Sunday 19 May 2019

u5 cutback

Back on Sunday 28th April, Stagecoach made some revisions to service 5 and associated Monday to Saturday evening only variation u5 between Hull City Centre, Orchard Park and Kingswood. Mostly these were fairly small timing changes, but the evening service Monday to Saturday has seen bigger changes.

The u5 has been cutback in two ways; firstly the extensions to/from Hull Old Town (Market Place) are withdrawn (although the solitary service 5 that starts from the Market Place at 2320 remains), with the u5 using Paragon Interchange as it's City Centre starting point and terminus instead. Secondly the Saturday late evening service has been withdrawn, and therefore as on weekdays the u5 only operates in the early evening. The 5 and u5 have 'swapped' departure times from Kingswood Monday to Saturday, meaning the u5 now operates between 1830 and 2030 from Kingswood Retail Park and from Paragon Interchange between 1910 and 2040. As a result of the late evening u5 withdrawal, the Saturday 5/u5 combined frequency drops from every 15 minutes to half hourly from 2045 leaving Kingswood Retail Park and from 2055 leaving Paragon Interchange. Following the 5/u5 swapping departure times the last service 5 from Kingswood Retail Park is now at 2315 rather than 2300 Monday to Friday, but on Saturdays is now at 2315 rather than 2330.