Thursday 31 March 2011

EYMS May Cuts - Withernsea and 48/700 definetly gone

Peter Shipp has confirmed that EYMS has axed the 48 and 700 Walton Street Park and Ride Service in Hull. Also from May the frequency of off-peak buses between Withernsea and Keyingham will be cut, I guess from half hourly to hourly. Hull Daily Mail article

I would be shocked to see Hull City Council funding a replacement for the 700, but will be interesting to see if the 48 has gone completely, or whether a tendered replacement is started, and what happens to the Sunday tendered service.

EYMS tender loss ... to Colins of Goole

Another interesting tender result in East Yorkshire, after EYMS lost the 502 to TD Travel and Sweyne lost the Saturday 357 to Stagecoach. Now EYMS have lost the Sunday and Bank Holiday 156 to Colins of Goole who currently have no other local service work. Will be interesting to see how the new 156 co-ordinates with the 155.

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results
Registration Accepted
Starting Point: Elloughton (Brough)
Finish Point: Goole
Via: Newport, Gilberdyke, Howden Service
Number: 156 Service
Type: Normal Stopping Effective Date: 08-MAY-2011
Other Details: Sunday Service Weekly and Bank Holidays"

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Stagecoach Service Changes 'Bits and Pieces'

Some various miscellaneous changes to Stagecoach services from April 4th not yet covered by this blog.

Hull - Minor changes to services 13/14/15 to Orchard Park/Kingswood. Meanwhile the new service 52/3 timetable reveals usage on the Sunday service is low, but as it is growing slowly it will keep operating. The Friday/Saturday evening service is being axed

Grimsby - Service 51 to Louth will now operate via Fairfield Industrial Estate

20/20W Changes - More info

Stagecoach in Hull have produced a leaflet detailing changes to service 20 between Hull, Kingswood, North Bransholme and Wawne from Monday 4th April. See this blog post

To clarify some points, Bodmin Road is no longer served, neither is Kingswood Leisure Park apart from evenings and Sundays. Along with this services will no longer operate via the City Centre Loop in Hull inbound. This helps makes the service quicker and more direct, and contributes towards saving one bus. Passengers between Bodmin Road and Beverley Road can change at North Point Shopping Centre to make their journeys.

With regards to Wawne, Stagecoach explain that East Riding of Yorkshire Council only require an hourly Monday to Saturday service to Wawne, which Stagecoach go beyond at peak times, and in the early morning, evenings and Sundays when no service is required, but Stagecoach will provide a limited service. Still a good service level for Wawne, and Stagecoach aren't providing the bare minimum service level which is to be comended.

Major Changes to Services 42 in East Hull

From Monday 4th April Stagecoach in Hull will significantly revise service 42 in East Hull. It will now operate via Maybury Road and Holderness Road instead of Southcoates Lane. This will restore links lost to Morrisons and Astoria Bingo, amongst other locations on Holderness Road, in the controversial East Hull 2009 service recast. Maybury Road is currently only served by infrequent EYMS service 50.

There will be some associated timetable changes to service 42, and associated service 41, which covers the links lost on Monday to Saturday daytime, by the rerouted service 42.

A solution to the early morning Humber Flyer being axed

A solution has been found to cover the controversial withdrawal of the 0620 Humber Flyer from Grimsby. A new Monday to Friday only 0605 will be introduced from Grimsby to Barton, enabling a connection onto the 0653 350 Humber Fastcat to Hull.

Also from April 4th the current 0725 Hull to Cleethorpes becomes a 0720 Hull to Grimsby, giving an earlier arrival for commuters in Grimsby and removing the current situation of two buses to Barton departing Hull Interchange Stand 3 at 0725 (the other service being a Humber Fastcat). The curtailment at Grimsby is in connection with Hull depot operating part of the Humber Flyer from next week.

The Summer Sunday Humber Flyer service is also starting earlier this year, on April 10th, again serving Barton but not Grimsby.

