Wednesday 30 March 2011

A solution to the early morning Humber Flyer being axed

A solution has been found to cover the controversial withdrawal of the 0620 Humber Flyer from Grimsby. A new Monday to Friday only 0605 will be introduced from Grimsby to Barton, enabling a connection onto the 0653 350 Humber Fastcat to Hull.

Also from April 4th the current 0725 Hull to Cleethorpes becomes a 0720 Hull to Grimsby, giving an earlier arrival for commuters in Grimsby and removing the current situation of two buses to Barton departing Hull Interchange Stand 3 at 0725 (the other service being a Humber Fastcat). The curtailment at Grimsby is in connection with Hull depot operating part of the Humber Flyer from next week.

The Summer Sunday Humber Flyer service is also starting earlier this year, on April 10th, again serving Barton but not Grimsby.

New Humber Flyer timetable

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