Sunday 1 October 2023

Changed and Cancelled on the Quiet?

As far as I can tell, three tendered bus services in the East Riding of Yorkshire - all operated by East Yorkshire Buses since last year - ceased in early September:

  • 5: Beverley Town Service - 3 circular round trips Monday to Saturday, interworked with unaffected service 142
  • 124: Driffield to Bridlington - 1 return service from Ruston Parva to Bridlington on Wednesdays, 1 return service from Boynton to Driffield on Fridays
  • 135: Driffield to Sledmere - 2 circular round trips Tuesday and Thursday
All three were cancelled by East Yorkshire, see here, here and here although never publically announced by the operator; they just 'disappeared' from it's website. Subsequent internet searches have failed to find mention of any replacement services for the 124 and 135, so I can only assume there was no replacement. Anyone able to definitely confirm please? Assuming these services were cancelled without replacement, various villages north of Driffield are now without a timetabled bus service.

In the case of service 5, it seems that existing town service 526 from Beverley Bus Station to Copandale Road has been extended to cover the service 5 route, still with three circular round trips Monday to Saturday. Again though this was done without any announcement. Likewise the 527 town service from Beverley Bus Station to Morrisons also seems to have been diverted via Armstrong Way (for Flemingate) at the same time without any publicity. This lack of announcement in particular seems very odd as it's actually a useful enhancement.


Terry said...

The cancellations did appear on VOSA.
The 124 and 135 did very little trade and would have needed a huge subsidy to make it worthwhile, especially as the services were operated by Bridlington Depot. This involved a lot of dead mileage.

Anonymous said...

They are still running but now operated by East Hull Community Transport.