New Humber Flyer timetable

Stagecoach in Hull Nightbus Changes

Stagecoach in Hull are making changes to their Nightbus network from April 4th, based around new routes in Hull City Centre for services N15, N32 and N43. The N15 to Orchard Park and Kingswood will now start in George Street and operate via Wilberforce Drive, Alfred Gelder Street and Carr Lane to the current Ferensway starting point. The N32 and N43 from the Welly Club to East Hull will now operate via Spencer Street, Prospect Street, King Edward Street (N32), Jameson Street (N32), Albion Street (N43), Bond Street (N43), George Street and North Bridge rather than Paragon Sqaure, Carr Lane, Alfred Gelder Street and Lowgate.

Monday 28 March 2011

Walton Street Park and Ride cancelled?

From the VOSA website. Usual health warnings apply - services can be re-registered. But worth noting the Walton Street service is commercially operated, after Hull City Council axed the previous tender. So if EYMS have cancelled the service, the chance of a replacement service would be slim. VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB0000328/345 - EAST YORKSHIRE MOTOR SERVICES LTD, 252 ANLABY ROAD, HULL, HU3 2RS Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Walton Street Park and Ride Site and Walton Street Park and Ride Site given service number 700 effective from 22-May-2011."

Thursday 24 March 2011

EYMS May Changes, Including 48 Future?

Amongst various May variations for EYMS services posted on VOSA today was this:

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB0000328/85 - EAST YORKSHIRE MOTOR SERVICES LTD, 252 ANLABY ROAD, HULL, HU3 2RS
Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Hull and Maplewood Avenue given service number 48 effective from 15-May-2011."

As ever with the VOSA website, don't take at face value. Services can be re-registered. But equally EYMS could have cancelled this daily daytime service which operates every 70 minutes serving various 'back roads' in West Hull. Monday to Saturday services are commercial, but Sunday services receive financial support from East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull City Councils.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

EYMS Bank Holiday/Royal Wedding Service Levels

It will be a case of guesswork for bus operators in deciding how many people are going to stay in and watch The Royal Wedding on April 29th and how many will use the bank holiday for other purposes. The other unknown is how many people will be taking an 11 day holiday covering Easter, the Royal Wedding and early May Bank Holidays.

EYMS have released details of their service plans for the period

Good Friday - Sunday serrvices except the 120 (Bridlington-Scarborough), 350 Humber Fastcat and Goole Town Services operating normal Friday timetables
Easter Monday - Sunday services except the 120 which will operate a Monday timetable
April 29th - Sunday services except the 120 and 350 which will operate a Friday timetable
May 2nd - Sunday services except the 120 operating a Monday timetable

As for me, I hope to watch the Royal Wedding - but if I am work at least I am lucky to have a normal service on the Humber Fastcat. Far more useful than the Sunday timetable.

Stagecoach in Lincolnshire return to Goole

As expected the Saturday service between Goole and Scunthorpe will no longer be operated by Sweyne Coaches from the end of March. Stagecoach in Lincolnshire are the new operator instead. This will be the first time in some years that Stagecoach in Lincolnshire or it's predecessors have operated north of Garthorpe on the corridor. An old NBC timetable booklet I have from 1980 shows Lincolnshire, a predecessor of the current Stagecoach in Lincolnshire operation, as the operator of the service between Goole and Scunthorpe. I'm not sure when they stopped serving Goole however.

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB0001484/183 - LINCOLNSHIRE ROAD CAR CO LTD, PO BOX 15, DEACON ROAD, LINCOLN, LN2 4JB
Registration Accepted by SN
Starting Point: Goole
Finish Point: Scunthorpe
Service Number: 357
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 02-APR-2011
Other Details: Saturday Service, four return journeys. The service is registered due to the award of a tender by East Riding of Yorkshire Council."

I guess this Saturday service will opperate via Crowle rather than Amcotts?

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Barton-Cleethorpes Rail Service Retimings

From my latest Friends of the Barton Line minutes, from Sunday 22nd May times on Northern Rail's Barton to Cleethorpes service will see minor changes. It's related to the new East Coast Main Line timetable, which in turns affects the Cleethorpes-Manchester Airport service. Changes to that then impact the Barton Line. Below are the new times, and the old times for comparison.

