Saturday, 31 August 2013

EYMS 195/X36 Changes

From Monday 2nd September, EYMS's 0900 weekday service 0900 from York to Pocklington will instead start in Newton on Derwent at 0930.

The 0900 is a slightly odd journey, with no return journey available from Pocklington on Mondays and Thursdays. As it is a commercial journey on a mainly tendered route I guess it may have been a 'positioning journey' back to Pocklington depot for a vehicle that had worked a morning peaktime service into York on another route? The new 0930 will be even more odd however as a vehicle will have to position 'dead' to Newton on Derwent, and there isn't a same-day return service to Newton on Derwent on any day of the week (The 1240 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 195 from Pocklington runs only as far as Sutton on Derwent).

The 195 also has another odd journey - a Tuesday only 1255 Newton on Derwent to York for which the vehicle must have to position 'dead' to Newton on Derwent to operate the service.

Another change sees the Saturday 0705 Pocklington-York and 1740 return renumbered from 195 to X36 - the X36 is the number of the weekday equivalent operated by Transdev. I don't know if these means the Saturday journeys have become tendered rather than commercially operated? Or if EYMS have just decided to make the change themselves?


NMcB said...

The change to the 0900 ex York (now 0930 from Newton upon Derwent) may perhaps be linked to EYMS gaining Woldgate College services 5W to 10W from Transdev from Sep 2nd. I wouldn't be surprised if the 195 picked up most, if not all, of its passengers from Sutton upon Derwent onwards - in which case using a vehicle now available at Pock might be more cost-effective than running in service from York. As the bus would then need to go via Newton to get to Sutton anyway, it was presumably felt it may as well run in service from there.

Humber Transport said...

That might explain the change to start in Newton on Derwent, but why run the service on Mondays and Thursdays with no same day return available?

NMcB said...

It is also a mystery to me why this journey runs on Mondays and Thursdays - but such oddities have long been a feature of the 195. I have a 1998 ERYC timetable book which shows a similar service pattern - the difference being that at that time passengers on the 0900 from York could return from Pock every day except Wednesday. The only possible explanation I can think of is that some passengers from Everingham, etc. might find it quicker to catch the morning bus to Pocklington around 1000 and change there for the X46 to York - returning home on the 1330 service 195. However, even it this is the case, it seems extremely unlikely it would justify a commercial journey on Mondays and Thursdays.