Saturday 24 February 2024

More enhancements coming to North Lincolnshire's bus network

I'm taking a brief break from reviewing East Yorkshire's January changes this weekend, to cover a couple of other things.

This batch of improvements might not be fully implemented yet, but more enhancements are coming to the North Lincolnshire bus network. The minutes of the North Lincolnshire Enhanced Bus Partnership on 17th January contains the following:

New Proposals 

AB ran through the new BSIP+ funding proposals to be agreed by the Board. Discussions took place and the following proposals were fully supported. 

Additional Journeys on Service 350 New timetable for evening services from Scunthorpe Bus Station to Hull hourly commencing at 17:45. Last return journey from Hull at 23:00. Service will run Monday to Saturday. 

Board agreed that there may be the need for an additional evening journey on service 350 in the future to run at 21:30 from Hull and return at 23:00 from Scunthorpe, Monday to Saturday. 

Addition evening journeys on Service 103 Additional teatime service Monday to Saturday on 103 to Kirton in Lindsey at 18:00 and return at 18:30. Extra Friday and Saturday services to Kirton between 19:10 and 21:50. 

Additional teatime journey on Service 57 from Doncaster Teatime service from Doncaster to Isle of Axholme. This will extend the 17:39 from Doncaster to Epworth via the same route as the morning service. 

Provision of Service 6 on Sundays To run service 6 on Sundays hourly between Scunthorpe bus station and Ashby. To commence at 09:00 from Scunthorpe bus station and return. Last bus from Scunthorpe bus station at 17:00. 

Provision of Service 260 on Saturdays Run the 260 service between Immingham and Barton on Saturdays. This will be the same timetable as Monday to Friday.

Extension of Service 4 on Saturdays To include Normanby Hall into service 4 from Easter until 31st October. Discussion took place around the price of parking at Normanby Hall and consideration to be given to possibly running promotions with Normanby Hall in the future. 

Provision of Services 7 and 8 on Sundays To run services 7 and 8 on Sundays between Scunthorpe bus station and Skippingdale retail park on a Sunday.

Proposals Deferred until next meeting 

Sunday service to Normanby Hall Discussion took place around whether a service was required on a Sunday. AB told the meeting that the footfall for Normanby Hall on a Sunday was a lot higher than that of a Saturday. KRob believed that by running the bus service on a Saturday the footfall would increase. This is something that could be monitored via operator information. Operators to work out the costs for running a Sunday service and revisit at the next meeting. 

Additional journeys on Service 35 To run two extra journeys to Amcotts on a Saturday. One at 08:00 and one at 17:30 from Scunthorpe Bus Station and return. Currently the first bus is 09:00 and the last bus 15:00. Current 35 tender to be renewed 1 April 2024. There is currently no 360 service on a Saturday. Discussion took place around options for the proposal. One option is for NLC to contact East Riding Council to see if they would be willing to price for a Saturday 360 service to be funded from BSIP+ funding for at least a year. The other option is for operators to tender for service 35 and run the current timetable or include the extra runs on a Saturday. Deferred until next meeting.  

I should point out that at a subsequent meeting on 15th February, it was agreed to use up to 10% of BSIP+ funding to maintain existing services. That may mean some of the above proposals don't get implemented. However from this weeks updates to the Vehicle Operating Licensing database, enhancements to the 103 and 350 are coming at Easter - maybe other routes too, but it's not always clear from the summary of change provided. The evening peak Doncaster to Epworth service was also included in First's recent consultation for their proposed April service changes.

(There are also a lot of interesting changes to the Stagecoach network in Hull due at Easter).


Anonymous said...

Some interesting potential enhancements in the pipeline.

103 makes perfect sense, I never did understand why the last journey was at 4pm, although it used to be later when we had the Kirton shorts, and I seem to remember NLC contracted a later journey when these were cut, but perhaps lost at the start of Covid?

6 on Sundays is also a good enhancement - never understood how a route could be every 15 (formally 10) minutes during the day, but not warrant any sort of service beyond 6pm, especially as the 1A doesn't really cover much of the 6 route

Not so sure on the 7/8 proposal, whilst im all for service enhancements, but sounds like a money pit to me. I think Crosby used to have a service on Sundays many years ago, but long since gone, possibly roadcar days up to the early 00s when it used to run as an extension of the 336 via the Hosptial and around Portman Road. Testing my memory now!.

Humber Transport said...

Yes the RoadCar 336 used to serve Crosby on Sundays in the early 00's

Kirton - teatime Stagecoach service cut April 2017
NLC directly operated replacement started June 2017
But axed in November 2017

deadendwaterfall said...

Several drivers I've spoken to about the late evening 350 enhancement proposals have confirmed that the proposals are to go ahead in April, although unsure of the exact date they take effect.

It's nice to see something similar to what we had pre-pandemic restored, when the last bus from Hull to Scunthorpe was 21:20, but what has really caught my attention is the proposals for the 23:00 last service at both the Scunthorpe and Hull ends, those particular proposals seemed a little bit far fetched to me, and I would have thought that such a late service would be Fridays and Saturdays only, when people go for nights out, but it's fantastic to see it's a full six day a week thing.

Lastly, please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that in the entire history of the 350 route there has ever been a full Scunthorpe to Hull or vice versa journey as late as 23:00, the most there has been anywhere that late were Hull to Barton short journeys?

Humber Transport said...

Very late evening journeys Monday to Thursday are a bold move, but 2300-ish last services run from Hull to Beverley and Withernsea 7 days a week, so not unprecedented for an inter urban service

I don't think there have been full route journeys so late before. In the early 00's I think there was a 2225 from Hull to Barton and return and 2210 from Scunthorpe to Barton and return that connected with each other on a Friday and Saturday. Then the later Hull-Barton shorts you mention 2017-Spring 2018 Mon-Sat, then Sat only until the pandemic. The 2330 from Hull to Barton returned as a 255 for a little bit until Wren changed their shift patterns.

Anonymous said...

I looked again at the changes to stagecoach coming, at it appears they now also have a Beverly Town route. Very interesting