Sunday 27 December 2020

Service 35 Autumn Changes

Last December, North Lincolnshire Council tendered service 35 between Scunthorpe, Keadby and Amcotts - operated by Hornsby Travel - was revised to operate hourly from Scunthorpe Monday to Saturday daytimes. I can't recall if the service was suspended in the Spring due to COVID-19 or not, but over the Summer it was operating every two hours. 

In September a new timetable was introduced, restoring the hourly frequency between Scunthorpe and Keadby, but not extending to Amcotts on any journeys, and omitting Scunthorpe Hospital. In some respects this was a positive, omitting Scunthorpe Hospital saves three minutes outbound from Scunthorpe, and not serving Amcotts on some journeys enabled an even interval service in each direction. However it left Amcotts with the demand responsive JustGo North Lincs service as it's only off peak provision, and removed the link to Scunthorpe Hospital from parts of Keadby (other parts of the 35 route are also served by the 90 and 361 that do serve the Hospital).

October saw a partial 'u-turn' as Amcotts was restored to the timetable on four journeys in each direction (three on Saturdays), and as was the case pre COVID-19, it came at the expense of an even interval service from Keadby to Scunthorpe. I'd argue that loss is worth it though, as it provides an easy, and presumably cost effective, off peak timetabled service for Amcotts. 

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