Monday 25 December 2023

What Could Be Coming to the North Lincolnshire Bus Network in 2024

Last week, North Lincolnshire Council published the North Lincolnshire Enhanced Bus Partnership Plan and Scheme on their website, along with a fairly vague press release about the improvements to come. The associated decision report contains the most detail however:

2.4 A number of measures have been identified as part of the delivery of the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme: 

• Additional bus services 

• Review ongoing maintenance, repair and servicing of bus infrastructure 

• Section 22 Community Transport in North Lincolnshire 

• Bus disruption survey 

• Extensions to existing services 

-Villages South and East of Brigg including Humberside Airport. 

-Scunthorpe to Barton and Hull 

-Main residential corridors in Scunthorpe 

• Reduced fares for young people 

2.5 Based on the above measures identified in the Enhanced Partnership Scheme, the following proposals related to bus services have been approved at the Enhanced Partnership Board pending final sign-off. 

• Improved Maintenance of Bus Infrastructure – ongoing development of improved maintenance scheme. 

• Additional services on service 4 Sundays and Bank Holidays - 9.00am service from Scunthorpe to Brigg and return journey. Extend the 17.45 service to Brigg which currently terminates at 18.02 at Morrisons. Return journey from Brigg at 18.30. 

• Revision of service 10 timetable – Additional services from Burringham Monday to Friday. 9.30am from Burringham to Scunthorpe. 12.00 return from Scunthorpe to Burringham. 12.30 from Burringham to Scunthorpe. 

• Additional evening services on service 90 – Additional 7pm evening service Monday to Saturday from Scunthorpe to Crowle and return. Additional 9.30pm Friday and Saturday service from Scunthorpe to Crowle and return. 

• New Saturday Service for South and East of Brigg – The new Saturday service c4 will link into Brigg giving the same frequency of buses in the area on Monday to Friday. 

• Ferry Ward – Additional Bus Services – Service 260 Extend service 260 to Immingham incorporating South Killingholme, North Killingholme and East Halton. 

• Section 22 Community Transport in North Lincolnshire - Route 96 is between Barton and Brigg. Route 97 on the Isle of Axholme between Garthorpe and Wroot. Monday to Friday.

• Additional Sunday service provision on service 350 - A new 7.55am Scunthorpe to Hull service to alleviate the pressure of the 10am service. 

• Bus Disruption Survey – To be carried out by NLC staff in conjunction with operators and drivers. Working group to be set up.

It should be noted the c4 was introduced earlier this month. I cannot find timelines for the other proposed measures to commence. 

I presume the above is an updated version of these ideas from the September Enhanced Bus Partnership meeting. Early evening improvements to the 350 are no longer mentioned, whilst mention of the devolution of bus infrastructure to town and parish councils has morphed into 'improved maintenance'. New are the potential improvements to services 4, 10 and 90.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many resources that extended 260 would take, surely it would make sense to be ran from Grimsby? They already have a few Barton dead runs and could always go up to Immingham as a 5 to prevent new dead runs. I would hope the route would not keep its circular nature, as this would create very long journey times for some in new holland, however this would mean either another resource or a lower frequency.

deadendwaterfall said...

Good to see the proposals for a 7:55 350 on a Sunday are still on the table.

Anonymous said...

260 is now has an associated VOSA entry :)

Can't make sense of this though
"The bus service between Barton and Immingham has been extended to incorporate South Killingholme, North Killingholme and East Halton."

"Service 260 runs Monday to Friday between Barton and Immingham." Does it?

Humber Transport said...

If you are quoting the North Lincolnshire Council Press Release, then it's an awful release sadly. As well as the mistake you have noted, it also implies the extension is operating now and focuses on Barton whereas the biggest benefits are for South Killingholme, North Killingholme and East Halton.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's slightly annoying, I'm hoping people in said villages will find out before it starts ruining. Will be interesting to see how the service will operate, I would be amazed to see more than one resource on it so I'm assuming there will be a drop in frequency. Pure speculation though.

Perhaps coordination with the 250 in Barrow would be too difficult - but hopefully with a bit of luck the timetable won't work out too bad in terms of this

Anonymous said...

The new 260 timetable is available, for now it's on the same timetable as the current one so it's slightly messy. The extension to Immingham has caused a huge reduction in service.

There are 3 or 4 trips a day in either direction, two of these being shorts to new Holland and back and two doing the full route to Immingham, via new Holland in either direction. If I have read the timetable right, it will mean people from Goxhill, East Halton and Immingham will have 45 mins in Barton before having to return. This means Goxhill has lost 5 departures to Barton. It appears it now omits St Chad, and only stops on the edge of east Halton. I stand corrected if I have read the timetable wrong. In terms of 250 coordination in Barrow, it hasn't worked out too bad.

Humber Transport said...

Looking at the journey times between intermediate stops, I think the 'shorts' will be serving Goxhill. 'Willow Road' is probably a stop on Ferry Road in Goxhill near to the junction with Willow Lane, whilst I suspect 'Rail Station' is Goxhill Station. Hopefully a better public facing pdf timetable will be produced soon (and to be fair to Stagecoach, they usually do provide one).

Extra Sunday 350 journeys look to be just the one round trip, 0755 from Ashby and 0930 return from Hull. Better than nothing, but a shame that the extra vehicle hasn't been used to fill some of the three hour gaps in the timetable later in the day.