Saturday, 3 August 2013

EYMS Hull-Cottingham Changes

More September changes for EYMS, this time covering their Hull-Cottingham services and probably timed for the start of the new year at Hull University.

Altering are the 105, 115 and 154, while the existing 103 gets it's own VOSA registration.


  • Registration Accepted
  • Starting Point: The Lawns
  • Finish Point: Hull
  • Via: Newland Avenue
  • Service Number: 103
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 29-SEP-2013
  • Other Details: The Lawns - Hull


Anonymous said...

The EYMS website pdf timetable for service 103/105 only actually shows service 105. It would be nice if the pdf (and hence the paper timetables) could show the 103 as well. Even better if they included service 102!

Anonymous said...

They won't include the 102 as it only runs when its needed.

Anonymous said...

The 215/315's are being axed. A permanent 103 service will run to a 20 minute frequency. Combined with the 105, there will be a 10 min service between Hull University and the Lawns served via Cottingham Road. The removal of the 215/315's means that Endike Lane will be left with a 20 minute service with the possibility of competitors running buses through there. It's unclear as of yet, but the 103 is strongly rumoured to be departing from bay 20 at Hull Interchange to promote usage.

Humber Transport said...

When i was using them, was never a fan of the 215/315. The old 115 timetable was simple - an EYMS bus every 10 minutes each way all day down Cranbrook Avenue, which for parts of the University is closer than the main Cottingham Road stop. And while the idea of the 215 was to serve the main Cottingham Road stop, it rarely picked up/dropped off many passegers there from what I saw

The new service pattern should be better for Cottingham residents and Uni students though