Sunday, 12 March 2017

Service 121 Early Morning Changes

Largely as a result of the cuts to bus subsidies by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) there will be early morning reductions to parts of EYMS service 121 between Hull and Scarborough from April 1st.

The 0628 Monday to Saturday Nafferton to Hull service will now start in Beverley, with the first service from Nafferton southwards at 0656 instead. ERYC were only funding this journey between Nafferton and Leconfield, so the Leconfield to Beverley section would appear to be a commercial withdrawal by EYMS. The Nafferton to Leconfield section had an average 2 passengers per journey, subsidised at £11.50 per journey. A pre 0800 arrival into Hull is still possible from Nafferton, Driffield and Hutton Cranswick by rail.

The 0653 Monday to Saturday Driffield to Scarborough service will now start in Bridlington; the first bus from Driffield to Nafferton will now be at 0721 and from Driffield to Bridlington and Scarborough at 0738. A pre 0800 arrival into Bridlington from Driffield and Nafferton is still possible by rail, which also offers a pre 0900 arrival into Scarborough - not much use for other villages between Nafferton and Bridlington however.

The 0704 Sunday Leconfield to Hull service will now start in Beverley; the first service from Leconfield southwards will now be at 0824. This part journey was not listed in the ERYC consultation documents so I assume is a commercial withdrawal.

The School Holiday Weekday and Saturday journey at 0815 from Bridlington to Driffield will no longer operate, leaving a 170 minute gap in service 121 departures southwards from Bridlington between 0635 and 0925. This is slightly reduced when making allowance for the 0650 service 45 from Bridlington to York via Driffield. Rail again offers an alternative for travel between Bridlington, Nafferton and Driffield with departures from Bridlington in this time period at 0644, 0712, 0730, 0808 and 0905.

No other journeys on service 121 are altered. The 0635 Monday to Saturday Hull to Scarborough between Driffield and Bridlington and 2135 Hull to Nafferton between Driffield and Nafferton should also have had their council funding withdrawn, but it seems EYMS will continue these part journeys commercially.

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