Current Monday to Saturday
Barton D. 0658 0800 0958 1158 1358 1558 1800 1958 2158
Cleethorpes D. 0600 0700 0900 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 2100
New Monday to Saturday
Barton D. 0658 0758 (0800 Sat) 0952 1152 1352 1552 (1554 Sat) 1755 1958 2158
Cleethorpes D. 0600 0700 0855 (0900 Sat) 1055 1255 1455 (1500 Sat) 1655 (1700 Sat) 1900 2103

Current Summer Sunday
Barton D. 1100 1400 1615 1915
Cleethorpes D. 0955 1255 1501 1755
New Summer Sunday
Barton D. 1100 1400 1615 1915
Cleethorpes D. 1005 1258 1458 1758

While there is still time to make connections onto the 350 Humber Fastcat to Hull at Barton in most cases, there are two connections which are going to be very tight. The current 2100 from Cleethorpes Monday to Saturday arrives in Barton at 2148, leaving 5 minutes before the 2153 bus. With the 2100 moving to 2103 this would leave 2 minutes to make the connection, assuming the journye time remains 48 minutes. On Sundays the 0955 from Cleethorpes currently arrives in Barton at 1044 to connect with the 1055 bus, but the train retiming would give an arrival in Barton at 1054.

Also noteworthy is the 1700 from Cleethorpes starting 5 minutes earlier on weekdays. What impact, if any, will this have on commuter traffic? Assuming the journey time between Cleethorpes and Grimsby Town remains 5 minutes, this would give a 1704 departure from Grimsby Town - very tight for anyone finishing at 5pm.

Monday 21 March 2011

678 gone, 677 cutback

From April 4th weekday early morning/peak service Stagecoach Hull's 678 is cancelled, while the 677 circular becomes a Beverley Road (Clough Road junction)-Hull Interchange-Hedon Road-Salt End-Cranswick Foods Preston service, no longer serving Ings Road, Holderness Road, Bilton or the Ferry Terminal.

The 677/8, previously private workers services, were made part of the 'public' network last July.

New 677 timetable

X62 Weekday Changes - Full details

North Yorkshire County Council may have got confused over April's service X62 (Hull-Brough-Goole-Leeds) changes, but the new Stagecoach timetable explain all.

On weekdays the 0830, 1030 and 1230 departures from Hull are replaced by 0930 and 1130 departures. The 1430 moves to 1530, and the 1630 to 1700. The 0630 is unchanged. The same changes, two hours later, for Leeds departures. These changes mean a 1730 departure from Leeds, ideal for commuters, a slightly later last departure from Leeds at 1900 rather than 1830. But a rather large mid afternoon between 1330 and 1730 from Leeds. Not ideal for shoppers.

Saturday changes as North Yorkshire County Council reported (2 hourly all day) and no changes on Sundays.

43A gone, Longhill becomes EYMS only

Early morning 43A's from Longhill via Bilton Grange and Greatfield into Hull are axed from April 4th, and will operate as normal 43's instead. This means Stagecoach will no longer serve the Longhill estate, which will be served by frequent EYMS services 56/7 only.

New 43 timetable

52/53 Friday/Saturday evening service axed

The Friday and Saturday evening service on the 52/52 services operated by Stagecoach in East Hull appears to be axed from April 4th. These were introduced a year ago, replacing the 52C.

New 52/3 timetable

Hull service 49 gone

It appears that service 49 in East Hull, operated by Stagecoach for Hull City Council is axed from April 4th. Currently service 49 and 46 co-ordinate to serve Victoria Dock and parts of the Preston Road Estate before diverging to Marfleet (46) or Jalland Lodge (49). Frequency of the 46/49 combined is around every 30-45 minutes.

However the revised timetable for the 46 shows an hourly 46 only, operating as a 46D avoiding Hull Marina at peak times. The 46 was also extend to serve The Deep, currently served by the 49. Better for those previously served by only the 46, such as Marfleet Village, a slight reduction for others. currently served by the combined 46/9. Jalland Lodge will only be left with the limited EYMS service 50 however.

