Monday, 21 December 2020

Christmas and New Year Update - Deja Vu

Stagecoach have today updated their Christmas publicity and sadly it's a repeat of last year - Stagecoach not initially announcing all the exemptions to their Saturday service provision on the normal weekdays between Christmas and New Year. It is rather disappointing to see the same issues reoccur and doesn't help travellers plan or support patronage.

As a result of a revised Christmas pdf leaflet added to the Stagecoach website today, the 260 Barton Villager will run as normal on 29th/30th/31st December, and so will Scunthorpe service 10 on the 29th and 31st December - the latter service having been reinstated until the end of the year as per a VOSA registration last week, not that it's listed in the latest timetables section of the Stagecoach website. 

Historically a normal weekday service would be provided in North Lincolnshire on the normal weekdays between Christmas and New Year, and that is the provision offered by Hornsby Travel and that still seems to be attached to tendered service contracts. However in recent years Stagecoach have adopted a Saturday service for their commercial operations in line with other parts of their East Midlands region - not a big deal considering how little Stagecoach commercial Saturday and College Holiday timetables vary in the area. This disparity though between Stagecoach's commercial provision and their tendered service requirements is potentially what led to the initial incorrect publicity being issued. In contrast the initial Stagecoach Lincoln leaflet did manage to list all exemptions to the main Saturday service.

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