on college days only starts back in Eastoft and operates via the Scunthorpe Colleges to Scunthorpe Bus Station. Interestingly during college holidays and on Saturdays, the vehicle and driver wait in Crowle rather than extend to Eastoft - presumably the marginal cost of fuel isn't deemed worthwhile. The first Monday to Friday service from Eastoft to Scunthorpe is currently 1006 and on Saturdays at 0858 (service 361).

Later in the day, the Monday to Friday 1510 from Crowle to Scunthorpe is retimed to 1530 and on college days only diverts after Scunthorpe Hospital to John Leggott College - Scunthorpe Bus Station is not served. The 1630 Scunthorpe to Crowle on college days only now starts at the Scunthorpe Colleges before extending to Eastoft. The current last service from Scunthorpe to Eastoft Monday to Friday is at 1330 (service 361). Finally the Monday to Friday 1710 Crowle to Scunthorpe now departs at 1720, starting from Eastoft on college days. Again during college holidays the vehicle and driver wait time in Crowle instead.

Saturday 3 September 2022

Service 180 passes to Stagecoach

East Riding of Yorkshire Council tendered service 180 between Beverley, Walkington, Little Weighton, Skidby, Cottingham and Castle Hill Hospital was operated by Acklams Coaches for the final time today (Saturday 3rd September). On Monday (5th), new operator Stagecoach takes over with an unchanged timetable of six journeys each way Monday to Saturday between Beverley and Cottingham; three of these in each direction extend to Castle Hill Hospital.