New 46 timetable
New 46 map

Stagecoach Hull 38 Changes

Some minor changes to service 38 between Hull and North Point Shopping Centre from April 4th. The 0845 weekday service is cancelled, but a new Saturday 0845 is added. Meanwhile the Saturday 38A's to Kingsbury Way are curtailed to operate as 38's to North Point only.

The core frequency remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, and weekday 38A's remain

New timetable

Service 28A/30/51A changes

From April 4th Stagecoach are revising early morning weekday service on route 30 between Hull, North Point Shopping Centre and North Bransholme. There are now 3 as opposed to 1 30X journeys from Hull Interchange operating via Sutton Fields Industrial Estate, while the first departure from North Bransholme is now at 0440 rather than 0535. The early morning 28A's from North Bransholme into Hull, also serving Kingsbury Way and Kingswood, are however curtailed to operate as normal 28's starting from North Point. As are the current 51A's from North Bransholme. Connections can be made from the 30 to the 28 or 51 at North Point.

Morning peak services from Hull are revised with more journeys to North Point (every 15 rather than 20 minutes), but less to North Bransholme (every 30 rather than 20 minutes).

Finally the 30W evening journeys to Wawne are now shown as normal 30's, so I presume will terminate at North Bransholme

New 30 timetable

Wawne Service Cuts

From April 4th cuts will be made to service 20 (Hull-Kingswood-Kingsbury Way-North Bransholme-Wawne) operated by Stagecoach Hull, mostly financially supported by Hull City and East Riding of Yorkshire Councils. It's another case of a marginal service which the operator is struggling to make viable. I recall from a Hull Bus Forum a few years ago that new development in North Hull around Kingswood is a primary reason why the service has been kept going, hoping to develop a new long term market.

Currently the 20 is mostly half hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, with an hourly Friday and Saturday evening service to North Bransholme only (except the last journey extending to Wawne). Sunday daytimes see an hourly service operating the full route to Wawne.

From April 4th the Monday to Saturday daytime service will be half hourly between Hull, Kingswood Retail Park and Kingsbury Way, with an hourly extension to Wawne via North Bransholme, operating as a 20W. Peak times see half hourly 20W's. Most of the weekday gaps in the service seem to have been removed, but the weekday afternoon peak extension from the Guildhall is removed. Overall these changes 'save' 1 bus.

Friday and Saturday evenings now see a frequency of 75 minutes terminating at Kingsbury Way rather than North Bransholme. The last departure from Hull continues to serve Wawne.

Sunday daytimes also see a 75 minute frequency with all but the first service into Hull and last departure from Hull terminating at Kingsbury Way, not serving North Bransholme or Wawne. This 'saves' 1 bus, but the Sunday service level to Wawne is rather unattractive for visting Hull City Centre or Kingswood for leisure.

Not the best news for Wawne, but peak time links remain, as does an hourly daytime service, and a very limited evening/Sunday service. Not a bad service level for the village.

Unsure if this means a route change or not, but timings points at Kingswood Leisure Park and Bodmin Road have been removed from the new timetable.

Hull Circular - Saturday/Peak Time service gone

The Hull Circular service has seen various changes in recent years; once a tendered service, Stagecoach have been battling to make it commercially viable. More changes from April 4th, and this time it's pretty savage cuts.

Perhaps most notably the Saturday service is gone. As is the weekday peak time 10A variation via Hull University and Sutton Road. What remains is an hourly daytime Monday to Friday service. Will this be more viable, or a last ditch attempt providing the minimum possible provision to still be worthwhile?

New service 10 timetable

Some extra short journeys at peak times on service 110 to Bricknell Estate partially replaces the 10 at peak times. New timetable

Stagecoach Hull Service 1/2 enhancements

No official announcement yet, but new Stagecoach Hull timetables from 4th April are starting to be uploaded to the Stagecoach website. Services 1/2 in West Hull will see extra journeys between 6pm and 7pm Monday to Saturday, while the Friday and Saturday evening frequency shall be doubled from half hourly to every 15 minutes.

A new weekday journey on service 1 from Boothferry Estate shall depart at 0505 on weekdays, 35 minutes earlier than currently, and continuing as a service 677 at Hull Interchange.

Welcome enhancements here to services that received new Enviro 300 single deckers last year.

