Saturday 23 August 2014

After 15 years, changes for the 160/162

Look at the EYMS website for the pdf for the current 160/162 timetable and the timetable available is dated 15th August 1999. The two services run on Wednesdays and Saturdays linking various small villages into Goole and Howden.

The Wednesday service starts with an 0945 from South Cave to Goole via North Cave, Newport, Blacktoft and Howden, followed by a 1100 162 from Goole direct to Barmby on the Marsh and an 1116 return operating via Howden. Then after lunch there is a 1320 162 from Goole to Barmby on the Marsh via Howden and a 1340 return direct to Goole. The cycle finishes with a 1400 160 from Goole to South Cave via Howden, Blacktoft and North Cave. At least back in 1999 the Wednesday service was commercially operated.

The Saturday timetable is a bit more extensive, with all journeys running as the 160 under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. There is an 0840 from Newport to Goole via Blacktoft, Howden and Barmby on the Marsh followed by a 1120 return, and a second journey from Newport to Goole at 1225 that omits Barmby on the Marsh. A short Goole to Barmby on the Marsh journey operates at 1315, not serving Howden, returning at 1332. Finally the cycle finishes with a 1620 from Goole to Newport via Barmby on the Marsh, Howden and Blacktoft.

After the 15 years of continuity, Wednesday 10th September 2014 brings in very significant changes to the only bus service for the villages off Staddlethorpe, Blacktoft, Yokefleet, Laxton, Skelton, Howdendyke, Barmby on the Marsh and Knedlington. Due to "low passenger numbers" the timetable will be significantly cut back, with the 162 no longer running. The service will just comprise a 1000 Staddlethorpe to Goole via Blacktoft, Howden and Barmby on the Marsh, returning at 1330. This timetable will run on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. As a result as well as a lower Saturday frequency, some Wednesday passengers will have longer journey times due to the Barmby on the Marsh diversion, while the Wednesday Barmby on the Marsh-Howden shopping link is lost.

However in some parts of the country, sadly these small East Riding villages would be lucky to have a basic 2 day a week service like this. If passengers numbers are low, then reducing mileage while retaining a service seems like a prudent measure to try and help ensure a service can be justified long term. Really what stands out most here is that the service has been unchanged for so long.

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Anonymous said...

nJust for info - my records show that I travelled on the 0945 service 160 from South Cave through to Goole on Wednesday 19th August 1998. It had a maximum of 12 passengers on. I then continued on the (then) 1050 service 162 to Barmby as the only passenger. The return from Barmby fared a little better - 3 passengers!