Wednesday 23 March 2011

Stagecoach in Lincolnshire return to Goole

As expected the Saturday service between Goole and Scunthorpe will no longer be operated by Sweyne Coaches from the end of March. Stagecoach in Lincolnshire are the new operator instead. This will be the first time in some years that Stagecoach in Lincolnshire or it's predecessors have operated north of Garthorpe on the corridor. An old NBC timetable booklet I have from 1980 shows Lincolnshire, a predecessor of the current Stagecoach in Lincolnshire operation, as the operator of the service between Goole and Scunthorpe. I'm not sure when they stopped serving Goole however.

VOSA - Bus Registration Search Results: "PB0001484/183 - LINCOLNSHIRE ROAD CAR CO LTD, PO BOX 15, DEACON ROAD, LINCOLN, LN2 4JB
Registration Accepted by SN
Starting Point: Goole
Finish Point: Scunthorpe
Service Number: 357
Service Type: Normal Stopping
Effective Date: 02-APR-2011
Other Details: Saturday Service, four return journeys. The service is registered due to the award of a tender by East Riding of Yorkshire Council."

I guess this Saturday service will opperate via Crowle rather than Amcotts?


Humber Transport said...

Comment submitted by David to a different blog post

"I think that the Road Car services in Goole ended around 1986 as a result of the 1985 Transport Act, after which subsidised services had to be tendered for."

Thanks. At some point the service became commercially operated by Sweyne. I have a 2002 East Riding of Yorkshire timetable book which shows only a couple of journeys supported by them, and I'm not aware of any North Lincolnshire Council fudning for the service. Obviously the Saturday service is now tendered.

Anonymous said...

Lincolnshire Road Car used to have a depot in Goole and ran some town services and short journeys to Howden as well as the 356 to Scunthorpe. The latter ran an irregular but approximately two-hourly frequency with a few short journeys to Swinefleet or Ousefleet and a number of journeys extending to the Anchor Site at Scunthorpe. These ran from Goole at 0420SuO, 0435NSu, 1218NSu, 1220SuO, 1413 NSu, 2020SuO and 2035NSu. Journeys returned at 0610, 1410, 1605NSu and 2210. These timings are from July 1985.

Stu G said...

Many thanks for the original posting re the saturday service contract being awarded to Stagecoach. I had no idea this was a contract to start with! Also to the providers of the interesting follow up info.

Its a shame timetable info appears to be impossible to come by - stagecoach denying its existance. has anybody found this too? I half expected it to be somehow incorporated into the hourly 90 (Crowle-Scun) timetable, but no.

Keep up the great work on the blog - more info than in other places!! Thanks.