Saturday 11 May 2024

All journeys to Kingswood

The history of Stagecoach service 5 in Hull includes changes between operating all services as full route journeys from Paragon Interchange to Kingswood, or operating some journeys as 'shorts' from the Interchange to Orchard Park only, using either the Medical Centre or Tesco as a terminus. 

Another change was added to the history book on Sunday 31st March; since September 2023 the Monday to Friday daytime service had operated every 10 minutes between Paragon Interchange and Orchard Park Tesco (every 9-11 minutes in the opposite direction), extending to/from Kingswood every 20 minutes. Now, however all journeys operate full route to Kingswood every 10 or 15 minutes Monday to Friday daytime. That frequency varies throughout the day, but thankfully the route is frequent enough that the regular 'flip-flopping' between intervals doesn't matter so much; to give an idea, here is one row of departure times from the Interchange copied from Stagecoach's pdf timetable:
1000 1010 1020 1035 1050 1105 1115 1125 1135 1150 1205 1215 1225 1235 1250 1305 1320 1335 1345 1355 1405 1415

Overall fewer buses between Hull City Centre and Orchard Park, but more to Kingswood and it's Retail Park.

Monday 6 May 2024

Frequency Increase to the Boothferry Estate

Interworked Stagecoach services 1 and 2 in Hull - from Paragon Interchange to the Boothferry Estate - gained a welcome frequency increase as part of Stagecoach's 31st March service changes. Monday to Saturday daytime services have increased from every 20 minutes on each route to every 15 minutes. Also, most inbound journeys to the Interchange on service 2 will now use the City Centre Loop, other than between 1400 and 1800 Monday to Saturday.

In detail, there are also some early morning enhancements. The first Monday to Friday service 1 from Paragon Interchange to the Boothferry Estate is now at 0437 rather than 0511. Meanwhile on Saturdays the first Saturday service 2 from Paragon Interchange is at 0608 rather than 0631, leading to the first service 1 from the Boothferry Estate operating earlier at 0631 rather than 0656. 

Sunday 5 May 2024

Greater Frequency for Greatfield

As part of Stagecoach's Hull changes on 31st March (Easter Sunday), service 13 between Hull Paragon Interchange and Bilton Grange via Holderness Road Shops, Preston Road and Greatfield gained an increased Monday to Saturday daytime frequency, going from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes. This is a very welcome increase for a key route. Also off note are two later Saturday journeys from Bilton Grange at 2302 and 2332 (last service previously 2232).

Unfortunately it is not all good news for Greatfield, as service 14 between Paragon Interchange and Greatfield via Holderness Road and Portobello Street has been reduced from every 20 minutes to half hourly on Saturday daytimes. The same reduction has also been made to the Monday to Friday afternoon peak service, with the 20 minute frequency going to half hourly intervals after 1620.

Overall though, a greater number of services for Greatfield than before the changes.