Monday, 29 August 2016

Extra Bridlington Town Services

EYMS are adding extra journeys to some of their Bridlington Town Services from Monday 5th September,

The 1420 service 507 from Bridlington Bus Station to New Pasture Lane will now operate on Wednesday schooldays, as well as on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday schooldays. This fills a two hour gap in the Wednesday schoolday service on route 507. This journey also runs in school holidays and on Saturdays as a circular back to Bridlington Bus Station.

On service 512, the 1405 from Bridlington Bus Station now runs on Wednesdays schooldays as well as all other weekdays and Saturdays. The following 1450 departure now runs on weekdays during school holidays as well as Saturdays. As a result a 2 hour 15 minute gap in departures on Wednesday schooldays reduces to 90 minutes, while a 90 minute gap on school holiday afternoons is eliminated with the usual 45 minute frequency operating all day.

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Anonymous said...

This change has come about as the buses on a Wednesday had to be at Driffield school to cover a earlier departure.
Whilst the gap in service did appear to be large in reality is was not as the 517 and the 513 run in opposite directions so the areas were still covered by a fairly regular service along with other services which covered parts of each route.