Monday 22 April 2024

New Spurn Explorer

A new Summer Saturday link from Hull to Spurn Point commenced on 23rd March - the East Yorkshire operated Spurn Explorer. It is numbered as either service 71 or service 71E depending on where you look. I suspect the 'E' maybe an internal East Yorkshire suffix to differentiate from the main service 71 between Withernsea and Easington? The Spurn Explorer has been funded from East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus funding allocation. It is due to operate until 3rd November.

The new Spurn Explorer operates from Hull to Patrington largely via the service 75 route - including the Burstwick diversion - with the intriguing exception that it uses Preston Road and Marfleet Lane rather than Southcoates Lane. Logical, as it serves more residential areas, but intriguing as the southern section of Marfleet Lane is otherwise unserved, except for school/college buses.

After Patrington, the Spurn Explorer follows the main 71 route to Easington Village and Caravan Park before extending to Kilnsea Village and the Spurn Discovery Centre.

The Spurn Explorer timetable only has one full route journey from Hull to Spurn, leaving Hull at 0825, returning from Spurn at 1625. Otherwise there are two Patrington to Spurn 'shorts', designed to connect with either service X7 or 75 from Hull at Patrington. Finally at lunchtime there is a Spurn-Patrington-Withernsea and return service - that is also timed for Hull connections at Patrington - presumably to allow the driver to take a break at Withernsea?

Co-ordination with the main service 71 between Withernsea, Patrington and Easington isn't fantastic, but the timetable seems to be designed around Hull connections, which is understandable as the intent is to serve visitors to Spurn rather than local demand.

The following Sunday - 24th March - saw the commencement of the expected seasonal extension of the main service 71 between Withernsea and Easington to Spurn on Sundays and Bank Holidays only.

There are a couple of interesting articles about the Spurn Explorer - and the attraction of Spurn Point - on the East Yorkshire website here and here.

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