Sunday, 19 March 2017

Improved service 120

Moving away from cuts briefly, to an enhancement. On 4th March Scarborough and District (the brand for EYMS's Scarborough operations) reintroduced regular seasonal service 120 between Scarborough and Bridlington, via Filey and various holiday camps. The service operates hourly, on a daily daytime basis from early March to early November (ending on the 5th this year). From Sunday 9th April the 0805 from Scarborough to Bridlington shall operate 15 minutes earlier, the 1905 from Scarborough to Reighton Sands Holiday Village shall extend to Bridlington and there shall be a new 2040 from Bridlington to Scarborough.

Currently the last 120 from Scarborough to Bridlington is at 1705, and from Bridlington at 1840. EYMS service 121 which doesn't serve all the holiday camps has later last departures from Scarborough at 1820 from Scarborough and 1920 (1915 weekends) from Bridlington. As a result of the improved evening service on route 120, Bridlington residents and visitors can spend an extra 45 minutes in Scarborough (slightly longer in Filey), whilst Scarborough and Filey residents and visitors can spend an extra 80/85 minutes in Bridlington; holiday camp visitors served only by service 120 gain an extra 2 hours in East Yorkshire.

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