Saturday, 10 August 2013

North Yorkshire County Council proposes significant bus cuts

North Yorkshire County Council are proposing deep cuts to supported bus services within the county, reducing spend by £1.1 million. Cuts to local bus services are due to happen from 7th April next year, following an extensive consultation process. To their credit, the council have published very detailed information online. The cuts include withdrawing all supported town bus services (with a dial-a-ride replacement), and reducing frequencies on tendered routes with a frequency greater than every two hours. These cuts come after earlier cuts to all supported evening and Sunday services in North Yorkshire.

The impact on cross-boundary services into East Yorkshire is just limited to the proposed withdrawal of the weekday Arriva operated service 401 journey at 0628 from West Cowick to Selby. Some journeys on EYMS service 121 wholly within North Yorkshire are also proposed for withdrawal.

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