Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sweyne Coaches

Something that happenned earlier in the year, but not yet mentioned on here, was a revision by Sweyne Coaches of their weekday services on route 357 between Scunthorpe and Goole (the Saturday service seems unchanged).

There are now 4 different services, the 357, 360, 361 and 362. The 357 and 360 appear to follow the same route, operating Scunthorpe-Amcotts-Goole (confusing when the Saturday 357 operates via Crowle). The 361 covers the weekday journeys via Crowle and the 362 short Swinefleet-Goole journeys, most of which now operate via Goole Tesco.

The timetable has been improved with a roughly two hourly Scunthorpe-Goole service and an extra Swinefleet-Goole service every two hours. A welcome improvement to this rural service which previously had an irregular weekday service, though perhaps the service numbers need rethinking.

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