Sunday, 6 December 2020

Stagecoach in North Lincolnshire: What's Operating Normally or Almost Normally?

Most, but not all, Stagecoach services in North Lincolnshire are currently operating to their pre COVID-19 timetables, or with only relatively minor changes.

These are the services which are 'back to normal' (or in some cases I think never altered?):

  • 4: Scunthorpe to Brigg (only the Stagecoach operated Sunday service is back to normal, the Hornsby Travel Monday to Saturday service is amended, more in a future post)
  • 11: Scunthorpe Monday to Saturday Early Morning Town Circular
  • 100: Scunthorpe to Lincoln
  • 161: Market Rasen to Lakeside Retail Park
  • 260: Barton 'Villager'
  • 398: Belton to Gainsborough
  • 399: Scunthorpe to Westwoodside (only the Stagecoach evening peak service is back to normal, not the main Isle Coaches operated service, which is not currently operating on a Saturday - this creates the odd situation of the only Saturday timetabled bus service for many communities in the southern Isle of Axholme such as Epworth being the Stagecoach 1740 from Scunthorpe and 1845 from Westwoodside)
Meanwhile these are the 'almost back to normal' services:
  • 1A: Scunthorpe Evening and Sunday Town Circular - exact times are amended, but remains half hourly Sunday daytimes and hourly daily evenings in each direction
  • 3: Scunthorpe Town Circular - exact times are amended, but remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytime in each direction. The clockwise timetable now gains a morning peak service at 0750 from Scunthorpe Bus Station, presumably to partially replace withdrawn service 2, but looses it's evening peak 1745 departure, last clockwise departure now 1650 with a later anti-clockwise service at 1720
  • 7: Scunthorpe to Skippingdale Retail Park - exact times are amended by up to ten minutes, but remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes
  • 8: Scunthorpe to Skippingdale Retail Park - exact times are amended by up to ten minutes, but remains hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes
  • 60: Scunthorpe to Whitton - The pre COVID-19 Monday to Friday timetable is operating Monday to Saturday, providing an extra Saturday journey for most communities on the route compared to pre-pandemic
  • 103: Scunthorpe to Lincoln - the main Lincoln service is operating as normal but the three Monday to Saturday daytime Scunthorpe to Messingham 'shorts' have not returned to the timetable, giving Messingham three buses every two hours to Scunthorpe between the hourly 100 and the two hourly 103 Lincoln service.
  • 350: Scunthorpe to Hull - back to the normal half hourly Monday to Saturday service, but the final 'full route' journey in each direction Monday to Saturday at 2010 from Scunthorpe and 2120 from Hull is not currently operating, with last journeys currently one hour earlier. In addition neither are the Saturday only 2220 and 2330 Hull to Barton and 2255 Barton to Hull 'shorts' operating, though there is a new 2330 Hull to Barton service 255 journey. A planned April change to the Sunday service, to provide a two hourly frequency, did not take place and it remains six services each way on an uneven frequency, jointly operated with East Yorkshire. As a side note, the last service from Scunthorpe on a Sunday remains at 2010, so an hour later than the rest of the week.

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