Wednesday, 23 March 2011

EYMS Bank Holiday/Royal Wedding Service Levels

It will be a case of guesswork for bus operators in deciding how many people are going to stay in and watch The Royal Wedding on April 29th and how many will use the bank holiday for other purposes. The other unknown is how many people will be taking an 11 day holiday covering Easter, the Royal Wedding and early May Bank Holidays.

EYMS have released details of their service plans for the period

Good Friday - Sunday serrvices except the 120 (Bridlington-Scarborough), 350 Humber Fastcat and Goole Town Services operating normal Friday timetables
Easter Monday - Sunday services except the 120 which will operate a Monday timetable
April 29th - Sunday services except the 120 and 350 which will operate a Friday timetable
May 2nd - Sunday services except the 120 operating a Monday timetable

As for me, I hope to watch the Royal Wedding - but if I am work at least I am lucky to have a normal service on the Humber Fastcat. Far more useful than the Sunday timetable.

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Anonymous said...

Strange that EYMS say that the 120 runs to a Friday or Monday timetable instead of a Sunday timetable when the service is EXACTLY the same every day of the week (apart from extra Mon-Fri journeys in the summer school holidays which obviously don't apply on these bank holidays).