Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Isle Shopper to be withdrawn

North Lincolnshire Council are currently consulting over proposals to withdraw the two day a week Isle Shopper network, based around Epworth and extending to Crowle and Wroot. Subsidy is over £7 per passenger journey (the becnhmark is £3) and usage is low. With such high subsidy being required, it is not surprising withdrawal is being considered, but it would lead to some local links being sadly lost.


robertatforsythe said...

Hello: are there any printed timetables available for this service? And if so are any readers in any position to help me obtain them and other printed bus timetables from this area. I can offer to refund postage. Do chat if you can help.

Humber Transport said...

The timetable should be in North Lincolnshire Councils timetable booklets for both Crowle and the Isle of Axholme. They are available in local libraries and council offices. Not sure if they can be requested by post as well or not