Friday, 4 March 2011

500/501 axed - 502 partial replacement?

According to a comment on this post the Summer Sunday 500/501 in the Bridlington and Flamborough area has been axed, with the 502 (Bridlngton-Flamborough-Bempton-Buckton)operating on Sundays year round instead. If this happens then 1 vehicle less will be required to operate the Summer Sunday service.

This change would leave a number of tourist attractions around Flamborough without a bus service including the Lighthouse and the RSPB Reserve at Bempton, though Buckton would gain a Summer Sunday bus service while Bempton passengers would not have to change buses at Flamborough to reach Bridlington. The 502 has 5 journeys during Sunday daytimes, whereas the 500/501 operated hourly. TD Travel are taking the 502 from EYMS next month.

Sensible cost saving or a blow to the tourist industry?

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