Sunday 5 March 2017

EYMS Sunday Services Axed

Due to the withdrawal of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) subsidies, EYMS are axing the following Sunday services entirely from the start off April.
  • 142: Beverley-Middleton - two return journeys, but one journey each way is effectively a positioning journey (which can't help the economics of the service). EYMS Saturday and schoolday journeys are unchanged, but no alternative Sunday provision is available.
  • 155: Goole-Gilberdyke-South Cave - five return journeys between Goole and Gilberdyke, with the first service from Gilberdyke starting at South Cave and the last one extending to South Cave. Service X57 runs on a Sunday between Gilberdyke and South Cave but the main Gilberdyke to Goole section, including Howden, has no alternative, apart from the train between Gilberdyke and Goole. Monday to Saturday services, including those subsidised by ERYC, are unchanged.
  • 180: Beverley-Cottingham - three return journeys. Service X47 continues to provide a Sunday link between Beverley and Cottingham but does not serve Walkington, Little Weighton, Skidby or Castle Hill Hospital; Beverley to Castle Hill Hospital passengers can connect from the X47 to the 64 or 115 in Cottingham.
  • 361: Goole-Swinefleet - four return journeys. Monday to Saturday services 360/361 are unaffected, but no Sunday alternative is available.
  • 400/401: Goole-Selby - 2 hourly Sunday daytime service via the town of Snaith, a number of villages and Goole Hospital. No alternatives exist on a Sunday for anywhere on the route.
  • 506: Bridlington Town Service - 6 circular journeys; part of the route is covered by service 121 but the West Hill estate will be left without a Sunday service. Monday to Saturday services continue unchanged.
  • 508: Bridlington Town Service - 7 circular journeys. This service only operates on Sundays, so is being withdrawn entirely. Service 121 again provides an alternative service for parts of the route, but for other areas, such as New Pasture Lane, there is no Sunday alternative.
  • 520: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys; service 121 serves Swinemoor Lane which is within walking distance for part of the route, but otherwise no Sunday alternative. Monday to Saturday journeys are unchanged.
  • 522: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys; services X46/X47 cover part of the route, and are within walking distance of some other parts, but otherwise no Sunday alternative.
  • 523: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys with no Sunday alternative apart from a walk to catch service 121. This service only operates a Sunday, being covered by the 122 Monday to Saturday, and is therefore being withdrawn entirely.
Some of these services, such as the 142 and 361, are rather unusual on Sundays by national standards sadly, linking villages to their nearest town; in parts of the country such links aren't even available on weekdays. EYRC deserve credit for keeping such a good Sunday network going for so long, no doubt helped by EYMS running a core Sunday network commercially. However this will not be much comfort to those that use these Sunday services at present. In addition whilst some of these routes are rural village services, others are more significant losses such as the 400/401 between Goole and Selby. Indeed aside from the Stagecoach X62, Goole will have no Sunday bus services after these withdrawals.


Anonymous said...

Ref Sunday 506. West Hill estate is covered by Services 121.45.46.
The services run on the edge of the estate.
Service 508 New Pasture Lane estate is covered by the 120 and 121 services which run on the exterior of the estate.

NMcB said...

Its interesting that EYMS appear to be continuing the Sunday service commercially on 153 (Hull - Anlaby - Ferriby/Welton, hourly), which according to December's Cabinet papers was also scheduled to lost its ERYC funding west of Anlaby in April.
Does anyone know if there are plans to reduce this in due course, or have EYMS decided to continue it on a commercial basis for the time being ?

Humber Transport said...

I guess it stays so long as it pays it's way. If it was going to be reduced then April would be the time to do it from a PR perspective as the 'blame' could be passed onto ERYC. Cut later and that won't be so easy to do

Anonymous said...

EYMS will be scrapping the X4 and all Sunday journeys on the 45 Bridlington to York from 21st May.
There are also major changes to the 45/46 Mon to Fri routes with the introduction of a new 45A service.
The basic changes affect the university and Dunnington on the 45 and all journeys on the 46 will run on the A1079 direct to York from Wilberfoss and will miss out the University completely.
From Pocklington to Bridlington several 45 journeys will run via Market Weighton to Middleton or Bainton and then cut across to North Dalton to resume the normal 45 route.
The mid afternoon 45A from York will terminate at Driffield on school days with passengers having to change onto the 121 service.
Presumably this will allow this vehicle to operate a Driffield School journey.