Monday, 26 August 2013

EYMS 121 Minor Change

From Monday 2nd September, the 0820(weekday)/0820(Saturday) Hutton Cranswick to Bridlington via Driffield service 121 journey shall start in Driffield instead at 0853. Alternatives from Hutton Cranswick operate at 0759 on weekdays and 0814 on Saturdays.


NMcB said...

A key point about the M-F journey is that it also serves Driffield School. However , EYMS have also registered a 429 service from Beswick to Driffield School from 3rd September. Presumably this will cater for pupils from Hutton Cranswick previously using the 121 - and may then continue to run the new 0853 journey. However, the East Riding school bus site shows 429 as being run by Busking - perhaps the EYMS journey is in addition ?

Anonymous said...

Don't think the ERYC school timetables have been updated for this year so the files it offers are last year's timetables. I think Busking were using a coach on the 429 though I suspect any former users of the curtailed 121 journey could bump required capacity up to the Gemini which would no doubt go onto the 121 at 08:53 (not sure how possible that would be though if a pass system is used on the school bus).

EYMS have won other Driffield School work, one of which is a definite double deck requirement, so there are other workings to fit around existing duties.

NMcB said...

Unlike the 431 from Middleton, I can't find any reference on the VOSA site to Busking cancelling the 429. However, if operating on a pass system it may not have been registered as a local service anyway.