New 1/2 timetable

Friday 18 March 2011

Nice idea, Waste of time? and the Humber Flyer Finances

Back to the Humber Flyer again. Earlier this week I blogged about the cutting of the 0620 from Grimsby and 1900 from Hull in April, which had got the small number of regular users understandably concerned. The latest idea to retain the 0620 is to make it exempt from the £10.90 Humber Bridge toll, which would reduce the costs of operating it.

Buses being exempt from tolls would be great on both environmental and economic grounds, and in that respect it is to be supported. But realistically the Humber Bridge Board are not going to exempt any bus service from the toll. They have a very strict remit to look at the Bridge Board finances and nothing else. So really this all seems a waste of time.

The Grimsby Telegraph article also contains information on the finances of the Humber Flyer. This year Stagecoach have received just £28,000 in financial support, down from £40,000 when it first started. North East Linconshire Council has not cut back their contribution, but North Lincolnshire Council, Hull City Council and Humberside Airport have. So far only £21,000 funding is committed for next year, and there are rising fuel costs to consider. Stagecoach have projected a £27,000 loss for the next year.

With figures like that Stagecoach should be commended for keeping the Humber Flyer going. Financially it would be very easy for Stagecoach to justify giving it up, yet they are persevering in keeping going. Yes perhaps there is political and PR sensitivity of the service to consider, but given time any backlash would probably go away. The withdrawal of the 0620 and 1900 is causing severe hardship for some, and that is to be recognised and acknowledged - no one wants that - but Stagecoach have, and will continue to, spend money subsidising a loss making service which is commendable when they have no duty to do so.

Monday 14 March 2011

Relatively Minor Cuts = Bad PR

Changes to the Humber Flyer (Hull-Barton-Humberside Airport-Grimsby-Cleethorpes). Not anything new as Stagecoach battle to make the service viable. From April 4th the service will be revised, with Hull depot sharing operation with Grimsby, enabling the 0620 from Grimsby and 1900 from Hull to be withdrawn.

This isn't a fundamental change to the service, but understandably for those who use these journeys they aren't happy, and they are making their voices heard. However the journeys are not well used - just 4 to 10 people on the 0620, but with 25-30 needed to break even. From a commercial perspective it is hard to argue with Stagecoach. They have also pointed out that passengers from Grimsby can use the 250 to Barton and connect onto the 350 Humber Fastcat to get to Hull before what will be the new first arrival of the Humber Flyer. There is also the train, if passengers can get to a railway station on the Cleethorpes-Barton line. The 0600 Cleethorpes-Barton train connects into the 0653 Barton-Hull Humber Fastcat arriving in Hull at almost the same time as the current 0620 Humber Flyer. Likewise in an evening passengers can use the 1925 Hull-Scunthorpe Humber Fastcat and change at Barton for a train back home.

Is there a way to save these journeys? One option could be to divert the 0620 into Barton, replacing the current 0653 Humber Fastcat, which carries around 15 passengers based on a couple of recent trips on it. The problem though is that EYMS operate the 0653 and I doubt they would just give it up, especially as most passengers are buying weekly tickets or full fare returns (i.e. not many OAP concessionary fares). And what could Stagecoach give them in return (there is a qualifying agreement that allows co-ordination of timetables) - there are no other short Hull-Barton journeys and an all-day diagram would be a huge sacrifice by Stagecoach. So this idea is really a non-starter.

North East Lincolnshire Council funding is another option, but council budgets are being cut, and funding the 0620 and 1900 is unlikley to be a prudent use of taxpayers money due to the small number of affected passengers.

A better option maybe to promote the train/Humber Fastcat and 250/Humber Fastcat options. The latter will not even cost anymore for weekly ticket users, assuming it does not get into Hull too late for them. Showing the connection in the Humber Flyer timetable would be a start. I doubt Stagecoach really want to promote the train connection at the expense of their buses, but it's something North East Lincolnshire Council may wish to do.

What this situation also highlights is the sensitivity of the service. Even a relatively small change can provoke a big reaction. Plus it will probably overshadow the introduction of low floor vehicles onto the route. And it also highlights the impact of the Humber Bridge tolls once again.

