Friday, 24 March 2017

Service 199 to continue

Service 199 from Huggate to Pocklington is set to continue operating from April onwards, despite East Riding of Yorkshire Council having proposed to withdraw subsidy for it. The service, which is operated by EYMS, provides a Tuesday only link to Pocklington from Huggate, Warter, Nunburnholme, Burnby and Hayton. It is the only bus service to serve Huggate, and after the withdrawal of service S1 next week, will be the only bus to serve Nunburnholme and Burnby. The 199 has been averaging 3 passengers per journey, at a subsidy of £7.00 per journey.

Whilst the service will continue, the 1157 from Huggate is withdrawn, leaving the 0920 from Huggate and 1125 return from Pocklington.

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