Tuesday 7 December 2010

Where is the rail replacement bus?

As you will you know, there has been a lot of snow and ice recently, and a lot of it is still about. It's still causing problems for bus and train services. I'm a bit reluctant to start saying when services should be suspended and when they shouldn't - professionals should generally do that. But some things don't add up.

Currently the Northern Rail Cleethorpes-Barton train service remains suspended. No idea why, but presume there is a good reason. However what I can't understand is the lack of replacement buses. Some of the smaller communities maybe inaccessible still - I note the 260 Villager bus is not serving Goxhill currently - however buses are running in Barton, Grimsby and Cleethorpes. The 260 is reaching New Holland. The 250 bus is operating again now so there is a bus to Ulceby. While for most of last week a replacement bus was impractical, by now it is a clear a replacement bus could run to some stations. So why isn't there one?

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Anonymous said...

As of 08/12/10 Barnetby station is not yet re-opened although the Trans Pennine and East Midlands Trains services commenced on this date. Apparently the footbridge, platforms and approach road are deemed not safe for both road vehicle and foot access; taking the approach road first Network Rail have been using it for access to their property and the users of the Whistle & Flute public house have not been deterred either. As for the platforms, there seemed to be men engaged in some kind of snow clearance (08/12)although only one side of each flight of the footbridge steps has been cleared and short lengths of the edges of Ps 3 & 3 have been cleared but no salt has been laid on P 3 so will it or won't it be open on the 9th? No replacement bus and no information from TPEX that the trains would not be calling, even the departure board page on National Rail Enquirirs initially showed trains as calling and was not corrected until later in the day. Altogether a lamentable tale of failure to both communicate and act. Is Barnetby destined to be the last main line station in England to have a train service restored in the aftermath of the recent snowfall?