Sunday 26 November 2023

Nightbuses return to Hull (for at least 3 months)

Hull City Council are focusing some of their Bus Service Improvement Plan funding on the pre-Christmas period. There are Thursday evening and Sunday daytime park and ride journeys being added to the Priory Park and Ride, along with a £1 fare offer. What is most interesting to me though is the return of Nightbuses to Hull, and not just for December.

From Saturday 2nd December - or technically the early hours of Sunday 3rd December - seven routes will gain a nightbus service until Saturday 24th February as per Hull City Council, or for an initial three months as per Stagecoach. The latter would seem to suggest there is a possibility of them continuing beyond February, but Hull City Council seemingly aren't making any commitments at this stage.

The lucky routes are:

  • Stagecoach Service 5: Hull City Centre to Kingswood Retail Park via the Avenues and Orchard Park
  • Stagecoach Service 6: Hull City Centre to North Bransholme via Beverley Road and Kingswood
  • Stagecoach Service 8: Hull City Centre to Bransholme North Point via Holderness Road, Ings Estate and Spring Cottage
  • Stagecoach Service 13: Hull City Centre to Bilton Grange via Greatfield
  • East Yorkshire 57: Hull City Centre to Asda Bilton via Longhill
  • East Yorkshire 66: Hull City Centre to Hessle via Anlaby Road, Boothferry Road and the Boothferry Estate
  • East Yorkshire 104: Hull City Centre to Cottingham via the Avenues
All services will operate from Hull City Centre only, departing at 0010 and 0110. This standardisation does mean the 5 and 104 will be following each other along the Avenues, and so will the 8 and 57 along Holderness Road. Depending on the service, routes will either start at Hull Truck Theatre or at Alfred Gelder Street.

The return of nightbuses is very welcome, and pretty good coverage of Hull - and some adjoining areas of the East Riding of Yorkshire - has been achieved. There are certainly gaps, but it's an excellent start. Hopefully they are well used and can extend beyond February.

One oddity, service 8 doesn't have a full evening service in East Hull - service 11 operating instead - so will be in the unusual situation of having a gap in City Centre departures between 2020 and 0010.


Anonymous said...

I can’t understand why the council continues to obsessively fund the park and ride which is barely used and only benefits car owners, rather than improving options for those with no alternative to the bus.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the first comment and this year no supported Boxing Day service, despite carrying reasonable loads last year. Misplaced priorities. Another barrier to using the bus.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how busy the buses will be at night, but surely it would be more efficient to have night routes that serve more areas, hence preventing the duplication you mentioned.

or perhaps its expected for them to be busy

Humber Transport said...

Some degree of overlap is inevitable - and in the case of the Avenues, maybe even desirable given the bars and restaurants there. To me the services need spacing out more where this happens