Friday, 11 December 2020

Scunthorpe Service 10 Withdrawn

In October, North Lincolnshire Council tendered service 10, operated by Stagecoach, was withdrawn (I can't recall for sure but I think 9th October was the last day of operation). The 10 operated on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with differences each day; on a Tuesday the 10 linked Ashby Parklands, Glover Road and Brumby Wood Lane to Scunthorpe Bus Station, on a Thursday it linked these areas to Ashby High Street and on a Friday it provided a link to Scunthorpe Bus Station again, but also served Burringham. On each day one morning trip to Scunthorpe or Ashby was provided along with a lunchtime roundtrip from either Scunthorpe or Ashby.

As a result Burringham, Ashby Parklands and Brumby Wood Lane no longer have a scheduled bus service, whilst Glover Road is only served by college services. The JustGo demand responsive service provides an alternative for Burringham and Ashby Parklands, but cannot be used for journeys within the Scunthorpe Urban area, so is not an option for Glover Road or Brumby Wood Lane to the centre's of either Scunthorpe or Ashby. For some on Glover Road the 3 on West Common Lane would be an alternative option to use.

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