Sunday, 25 August 2013

EYMS Minor Cutback Service 142

From September, EYMS's schoolday only 0745 service 142 from Beverley to Holme will no longer operate. This is due to it rarely being used. The journey was effectively a positioning journey for the 0808 Holme-Beverley, but EYMS must feel it is no longer worth running 'in service'.


Anonymous said...

There can't be many rural (non-tourist) routes which have a better service on a Sunday than the rest of the week. On the 142, Lockington village gets one journey each way on a Saturday but two each way on Sundays and Bank Holidays. In the 1960s there were seven each way on Mondays to Saturdays and four each way on Sundays serving the village, all of them being through journeys between Driffield and Beverley. I wonder if, following the latest change, the front of the printed timetable will still say 'Your regular, reliable East Yorkshire bus service'!

Humber Transport said...

Don't forget Acklams Coaches also run the 142 Monday to Saturday. Lockington has one Acklams journey from Beverley Monday to Saturday, two to Beverley Monday to Friday and one to Beverley on Saturdays

Still the Sunday service being so good in comparison to the rest of the week is certainly rare

NMcB said...

Its interesting how the 142 has shrunk to almost nothing over the years. Back in 1969, there were nine through M-F journeys on the old 42 from Beverley to Driffield, similar to the ten on both the 46 to Pocklington/York and the 25 to Hornsea. Now there are no through journeys on 142, with only a limited service at each end, while there are thirteen journeys to Pock/York on X46 and twelve to Hornsea on 246. On both these routes the evening journeys have largely gone but daytime frequencies improved.
Perhaps the explanation is that X46 and 246 both benefit from longer distance passengers, while 42/142 relied on traffic from (increasingly affluent ?) villages which just isn't there any more.