Tuesday 30 August 2016

Stagecoach to takeover Amvale 50

Going by this tweet from Stagecoach East Midlands, they are taking over Amvale Monday to Saturday service 50 from Saltfleet into Grimsby, via North Somercotes, North Coates and Tetney on Thursday 1st September. Currently there are two morning journeys from Saltfleet into Grimsby, at 0735 and 1030, and two afternoon journeys from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange at 1400 and 1732. The first journey extends to Grimsby College and the last journey starts at the college.

The new Stagecoach timetable increases to 3 or 4 journeys each way, thanks to 'positioning journeys' being operated 'in service' - so the extra journeys won't make a huge difference, but if they make a difference to someone then are worthwhile. Departures from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange are at 0630, 0920 (Sat Only), 1445 (Schooldays)/1450 (School Holidays+Sat) and 1732 (starts Grimsby College). From Saltfleet departures are at 0735 (to Grimsby College on schooldays), 1030, 1600 (Sat Only) and 1800.

As a result of this change, the only other operators of local service buses in Grimsby are Grayscroft Coaches and Hunts Coaches with their Tuesday Only shoppers services from Sandilands/Mablethorpe/Louth and Skegness/Alford respectively.

Monday 29 August 2016

Extra Bridlington Town Services

EYMS are adding extra journeys to some of their Bridlington Town Services from Monday 5th September,

The 1420 service 507 from Bridlington Bus Station to New Pasture Lane will now operate on Wednesday schooldays, as well as on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday schooldays. This fills a two hour gap in the Wednesday schoolday service on route 507. This journey also runs in school holidays and on Saturdays as a circular back to Bridlington Bus Station.

On service 512, the 1405 from Bridlington Bus Station now runs on Wednesdays schooldays as well as all other weekdays and Saturdays. The following 1450 departure now runs on weekdays during school holidays as well as Saturdays. As a result a 2 hour 15 minute gap in departures on Wednesday schooldays reduces to 90 minutes, while a 90 minute gap on school holiday afternoons is eliminated with the usual 45 minute frequency operating all day.

Sunday 28 August 2016

EYMS Priory Road Corridor Minor Changes

From Monday 5th September, EYMS are making minor punctuality amendments to the times of their Priory Road services in Hull - 60/60A/61/62/64. Some journeys will operate earlier or later, and the weekday 0840 Anlaby Road/Calvert Lane junction to Castle Hill Hospital service will start back at Hull Interchange at 0818.

Saturday 27 August 2016

Stamford Bridge Service 10 Evening Reductions (But Could Have Been Withdrawal)

Reductions are taking place to the mid/late evening service on route 10 from Stamford Bridge to York and Poppleton, operated by Transdev York. This is due to City of York Council budget cuts.

From tomorrow onwards the Sunday and Bank Holiday evening service is withdrawn, and from Tuesday (30th) the Monday to Saturday evening service is reduced. The current hourly service requiring two vehicles is reduced to two 'full length' journeys, plus one extra York-Stamford Bridge 'short'. The last departure from York Piccadilly to Stamford Bridge is now slightly later at 2348 rather than 2328.

The entire evening service was at threat from withdrawal, but the York Press reports that local employer Rosti Automotive, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Stamford Bridge Parish Council have each put £2000 per year towards the subsidy for the evening service to ensure that some level of evening service can be retained.

Friday 19 August 2016

York Pullman takeover 36/X36 from Transdev

York Pullman will takeover operation of tendered services 36 and service X36 from Transdev York on Tuesday 30th August.

On Monday to Saturday service 36 between Sutton Upon Derwent and York, the 0900, 1027, 1227, 1427 and 1627 from Sutton upon Derwent become 0900, 1020, 1220, 1420 and 1655 (1620 Sat) departures. From York current departures from Merchantgate at 1115, 1315 and 1515 become 0945, 1120, 1320 and 1610 on weekdays and 0950, 1120, 1320 and 1520 on Saturdays. Most journeys extend through to/start at York Station, and the 0945 (0950 Sat) from Merchantgate and 1655 (1620 Sat) from Sutton Upon Derwent will operate as service X36, omitting Wheldrake and Fulford.

The weekday peak time X36 between Pocklington and York only has minor changes to it's times, and the equivalent Saturday journeys remain operated by EYMS. York Pullman previously operate the weekday peak service X36 until Transdev purchased their local bus operations in 2012.