Monday 7 March 2011

EYMS Market Weighton and Pocklington area changes

From March 20th EYMS are making changes to services in the Market Weighton and Pocklington area, as previously noted here. Full details have now been announced.

The new EYMS X4 Market Weighton-York direct is as detailed here. The X46/X47 (Hull-Beverley-Market Weighton-Pocklington-York) sees extended journey times to improve reliability, while the Sunday X47 service is now operated commercially.

Service 744 (Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York) and service 746 (Market Weighton-Pocklington-York) are retimed to improve co-ordination with the X46 and the new X4. Within York there is a revised route avoiding Tower Street. Despite what Traveline reports, the 746 will continue to serve the University of York.

Minor changes also impact on the 18A (Holme-York) and the 195/6 (Pocklington-York).

As a side note, why does the 744 still serve Dunnington which has the First/York Pullman 10 on a far higher frequency? Does it serve a part of Dunnington the 10 does not? The Pocklington-York corridor is rather complicated - the X46/7, 744 and 746 all have different routes making even headways between services impossible. Sending the 744 via the 746 route, serving the University of York rather than Dunnington would go some way to simplifying this.

Friday 4 March 2011

500/501 axed - 502 partial replacement?

According to a comment on this post the Summer Sunday 500/501 in the Bridlington and Flamborough area has been axed, with the 502 (Bridlngton-Flamborough-Bempton-Buckton)operating on Sundays year round instead. If this happens then 1 vehicle less will be required to operate the Summer Sunday service.

This change would leave a number of tourist attractions around Flamborough without a bus service including the Lighthouse and the RSPB Reserve at Bempton, though Buckton would gain a Summer Sunday bus service while Bempton passengers would not have to change buses at Flamborough to reach Bridlington. The 502 has 5 journeys during Sunday daytimes, whereas the 500/501 operated hourly. TD Travel are taking the 502 from EYMS next month.

Sensible cost saving or a blow to the tourist industry?

Thursday 3 March 2011

TD Travel taking over 502

Confirmation of what has been mentioned on the East Yorkshire Yahoo Group, TD Travel have won the tender for weekday evening peak/Mon-Sat evening/Winter Sunday service 502 between Bridlington, Flamborough, Bempton and Buckton. Summer Sunday 500/501 should also be part of the same contract.

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB1069418/13 - ANTHONY CROSSLAND T/A TD TRAVEL, UNIT 2, 37-41, HIGH STREET, OLD TOWN, BRIDLINGTON, YO16 4PR
Registration Accepted by SN
Starting Point: Bridlington
Finish Point: Buckton
Via: Flamborough ,Bempton
Service Number: 502
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 01-APR-2011
Other Details: Monday to Saturday Sundays and Public Holidays"

Current 502 timetable operated by EYMS

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Stamford Bridge to loose Sunday Evening Service?

The tendered Sunday evening service on route 10 between Stamford Bridge, York and Poppleton is proposed for withdrawal in order to fund Sunday daytime services to Fulford Broadway and Naburn. The reason for cutting back the 10 rather than other services is fairness, with no tendered Sunday evening services elsewhere in York. More details in this City of York Council report.

York Pullman currently operate the Sunday evening service. They took over this and other early morning/evening services on route 10 from First York following cutbacks in 2009. Since then they have also added peak time buses in competition with First. Current York Pullman service 10 timetable.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Phoenix Buses to Malton

It would appear that Phoenix Buses/Busking have got the contract for Summer weekend service 133 this year, which last year was operated by Hutchinsons. From VOSA:

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB1084446/5 - BUSKING LTD, 52, MAIN STREET, NORTH FRODINGHAM, DRIFFIELD, YO25 8LG
Registration Accepted
Starting Point: Driffield
Finish Point: Malton
Via: Sledmere, Fridaythorpe, Thixendale, Wharram
Service Number: 133
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 23-APR-2011
Other Details: Saturdays,Sundays and Bank Holidays From Easter Sunday to the last Sunday in September"

Following the loss of the 133, and also the 488, Hutchinsons will no longer operate into East Yorkshire.