Saturday, 25 March 2017

Airmyn-Hook-Goole changes

Going by Traveline Yorkshire, the 355 service from Airmyn to Goole will end at the end of March. The service, operated 'directly' by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) provides a weekday 'shopper' service from Airmyn, routing via Hook on Wednesday and Friday only. The service attracts an average 8 passengers per journey at a subsidy of £2.69 per journey, and the subsidy was proposed for withdrawal as part of ERYC's wider cuts to bus subsidies. Would a reduction in operating days have helped boost average passengers per journey and reduce subsidy?

That might be a moot point, as the traffic commissioners Notices and Proceedings from 10/03/17 included the following, on which I can't find out any more information about but would appear to be at least a partial replacement for the 355:

Goole and District Community Transport Group
Goole Go Far
West Dock
Lower Bridge Street
DN14 5SS
Permit number CB000479B1190
Route Airmyn –Hook-Goole Shopper
From High Street, Airmyn, Goole and From High Street, Airmyn, Goole
Application to register received 27/2/2017
Effective date 7/4/2017

The 355 is Hook's only bus service, but Airmyn is also served by Arriva's 400 between Goole and Selby. The 400 only operates at 'peak' times, with weekday departures from Airmyn for Goole at 0755, 0908, 1717 and 1800. From Goole weekday services operate at 0815, 1500 and 1820. On Saturday's Airmyn's only bus to Goole is at 1755, returning at 1815 - not quite sure of the point of that. All services start at/continue to Selby.

EYMS operated Sunday service 400 operates for the final time tomorrow, also a victim of the ERYC bus subsidy cuts. This gave Airmyn a two hourly service, far better than on Saturdays! (At one point, probably around 15 years ago, Hook enjoyed a Sunday service, but no Saturday service)

There is a hourly service between Goole and Selby Monday to Saturday daytimes, but most operate as service 401 omitting Airmyn; the Airmyn diversion seems to incur a 6 minute 'time penalty' each way, but also serves Goole Hospital. I am not sure of what if any interworking with other services occurs at Selby, but I guess in off peak hours with a standard pattern timetable, to serve Airmyn would require an extra vehicle? Otherwise why not serve Airmyn and Goole Hospital for the sake of 6 minutes each way? Or operate into Goole via Airmyn and Goole Hospital and return direct one hour, then vice versa the next hour - giving Airmyn a two hourly service?

Another option for Airmyn and Hook could be to route the Wednesday only 488 from Selby and Hensall via these villages en-route between Rawcliffe and Goole, which could also boost the usage of this council subsidised service.

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